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Arrow Season 3 Episode 20 Promo [3x20 Promo]

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Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 1 - The Weight of This Combination - 9:00 PM BBC America

Exclusive Sneak Peek at Orphan Black Season 3 - BBC America

Sarah pursues the missing Helena who is held in a faraway compound. Sarah must use her wiles - and acting chops - to deter a Topside investigator who threatens the Leda sisters' lives. Meanwhile, Cosima appears to be rebounding from her illness, while Alison and Donnie face newfound financial woes. But when the menace of Castor rears its head once more, Sarah and her entire family must come together to survive.

Air date:friday, 4/18/2015

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1: (S05E01) Future Promo (HBO)

Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres Sunday April 12, only on HBO.

Audition and Predictions for the 7th Season of America's Got Talent: Turf (Alonzo Jones)

Alonzo Jones, who goes by the name "Turf," has come up as a street performer to gain national exposure through America's Got Talent. I have seen a few contortionist dancers on various TV programs. But Turf is the one who seems poised to make a deep run on Season 7 of AGT. All three judges put him through to the Las Vegas audition round after his San Francisco audition. Of course, he went and cried in the interview piece after his performance. That is usually got for a lot more votes if he makes the live voting rounds.

The producers also seem to love Turf. He was the last act to perform in the San Francisco episode, which aired on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Based on that and the feedback from his act, I predict that he will easily make the voting rounds. They spent way too much time on his street-performer backstory to not give the public a chance to vote for him.

Winning Predictions:

Even though there are several more initial audition rounds to air, I am confident in predicting that Turf will make a round or two in the live voting rounds if he is selected for that phase of the competition. However, I am also confident in making a prediction that he will not win.

I suppose a dancer will win one day on America's Got Talent. But until that happens, it is easy to just pick another singer than to make a wild pick on a contortionist dancer such as Turf.

I actually think the contortionist part of his act is not that impressive. Someone being born flexible like that is not really a talent. However, he has obviously worked some on his overall dancing skills. His slow-motion moonwalk,for example, is pretty fantastic. That general talent level plus his backstory should get him enough votes to at least survive one or two live voting rounds.

But dancers all meet the same fate on AGT. To put it bluntly, they lose and often even fail to make the finale. To improve his chances, Turf will have to do a lot more in the area of choreography and telling a story. His audition was just a street-performer-like exhibition. Dance teams that make the finale are far more unique and develop a show instead of just displaying raw dancing skills.

It is certainly possible for Turf to make the Top 10 with more interesting choreography, stage arrangement and other factors. Hairo Torres made it to the Top 10 as a solo dancer. Getting to the finale, though, is a hurdle that will be hard to overcome. Singers are still going to have the advantage, and more unique dancing acts have the edge over raw talent.

Unless he makes

dramatic changes,

my prediction

is that Turf

will not make

the finale of

America's Got Talent 7.

Tips about Prenuptial Agreements

Nothing can take the heat out of a romance faster than the words, “Prenuptial Agreement.” However, in the long run, there is nothing quite like the comfort of knowing you have planned for the future and are protected. The trouble for most, when it comes to prenuptial agreements, is that there is a lack of understanding as to what they can and cannot do.

It is a commonly held belief that only the fabulously wealthy need a prenuptial agreement; however, that is far from the truth. Sure Donald Trump has millions he may want to protect, but there are plenty of people that have worked for years building a nest egg, a retirement account or purchasing a home that they want to make sure is protected. Perhaps most importantly, a prenuptial does not mean the parties are ever planning to divorce and it may be nice to know before the wedding if your spouse refuses to sign such an agreement.

If you have assets you acquired before your marriage, have children from a prior marriage, expect to acquire any money or property, have a business that is about to take off, own real estate, want to address alimony or are expecting any other kind of financial windfall, you could benefit from a prenuptial agreement. By being aware of a few basic concepts, you can better understand the workings of prenuptial agreements and when you may benefit from one. If you have the protection of a prenuptial agreement, you can control where your property goes and avoid having a judge or court determine how property that may arguably be separate is divided.

First, what can a prenuptial agreement protect? That is largely dependent upon the parties and how they want to structure an agreement. It is quite common for the parties to look at several factors when putting together a prenuptial agreement. Initially, the parties may look at the present time to determine what they each own and, perhaps what, if anything, they may have acquired together during their relationship. Frequently, a prenuptial agreement will identify all of the parties’ separate property and set out that any identified property shall remain separate should the parties divorce. The parties can also take advantage of the process to address how they will treat property acquired after they are married and how it will be treated in the event of a divorce. As the parties work through the agreement process, they largely have the ability to treat property in any fashion upon which they can agree.

A second area that the parties will want to address is how property acquired after the marriage will be treated. A common approach is to set out that any property acquired entirely by one spouse through their own efforts, is their separate property, regardless of use during the marriage. The parties may also set out that any property acquired during the marriage be treated as marital property subject to some sort of division under the applicable laws of the appropriate jurisdiction, or upon a schedule determined by the parties, should they divorce. As prenuptial agreements are very unique to the parties, the specific content of a prenuptial agreement is dependent on the particular assets of the parties and how they determine to address them. On this note, beware of the attorney who offers or suggests a form prenuptial agreement, a “one size fits all.” These can only offer false security and ensure problems down the road.

It is also possible for the parties to address things such as permanent or temporary spousal support following any separation. However the parties cannot waive child support as, regardless of their intent or desires, the state will allow and set a child support obligation to make sure any children are adequately cared for; however, the parties can agree to excess child support or responsibility for college expenses. It is also possible for the parties to agree upon custodial arrangements.

For a prenuptial agreement to be bona fide, there are certain requirements that must be met, though these requirements may vary from state to state. Even still, there are several requirements that are applicable in most states. The first is that the agreement be formally executed. In laymen’s terms, this means that the prenuptial agreement jotted down on the back of a napkin and initialed by the parties is not worth the paper it is written on. In most states, both parties must have separate legal representation to advise them of their rights and to review the agreement. It is also quite common for both parties to be required to make a full and complete financial disclosure so the other party can understand what they may be giving up. Most importantly, the agreement must be signed in a formal fashion with witnesses and perhaps a Notary Public. It is also a good idea to execute more than one copy of the prenuptial agreement with each spouse and a neutral party keeping a copy as well. Many would be surprised at the number of people who go through the emotional rollercoaster ride of executing a prenuptial agreement then over the years, losing the agreement, being unable to locate it when they need it. Keep a copy in a safe place.

Ultimately, the manner that is best suited to starting the process of formulating a prenuptial agreement is to have a meeting with a qualified and experienced divorce attorney. Be prepared to identify the property you hold, property you may be acquiring, you earnings and other issues relevant to your present and potential financial position.

After you have an understanding of the issues relevant to the prenuptial agreement you will want to approach the issue with your future spouse. This is perhaps the most case specific part of the process; however, there is one rule that generally applies. The earlier in your relationship you broach the subject, the better. You do not want to bring up the subject for the first time in the days before your wedding. This can cause a host of problems such as a coercion claim on the part of your future spouse, not to mention that you may suddenly find yourself without a fiancée as your wedding approaches.

Most importantly, be honest and be fair; however, remember, when a prenuptial agreement is being drafted, the majority of the time one party has assets that are being protected and one spouse is giving up a claim to this property. With this being the case, it is frequently a reality that one party has everything to lose and one has everything to gain from a challenge to the agreement. Your attorney can address certain techniques and approaches to protect you from this scenario; however, challenges to prenuptial agreements are something you should be prepared to deal with. You also want to avoid dealing with frivolous issues such as religious preferences or personal issues such as requirements for hair style or weight gain. If such provisions are included in a prenuptial agreement and the agreement is challenged, you run the risk of having the entire agreement voided.

It is common place for the agreement to state that the consideration for the entire agreement is the marriage of the parties, meaning that for the agreement to be valid, you must get married. No marriage, no agreement. As well, after the agreement is signed and you are married, after some time, you may want to consider a review and revision. For instance, if certain a certain amount of alimony was agreed to, or certain property was addressed in a certain manner, after a period of marriage, you may want to revise the agreement to be more generous. As well, it is also common place to put in a “termination clause” or “sunset provision” that calls for the expiration of the agreement if a set amount of time passes without the agreement coming into effect.

This article is not offered as, nor is it to be construed, as legal advice, nor does it create any relationship, attorney/client or other, between the author and the reader. To obtain any legal advice, consult an attorney licensed to practice law in your state.

Stock Performance Review: Capital One Financial Corp. (COF)

With the current economic condition of most U.S. communities, a common category of products consumed is financial products. As a result many financial companies that are traded publicly are experiencing growth. If you are interested in investing in a financial company, then you may want to consider Capital One Financial Corp (COF) as it is one of the most popular financial companies that is traded. However, before you spend your money on this stock you should learn a little but about it.

What Capital One Financial Corp. (COF) Does

Capital One is a financial corporation that offers its customers a wide variety of financial products. They are well known as a credit card company, however, they also offer investment, retirement, small business loans, personal loans, and mortgage products. This is a very well known company, and it has a strong financial history behind it.

52 Week Performance Review

During the 52 week period ending on 08/22/06 COF’s value fluctuated between 71.15 and 90.04. On 08/22/06 the stock ranged from 71.99 and 73.17. The fluctuations of high and lows during this 52 week period were probably influenced by the economic problems faced by the U.S., as well as the increase in the federal interest rates. However, as the economy stabilizes it is projected that COF’s value should increase again, and improve to a value of 100.41 within a year. This means that at a value in the low $70s, this may be the best time to buy this stock.

Historical Performance Review – The Last Five Years

COF saw its last major dip between 2002 and 2003. Then between 2003 and 2005 the stock experienced an increasing trend. Then between 2005 and 2006 the stock stabilized with only moderate fluctuations. In 2006 the stock fluctuated up and down, however, it did not get above the $75 mark as of 08/22/06.

Strengths of COF

COF has several strengths as a stock. First the company is financial secure and stable. They are making a profit consistently and their projected growth potential is promising. Secondly there are a lot of people that use Capital One Financial Products. This company offers a wide selection of financial products that cater to every financial demographic in the United States. Finally, COF products are accepted by most vendors who accept credit cards making the product more valuable to customers and businesses.

Weaknesses of COF

Like most stocks the value of COF shares are vulnerable to current economic conditions. The future of this stock is also troubled by the possibilities of additional dips in its value caused by economic troubles, changing interest rates, and future restrictions created by the federal government.

For More Information

If you would like more information about this stock, or about Capital One Financial Corp., please post your requests below. Also if you are interested in another stock’s performance review you can request that below as well. Links to stock performance reviews, and requested information will be posted on this site when they become available so check back often.

UK Organization Aims to Aid Developing Countries With Your Donations

A unique UK-based organization accepts donations for gifts from registered charities, which in turn go to some very versatile causes world-wide. For instance, for 75 British pounds you can buy a SuperGoat. That’s right. These goats are specially bred for conditions in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. These goats are indeed super because they are more resilient than your average goat and also breed faster, producing more milk than your average goat. GoodGifts has been around for three years and the generosity of donaters is in a word, SUPER!

The options range from one end of the financial spectrum to the other. If you’re looking to make a small donation but still have an impact, how about purchasing a bike for a midwife in a developing country for the low price of 35 British pounds. Having a bike enables midwives to visit more villages and keep the life cycle in motion. On the other hand, The Delivery World Trust can help you when you donate 2500 pounds and buy a 100 acre rainforest, which you get to name.

Here are some of the charities and services they provide:

The World Land Trust and the International Tree Foundation will deliver 2 mangrove seedlings or plant a quarter acre swamp in India and The Philipines.

APT will deliver a Kalashnikov, rocket launcher, small armored vehicle, or a tank for peace efforts in Sierra Leone.

Sight Savers International will set up operations to help restore the gift of sight.

Vetaid provides camels in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Somaliland for food, transport and income.

Friends of Tafo, Africa Now, and Keystone will provide a hive of bees, tools and training, and establish a beekeeping cooperative in Ghana, Kenya, and India.

Blue Cross will pay for an old dog to stay in a retirement rest home in the UK for three months.

Grencoda will use your donation to nurture cocoa plants and invest in cocoa processing in Grenada, West Indies where cocoa is in crisis.

Goats For Peace will provide donkey ploughs and donkeys in rural Africa where they provide basic transport, take the sick to hospital and carry animal fodder and water.

UNICEF provides a School-in-a-Box which contains a blackboard, exercise books, slates, chalk and posters for children caught in emergencies.

Vetaid will also provide a bike for a para-vet, bag of medicines, and para-vet training for rural communities in Somaliland, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania where communities are dependent on their livestock.

Seeds For Africa furnishes seed kits, fruit trees, tools, and a fresh food garden in South Africa in an effort to better nutrition quantity and quality.

UNICEF will furnish a water pump to provide clean, safe water for the everyday needs of a village.

Help the women of India, through Barsana, India, by ordering saris and shawls to be distributed to widows and other poor women. Your donation will help these women earn a living wage.

Sloths need homes too. The World Land Trust can help us save 250 trees which are home to the Brown-throated three-toed sloth (which is so lazy that algae grows undisturbed on its fur) in the Eastern Brazilian jungle.

These are just a few of the charities and the services GoodGifts provide to countries throughout the world. GoodGifts is quite a unique organization. Be part of the solution. Already in their three-year tenure, 2,000 Rwandan war widows have been given goats. In Africa, 3,000 beekeepers have been equipped with hves.

The Last Man On Earth 1x4 "Sweet Melissa"

I don't mind that there's more than one person on Earth, but I wish they weren't going for boring, generic sitcom romance plots. There's an entire apocalyptic world to discover, who the ***** cares who Phil wants to bone?

*Raises hand*

This series is moving so fast it's hard to have time to feel angry with/sad for Phil. I mean, he's a jerk, right? So far that's the point of this show? I would feel sad for him, except he's acting in such a disappointingly honest fashion that I don't?

Phil in his gigantic toolbelt, trying to hammer a nail, had me laughing so hard. I giggle just thinking about it right now.
I also recognized myself a little too much in Phil in this episode to feel entirely comfortable. :/
This episode made me want to see some flashbacks to how Phil's life was before the plague.

You know, I get that this show is a comedy on a major network, and there are certain story and character beats that get hit. But the cornballiness of it is really getting to me. Yes, Phil a perpetually frustrated beta-male who can't even get what he wants when he is the last man around. It's just frustrating to watch such an interesting premise get watered down by cliche sitcom tropes - slobby guy with uptight wife, shrew's husband lusting after blonde fembot, etc.
The show I would want to watch would involve the last man on earth assembling a harem and consuming every psychotropic substance he could get his hands on. Even in the current show we have, it's grating that Phil can't just find his ***** and say, "Let's play a game. Everyone name something from the old world that they're glad isn't around anymore. I'll go first - monogamy!" Just letting Melissa wax on about the sweetness of his marriage while he impotently hems and haws is annoying (yes, I understand the nature of my own power fantasies informing my opinion on the show that I am watching, thank you)
I would love to see an episode where Jon Hamm rolls up in a limo bus, rocking the exact situation I described, only to fall down dead of an aneurysm. Phil looks hopefully to the harem, but they all scoff at him and just drive off in the bus without him.

I really did not like this character (Melissa). These are the first people she's seen in a couple of years? You'd think she wouldn't be so bitchy to them... "Pick up a shirt."? Most people wouldn't be that rude to a total stranger!

"For those wondering about the logistics of this virus the green screen
view out Melissa’s new home implies that Tucson is not just a desert,
but a barren wasteland on par with the Sea of Tranquility."
No, that's just how Tucson always is.

To subvert the trope of "shrewish ugly woman he's stuck with" vs. "beautiful cool alternative" they should have made him meet January Jones first but make her a *****-- essentially Schaal's character. Yes, she'd be gorgeous but simply an unpleasant person whom he despised. Then he could have met Schall, and have her be awesome. Zaniness follows.

I like that idea.. it totally would've made the show feel less predictable and made Phil a little more likable.

I don't see how Carol is an unpleasant *****. And I don't see what's cool about Melissa (besides her looks, and having owned a VW Bug).

The point isn't really whether Carol is unpleasant or not (I happen to think she is, but that's a personal opinion). It's more about how Phil sees her character and how that sets up the show's central conflict. He started out hating her, and now barely tolerates her; add to that situation a "cool" (aka not-Carol), pretty woman while he's trapped in a marriage, and it creates this love triangle that we've seen a million times. It's just such a cliché, they should have done a twist on it.

I can see that. It does seem like a lot of the commenters here, including you, find Carol a lot more unpleasant than I do. I honestly don't really know what people think is so bad about her. The real problem to me is that Phil doesn't stand up for himself. She is "pushy" in that she asks and expects things from him, but he doesn't really say what he wants, at least not that I remember, and instead just goes along with her, trying to hide how he really feels all the time (except for the living situation - he's been very clear there). To me, that's on him, not on her.
I do agree about the cliché of the love triangle though, however I don't think it was emphasized as such really, more just a funny exploration of Phil's regret.

It seems ludicrous to compare this show to The Walking Dead, but the one thing they have in common is a world in which the usual social order is destroyed. The very first thing we see (this show's version of) Carol do is criticize Phil's grammar on a very pedantic matter. Then she accuses him of stealing famous art pieces, complains about running stop signs, and loses her mind about handicapped parking spaces and driving into a store. And that's not even getting into the whole "no ***** without marriage" issue.
I think the reason I and so many others find her unpleasant is she sticks to these rigid, dogmatic interpretations of how life should be lived even in the face of no good reason to do so. For instance, Phil didn't steal the art, he preserved it. Stopping and starting a car just wears out the brakes faster and consumes more gas. And what does marriage mean if there is no one else alive? If she were a religious woman who needed the relationship to be ok in the eyes of god, perhaps it's justifiable. But that's not the reason she gave-- she just doesn't their children to be *****, as if that means anything anymore.
She makes some good points about basic sanitation, food procurement, etc., but they're all lost in her impenetrable and incomprehensible stubbornness. And yes, perhaps Phil was being a pushover, but that's sort of the whole point of those episodes, that he was so miserably lonely and bored that he would put up with a very unreasonable and obstinate person in order to have some company.

"I think the reason I and so many others find her unpleasant is she
sticks to these rigid, dogmatic interpretations of how life should be
lived even in the face of no good reason to do so."
That makes sense. I'm an orderly person that likes structure, so I probably have a lot more sympathy for her positions based on that. I could totally see myself trying to hang on to the pre-plague mindset as a way to cope.
I don't think she's a great person at all and her stubborness IS annoying, but I don't think she's that bad either.

She also produced one of the Black Keys' early albums.

Am I the only one who thinks no beard Phil looks like Ben Gibbard?...

Why do I have the feeling (if someone has already wrote this theory, I apologize) that they'll introduced a little boy and a little girl soon and they'll all become a family.

And quirky neighbors, then we find out Carol's mother also survived...

this show is SUPPOSED to be cringeworthy - to work, it would have to walk that fine line between being so weird and disgusting that you can't watch - but then you HAVE to watch just to see what they're going to do next...think of the British version of - well, anything, but I was thinking Absolutely Fabulous or the Office. But, alas, since we're in America, it has to stay closer to the middle...and play it relatively safe...I'm still wondering what's going to happen, but not as much - and it would have been better to have Melissa be a truly biplolar homewrecker, secretly turned on by the fact that Phil is married - just not yet...

It remains easily to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

So when does Jason Sudeikis show up and 'steal' Melissa?

I agree that the scene with the scrapbook was probably the best. We get to see more of who Melissa is outside of Phil's dream (read: not-Carol) girl, and that Carol does appear to have some self-awareness (knowing most would think her crazy for insisting on marriage).
And the last shot of that mess of a door was a good capper to Phil and Carol's conversation.

The first episode of the show was better than I expected, but 4 episodes in, it's beginning to feel like absurd proof of TV's lack of diversity. Seriously, all the survivors all white and hetero? No people of color, no LGBT? It's interesting they cast January Jones because the image of female characters as motivated by either desire for marriage or desire for ***** could have been written by Don Draper.

Seriously, all the survivors all white and hetero?
But of course.

Well, statistically it's a pretty damn good chance that a survivor is white and hetero. Especially the hetero part.

Time to bust out some math. Any individual survivor being white is likeliest outcome — let's round up and say 2/3 of population is white. But odds of all three survivors being white is 2/3 * 2/3 * 2/3, or 8/27, or just under 1/3. So, yes, this is TV's lack of diversity at work. And you can't tell me they not able to find non-white actress who could out-act January Jones.

I've got it! The virus is racist!

Yeah, something that happens roughly one out of three times happening is bullshit. Maybe I could buy it if it was 2/7 or above, but 1/3? Gimme a break.

You missing point entirely. It not that 1/3 is impossible, it that it not likeliest outcome... unless you on network TV show where all-white cast is almost always likeliest outcome.

No, I get your point; you're just wrong. If something has a 1/3 chance of occurring by chance, it is absurd to say definitively that it is motivated by anything.
Also, ***** diversity casting. Put someone entertaining on a show and I don't give a flying ***** what color they are or where there ancestors came from. There are exactly zero leads on TV who look like me because I don't define myself by skin tone. I define myself by meaningful attributes and am far more interested in seeing someone with a similar personality and worldview to someone with my same race.

But television casting never happen by chance. Every decision is conscious choice. Creators of Friends made conscious decision to portray most diverse city on Earth as 95% white, and creators of Orange Is New Black made conscious decision to use conventionally attractive white woman to draw viewers into stories of black and Latino women (and even older white women, who not terribly well-served demographic either) because, sadly, that how television work. Original comment not so much about just this show in vacuum; it about how television has long, not-over-by-long-shot history of overrepresenting white people and excluding everyone else, and it well-documented that that reinforces racism and white privilege. On that not, me not know you, me not know your background, but did anyone here read "***** diversity casting" and think person who wrote that was anything other than whiter than Martha Stewart's linens?

Do you mean worldwide, or in the US? 'Cause worldwide, and in the Western Hemisphere in general that is not true.

I keep wondering if they're going to the Walking Dead thing and never address the reality that gasoline spoils after a year or two. I would like to see all the generators, cars, etc. be all diesel.

Someone else is showing up next episode for sure.

So with each passing episode I've been liking this less.
From the show's complete disinterest in exploring what civilization would look like after a massive die-off (really? no looting? no wrecked cars? no corpses?) to the mostly unlikeable characters, to the whole "gasoline hasn't gone bad" thing which Walking Dead is guilty of too, to the fact that you can't repopulate the planet with 2 or 3 people and that should be really obvious to anyone with half a brain, to tonight's (for me, watching the download) sorry display of ***** sitcom cliches... I'm not laughing and this show really feels like a wasted opportunity.
We've got two great comic actors with a terrible, terrible ***** script. I'm giving this one more episode, I want to laugh or be interested, if not, I'm done after the next episode.
Giving this a B seems pretty generous to me. C- or D, if you ask me.

I wanted to like this show, but it is kind of falling flat in the premise department. There was a great SNL sketch a long time ago with Jon Lovitz and Geena Davis about him being the last man on Earth and she was the last woman and he still could not score with her..that was funny and sad at the same time. If they would have done that with Melissa, it might have worked better.

No *looting*?!? Phil's done some damned fine looting!!

Yeah but only Phil. All the stores he goes into are pristine. It's like society didn't collapse one little bit while everyone on Earth was dying.

Musta been fast... like a huge, not-really-choosy Rapture?

Realistically there is no virus that could kill the entire U.S population quickly enough that people wouldn't have time to get out there for some looting. There's no vector that could simultaneously infect everyone. I mean, I know these questions aren't the point of the show, but it's distracting. Same kinda thing applies to Carol's plan to repopulate... surely she's not stupid enough to believe that 2 or even 3 people could accomplish it... anyway, these questions wouldn't matter if the show was funny, but this episode was about as funny as an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Maybe I'm just under-thinking it... but am personally really enjoying the show so far... illogic, tropes and all.

I will allow that all 3 actors are excellent! I find the story weak, although it's possible I'm overanalyzing. I'm still willing to give it a chance, but it better get good, fast if it wants to keep me.
Douglas Coupland's book "Girlfriend in a Coma" has a lot of the same stuff (doing fun ***** after the world ends) but is a lot more thoughtful and interesting. I might just read it again if it turns out I can't keep watching this show!

This is bugging me--that dream sequence (well, up until the diarrhea) was referencing something--what the heck is it??

It reminded me of the old (OLD) SNL commercials for the "Love Toilet"...

"Moby *****? Try Moby Double *****."
I still ***** love this show. Forte was on form in this episode, his inner horny psycho springing to life. Desperate Phil is my favourite kind of Phil after Lonely Phil. I can't wait to see where this goes! Unlike the world as we know it, I never want this series to end.

I get the feeling some people are docking points whenever the show isn't what they want it to be. Phil's behavior is still consistent with his character whom, if you think about it, we still don't really know that well. And maybe I'm a schlub too but I was very amused by how he and Carol both handled the situation. I'm still waiting for a reason to like January Jones in anything, but overall I thought this was pretty hilarious the whole way through

I think its funny in places, the Carol/Melissa wedding photo conversation was hilarious. I think though your defense of the show is actually the problem with it. I think January Jones was fine, but it seems premature to have put her in the show when we only had three episodes of him being alone or with Carol. It has a rushed feeling and we do not know these characters so its hard to get invested in Phil "cheating" on Carol after only knowing them three episodes. They showed him being alone and bonding with Carol over funny montages instead of developing the characters more. I think Jones character could have been a season finale twist or something after setting up these characters a bit more.

That's a pretty good point

I agree with most of the points in this review..except the grade. Creating a supposed 'love triangle' with a normal looking women against a horny, beer drinking blonde is the most trite plot lines ever. Very disappointing, and borderline offensive.

I like this but it's just a little too broad, if they pulled back just a bit, toned down the slapstick, I think it would really hit a sweet spot. There's no feeling of consequences or weight of the past. I know it's a comedy but there needs to be some acknowledgement of what's happened to the world and how they feel about it. Comedy comes from tragedy as well as falling over while taking off your pants.

I wrote a post last week about the potential problem Jones' arrival could mean for the show and although it wasn't as bad as I feared, it was pretty much as I expected it would be.
To recap, I have no issue with Jones as an actress - I think she's really good in Mad Men - but The Pretty Blonde is a pretty bland stereotype often used in comedies and Melissa is no exception. She's barely given any joke to work with and the only reason she's there is to provide material to the other characters.
Honestly, I'm wondering if the show wouldn't be better if she was the main character. She would be better developed and the more relatable character usually makes a better protagonist than a kook like Phil.

[truck explodes] 1

Louise really saves this show, it would be hard to imagine it without her. Will Forte seemed to be a bit overdone this episode, it was kind of stupid after awhile.

Upvoted for calling Schaal "Louise."

Weird huh? 'll always see her as Louise.

they went way overboard with phil's douchey attempts to impress melissa. making him "hard to like" is one thing, but making him so cartoonishly inept around a pretty lady is just irritating to watch. it's pretty disappointing, and it'll be extremely eye-roll-inducing if he actually does end up hooking up with melissa after his antics in this episode.

Oh but thats all you need to get us girls....act like a ***** idiot!!!

it's always worked in my experience (of watching films and television)

That's very true...

I could understand the criticism of "Man is tired of his wife and lusts after the hot young sexpot" being trite if this was yet another case of a man frustrated by a woman he presumably loves or at least loved at one point enough to marry her. But that's not the case in LMoE. Phil married Carol out of (i dunno) respect(?) to Carol and her eccentric wishes--not because he loved her. Marriage didn't matter to him, but did to her. Now, enter a woman he would at least lust after, if not outright love, as she's apparently every guy's dream (totally chill and down to drink beer).
As we've seen something like this before, this would be the part of the show where the guy realizes how long and deep the river runs between he and his spouse and kicks the the fleeting pleasure of sated animal love to the curb for the real romantic emotional love that comes from years if not decades of love/friendship and maybe a house and kids, like in the Simpsons ep where Homer ditches a come-and-get-it Mindy for Marge. What does Phil have with Carol? This isn't his love and never was. She's a friend of necessity to whom he shows an unusual amount of dedication and affection for someone he would otherwise never spend a minute around pre-apocalypse, and yet he stays true to her even though the institution of marriage supposedly means nothing to him. I thought the whole thing was really sweet.
Sorry, but the critics-decrying-the-tropes-we've-seen-a-thousand-times is itself a trope we've seen a thousand times. I'd fake congratulate you on pointing it out (and deducting a whole grade from the show because of it) were it actually correct.

The Flash 1x15 : review episode "Out Of Time"

I had the biggest grin on my face the last 5 or 10 minutes of this episode. So, so good.

Sorry for nitpicking, but it's still Eobard Thawne, not Eobard Thane, right?
Could I be any more of a nag?

I was going to give it a C, until the last 10 mins. I couldn't stand the shipping angst and Joe thinking he could take on WW on his own.

It's some smart timing that they aired this on St. Patrick's day, because clearly she was wearing a button that said Kiss Me, I'm Iris.

I really liked the episode, but after I got to thinking about it I'm worried that it will be like it never happened for everyone but Barry (who didn't even know about Cisco's death). I don't think I'll really know how I feel about that until next week, but for now I'm on the fence.
I was really happy that Iris learned the truth, because I think that needed to happen and I didn't want it dragged out for a long time. I was hoping they'd learned from keeping Laurel in the dark for too long. But I have a feeling that next week, events will play out differently and none of that will happen and she'll just remain in the dark and all the progress from this episode will be erased.
I was shocked that they would be bold enough to kill off a main character like Cisco. But now, I think Barry will somehow manage to save his life and it will never happen and Cisco won't remember the truth about Wells.
I guess the Wells stuff is good for the audience. They confirmed for the audience that this Reverse-Flash is Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom, but I really wanted the characters to learn that information as well.

It would be funny if only the speedsters remember. Wells is getting ready to kill Cisco only for Cisco to not remember and be like "hey! Wells! movie night tonight! you get the popcorn?"

Wow. This was an A episode. i just love that this show keeps surprising me and it's such awesome viewing experience when it comes to the action set pieces.

Watching this episode, it occured to me that this show has really got to step up its game with its female characters. It became obvious when Barry and the other male police characters went off to catch the badguy but left Iris and Park to go through their relationship drama. Also, Caitlin's been mostly a reactive and passive character since the show's run. Every plot of hers is set to the same note, her relationship to Ronnie and pining after him in one way or another.
It would have been better if the show had a recurring female cop character, or even gave one of its already female cast members a more active role in the story/a plot not tied to their relationships with boys.

Just fantastic! When Barry first saw the 2nd speedster, i thought they might be introducing the Black Flash/Speed Force. But once they showed that much detail when Barry stopped, I knew we were going to get a time travel story. I wonder if this Barry replaces the Barry from that timeline (which would appear to be the case otherwise they should both be at the intersection) or if he is going to have to avoid himself, Marty McFly style. Either way, what a great hour of TV!

I think he replaced himself given he saw exactly the same things at the end of the episode that he did at the start. If past and future Barry had stopped then we should have seen two of them.

You know: Time travels create divergent universes.
Barry and Barry meet each other just in the point in which the universes diverge, then everyone is in different timelines.
So no replacement, just... Well, wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Cisco's scene with Wells was really good. Your first instinct to tell him run but then you realize how hopeless the situation. Then he's just standing there not quite holding back the tears over the betrayal and what is about to happen. It really made the scene hit harder.
The romantic angst really needs to get dialed back a bit. The seesaw that is Barry/Iris' feelings for each other really needs a break.

The question is now, will Barry move through time again and bring new threats back with him?

sooo... who else think everything that happened in this episode(reveals\injuries\deaths) are going to get reversed(pun intended) by Barry going back in time?

Well, they're not going to happen the same way or at all obviously. I would guess maybe the Captain still gets injured, but everything else will remain status quo except Barry will have experience an Iris kiss and be all moody about it.

Im betting that Wells kinda forces Cisco to go see his family during the Buster Keaton movie.

This trailer tells ALL about the upcoming episodes, and it's awesome.

Just came back to check, man this is a shitload of comments.

If it wasn't for all that love triangle business this would have been an A for me! I hope all the reveals and everything don't get reset, that'd be super annoying!

He goes through time, then says "Oh Boy", ala Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap?!?! Writers of The Flash...? Will your geeky brains marry me?! 😀

I keep forgetting that the police captain is *****, because it's such a non-issue on the show, and the show deserves a ton of credit for that. Kudos to the writers. Also for the impressive diversity amongst the main cast members, which is also not even remarked on by the show. The world of The Flash is inspiring not only because of heroes like The Flash, but also because of the equality demonstrated by its non-superpowered citizens.

Somewhere there's a bitchin' restaurant where Captain Holt and Captain Singh hang out, drink bourbon, and bond over how they've risen through the ranks despite all the social and professional obstacles they faced.

I would watch the ***** out of that show

So I keep seeing these good grades but I'm confused. I watched the pilot and the show seemed like a Smallville clone which would've been great if I was still in high school but not so great now. Did this show change a bit? Did it become different than the smallville mold?

It's quite different. Much better at capturing the feel of it's comic hero and portraying Flash stuff than Smallville was for Supes.

The relationship stuff is still pretty hard to deal with...and there's a lot of dramatic dialogue that would never come out of a real human's mouth...but the central plotline is pretty exciting and far better than really any other superhero series.

The show hasn't changed, and isn't for you.

Personally, I think this show destroys Smallville. The relationship stuff is a little annoying at times, but it's also fairly harmless and low stakes (i.e., easy to ignore).

There's one part of this show I find so infuriating, and The Flash has done it more than once. Mardon is sitting in a car 50 feet away from the side of the road where Barry saved Joe. Instead of, oh I don't know, running over there super fast and punching him in the face, it's just cut to a commercial break and [I guess?] he got away!

If there's one thing Barry knows he can't win against in Central City, it's commercial breaks. What they don't show you is there's an actual "commercial clock" which when activated gives everyone in the city about four minutes of compulsory relief from their given circumstances and predicaments, allowing them to reset unhindered into positions of slight advantage. The villain in control of this mysterious temporal superpower is still unknown but it's only a matter of time before he reveals himself.

So there is a plot point that I am finding a bit perplexing. Wells demonstrates to Cisco how we can create a mirrored image of himself (I remember he refers to it as a sort of mirage), and this was to explain how there were two version of Wells (Wells and the Reverse-Flash) in the same room. My question then is how did Wells beat himself up like that, and how was he able to be in the Reverse-Flash outfit and his normal clothing at the same time? I would understand if there had been two Reverse-Flashes, but I guess I am still a little confused as to how he was able to pull that off two outfits? I know he created some kind of hologram to trick the team into thinking the Reverse Flash was trapped, but then you clearly see Wells lying in the containment unit and the Reverse-Flash all the way across the room before Reverse-Flash takes out the cops (except for Eddie)..

I imagined he was inspired by Edward Norton's solo office beat-up in Fight Club.

I'm thinking same guy, two different time periods. The RF could be years away from the containment unit incident, but he comes back to make sure it happens and to beat himself up.

A bit of sloppiness here, and unfortunately it's at a crucial point.
Barry previously has struggled to go at about Mach1, which is about 800 miles per hour. That's the speed of sound. The speed of light, which is pretty much 186,000 miles per SECOND, is something he would need to reach to make time travel a possibility.
I know, I know... Speed Force. But THAT'S where the sloppiness comes in. To reach that level, to open up to that level of speed, shouldn't more have been made of it? He reached it with no stress, no exertion, no indication that something was happening at a hitherto UNIMAGINABLE level. That's a moment that can't just be handwaved, right?

He was screaming... (and I don't think he's had both Joe and Iris in trouble at the same time).

He did reached it with stress and exertion when he was trying to prevent the tsunami (and when Caitlin told him he couldn't go fast enough). As soon as he broke through the barrier he becomes confused and disoriented and slows his pace, catching up to his past self.

Go and kiss your sister and you'd probably do everything possible to reverse time too.

Is that Jesse L. Martin?! Someone please tell me that's Jesse L. Martin! I want him to have another gig...I love that dude!
I might even need to start watching the Flash, even though I've never had any interest in the character, the comic, or this show!

Dude, he's been a major part of the show since the pilot, where have you been?

And I quote:
"I might even need to start watching the Flash, even though I've never had any interest in the character, the comic, or this show!"

I don't quite understand the promo for next episode.
Captain Cold seems to be front and center, but shouldn't the next episode deal with Barry's time travel?

"You can't change your past, Barry. It'll go worse".
It's a classic time-travel trope. So it's good.

Am I the only one upset by how much of a cop-out the whole time travel thing is? I mean the show actually significantly advanced the main plot (in a shocking fashion no less) and cleared the awkward Barry-Iris tension, only to hit the reset and make the episode otherwise inconsequential.

If they had never mentioned time travel and then used it as a cheap reset, it would *****, but time travel has always been hovering in the background on this show.

And to be honest, I had no idea it was coming either. As insane as each of those moments were, each of them were plausible. It was only after the fact that I realized that he'd be now able to rewrite the second half of the episode.

For me it is a matter of how the next episode handles it. Even knowing that time travel exists, it still borders on cheap to throw these awesome developments at us and take them away

True. I was expecting time travel as the season ender, at this point I can't imagine what they'll do to top this episode.

It's called a "fun" cop-out. It lets the writers stuff the episode full of improbable, what-if situations just to show how they would play out, and wasn't it a ton of fun? I also enjoyed how they slowly kept building the events in a way where it wasn't obvious it was a reset episode until Iris/Barry kiss-reveal, and possibly Wells disappearing from his chair in the cafe. It doesn't make it inconsequential at all, though. Those were all plausible events stemming from real developments that could/ may happen in the future, but perhaps not on such an accelerated timeline. It also gave us greater insight into characters motivations and reveals (Wells, Iris) that will still exist even with a reset. It's a time travel show, expect more of this.

I could have gone without the time-travel/possible reset. But it is all about how the next episode plays out

Yes. The problem with Time Travel is that if you show the audience that you can do it once then you make them wonder why they don't do it every time.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset that they introduced the concept. But I wish they didn't make it as easy as "running back and forth" and made it more complicated by making it only possible on the cosmic treadmill for now.

Holy ***** that was awesome. That felt like a season finale and there's still eight episodes to go.

Minus my *****. GOAT superhero show.

Greatest American Hero or GTFO!

the last 10 minutes wont mean a damn thing though... cisco will live and iris will not know the secret.
i think cisco should stay dead to get really personal. look at arrow, S2 was amazing because of deathstroke, he was an amazing villain. then look at rahs al ghul... what a disappointment. hes done nothing.

Wells already killed Barry's mom. How much more personal does it need to be?

"adding atmosphere". Nice, Noel Murray.
Actually, that really was a great review..nice to see spelling, syntax and sentence structure for a change.
And I agree with many of your points, although I don't find the quadrangle as bad as all that.
Unfortunately, they're obviously going to undo a whole bunch of what happened this week, when all they really should undo is Cisco's death (I admit it, I like him)
This was one of those episodes that made me remember that sometimes (often, actually) it's best to just shut up and let the storyteller tell their story, and not nitpick.
One can vote with one's attention, 'stead'a constantly complaining and back seat driving...not reviewers, that's your job...I kinda mean us, and not absolutely. Constructive criticism, compliments, observations, comparisons and all the quoting and joking around make me love AV Club.
The whining and "here's how it should have been done", not so much.

How has no one here mentioned the wonderful Quantum Leap reference at the very end?

They have. I've also just realized that Harrison Wells could be a nod to author H.G. Wells who wrote among other things The Time Machine, but I'm sure that's been mentioned somewhere before as well.

What are the chances that the path Barry was running on two consecutive nights included the exact same block of the exact same street, so he could be sure to see himself?
And I could rather easily buy that Joe is second in command to David at the precinct, but is Eddie really third?

I'm wondering now if Singh will become Zoom (the second Reverse Flash). In the comics, he's named Hunter Zolomon (granted a profiler and not a captain) and suffers a similar injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He goes on to blame the Flash for not helping him go back in time to fix his injury, busts the cosmic treadmill and gains time travel-ish powers. He then is determined to make the Flash a better hero by constantly ***** with him.

You're mixing different characters, you know?

I just thought they may be assigning Zolomon's origin to Singh. They're already playing with the characters as Chyre and Linda Park are Wally related.
Though I do now recall (I think) seeing Singh walking around along with a living Cisco in the next week preview.

He won't get injured again, so presumably not.

caption: "Backstreet's back, alright!"

I know, right?

When Cisco busted out that control rod, did anybody else think:"Oh. The 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver. That'll CERTAINLY help.
No? Just me?
What. Evar.

I did.

Of course you did.

Shhhhhh. Just go to sleep. Everything is okay.

Don't even worry about Cisco. In the upcoming Flash/Arrow crossover, Ray and Felicity go to Central City and have a grand old time, which they wouldn't do if Cisco was, you know... dead.

This sounds rather sexist of me, but is Iris absolutely clueless that she's leading Barry on all the time?
It makes her look like a ditzy, clueless, manipulative twat that strings men around to get what she wants. It'd be interesting if that was her character from day one, or even make her figure out Barry's the Flash by herself instead of being CW soap opera bullshit.
Are the DC shows inherently misogynistic? Laurel, Barbara, do they not know how to write women other than being just a trophy/fleshlight with legs for the male hero?

As for the writing for women on these shows... yes. They are terrible writers for women because they all end up written as bland stereotypes. So it puts a lot of pressure on the actors to elevate the character. A good actor like Willa Holland can add depth where there is none, but a bad actor like Emily Bett-Rickards just doesn't have the talent to do much more than take a visine drop and hyperventilate out her lines.
In the case of Iris then I think the problem lands more on the actress than the writing. Those little glances are supposed to be subtle but she plays it very direct which makes her look more like a puppeteer than a puppy.

So if Hartley was intent on killing Wells, and Wells is actually Eobard Thawne and would kill Our Heroes at will, is Hartley now a hero? Most of Hartley's suspicions/problems with Wells are probably true.

Does anyone else think the moment when Caitlin was trying to warn Barry about Harrison before he time traveled will be key? I'm imagining Barry's actions in the next episode will essentially wipe out all of the reveals in this episode and clear everyone's memories, everyone except for Barry. If Barry remembers how suspicious everyone was, and if Mason Bridge really does have some evidence against Harrison, perhaps he will recall Caitlin's cryptic semi-warning and this will be enough to get him to start investigating Harrison himself.

Holy *****.
That was ***** crazy. Even with the reset button at the end, it was still ***** crazy. Because Eobard ***** Thawne, *****. Holy goddam craziness. Poor Eddie is totally a red herring. I almost feel bad for him. And because he's the big bad and he'll have to go away at season's end, I kind of feel bad for Cavanaugh. I hope they find a way to keep him around. De-power him a bit, or something. Damn, man. I'm a little in shock, still.

Is Cavanaugh officially leaving at the end of the season?
The Wells/Thawn storyline could've been stretched over 2 or 3 seasons so I'm wondering if maybe he wanted out and they had to rush it to a conclusion all in one season. If so, thats really a shame because both the character/actor are fantastic and they definitely will have a hole in the show without him.

I have no idea. I just think it's hard to have a regular on the show who's also the big bad, when everyone knows he's the big bad, and he's also as powerful as a Flash. Obviously, Zoom has limitations that Barry doesn't in this iteration, but still... where do you go with him once you've had the big confrontation?

But after the time reversal then nobody knows he's the big bad except the audience.
As amazing as the revelation was, it isn't actually shocking because they've done great in leading us to this point. Weve seen him stand Kill. Zoom and suit up. And now, even though we have a name, we still have so much more to learn about motives and backstory so I could imagine him sticking around for a while.

Tell you what... Why don’t you keep her safe and I’ll go be The Flash?”
Popular catchphrase of the alternate Earth Flash who's based out of Brooklyn instead of Central City.

The scene between Wells and Cisco was just masterful acting. It was almost hard to listen to the text of the script when the actors were playing the hell out of the subtext. Cisco totally playing the combination of betrayal and horror (at knowing that he's going to die right then,) and Wells with admiration, regret and a calm sadness. Seriously. Probably the best performed scene on television this season.

Literally screaming after that scene. "You've been dead to me for centuries". Ooh! Right in the Feels!

Fist off, Noel Murray was a great guest reviewer and I hope he can bring his Flash knowledge to more reviews in the future.
As for the episode itself.. meh. I hate that I feel that way but the writers really have to know how badly they lose their audience with this love quadrangle garbage. Call me an old fashioned prude, but I just can not get invested in a love story between "siblings" with coaching from the "dad". Its beyond creepy and breaks the pace of a very intense and fast moving show.

Someone might have mentioned this already, but there's no way The Flash is faster than a lightening bolt. Lightening moves at around 224,000 mph. Oh wait, this is fiction. Sorry.

I swear this was a B+ when it was originally reviewed but seems to have been changed to an A-.
Good to know the AV Club knows when it's wrong, unlike that moron over at IGN.

I've been saying this whole season that I wouldn't be surprised if Cisco has a few weapons locked away just in case...maybe a vibration weapon for himself and a duplicate of the cold gun for Caitlyn, since they're two of the weapons that the show has established can really drop a speedster.

So Thawne went to kill Barry before he could become the Flash, then got stuck, so spent 15 years building an accelerator to turn Barry into the Flash after all so he could go home? But before he set off to kill Barry, he didn't know about the intervening Crisis and the need for Barry to be around & fast enough to stop it? Because if the Crisis hadn't been stopped by the Flash before Thawne was born, not much of a childhood for Eobard.
Feels to me like more explication is coming that somehow lets Thawne stick around as a dodgy advisor. "Yeah, I was gonna kill you, but Older You stopped me, and then I stumbled across the Magic Newspaper and realized that if I had succeeded, I would never have born, so I decided to create you, then train you to be good enough to stop the crisis that would have murdered me. Since you're not fast enough yet, you won't mind if i kill a few people here and there? Better than the whole planet being swallowed up..."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2, Episode 18 - “Captain Peralta” review

Amy insisting that Holt not tease her brain but "go to town" on it was memorable in a disturbing way. But I loved the overall enthusiasm, and Terry frustratedly devouring the islanders to save them from this weight-based madness.

When it comes to her brain, Amy would rather bone down Rosa-style.

Undateable had the same story last season (absentee Dad who charmed all the friends when he came to town---played by Tom Cavanaugh, who has dimples to rival Bradley Whitford's) and ends with the son facing down his dad. As I was watching, I expected the let down, but didn't expect the trip to Canada, and Scully's language expertise. That was enough to take this beyond a "been there, seen that" story.

I saw that one--Cavanaugh was good....the show itself less so.

Cavanaugh is great in everything he does. It's amazing.

Lunches of the Nine-Nine
Rosa: Fruit and a disgusting green smoothie, because badass needs fuel.
Terry: Overly complicated sandwiches and, of course, a yoghurt.
Amy: Salad. In a bowl. Because she made it last night, immediately before laying out her uniform, cleaning her gun, and doing her tax return.
Hitchcock and Scully: Split a pizza. Then, in the very next scene, we see Scully eating some more at his desk.
Gina: A full cheeseboard, because only lesser mortals eat off crockery.

Terry does not spell "yogurt" with an "h"!

I can't help it if the world's wealthiest and most powerful nation is functionally illiterate.

There is no "h" sound in "yogurt"!

There is no "h" sound in your face!

That's a bold claim for someone who pronounces "herbs" as "erbs"

Daaaaaamn... why the sudden hate on South Korea, bro?
*Note: This commentator believes a nation's wealth and power is measured by the quality of their girl groups*

I have a dream that someday, our countries will be judged not by the totality of their wealth, but by the urea content of their seafood.
*Note: Under this metric, South Korea also wins.

Gotta admire a culture that doesn't understand why the hell they eat some of the things they do.

*looks warily toward the plastic bucket of marshmallow creme in the pantry*

So USA then Britain then nobody?

Holt:: Has already consumed the required amount of calories for this day period.

This joke hit juuuuuuuuuust a little too close to home for me.

Apropos of almost nothing, do we know what's up with Jake's mom? If we do I've forgotten.

If there was ever a role that warranted the return of mustachioed Bradley Whitford, this might have been it. Maybe have him throw on a pair of aviators and give his character a hard to place Texas-esque drawl. But alas, it was not meant to be.
Still, it was a solid episode. I am all for Andre Braugher giving an alliterative phrase his special brand of delivery.

Don't remind me about that mustache. Do not.

I miss that show sometimes. It was on the wrong network--had that been a CBS show--it would probably have been a hit. (Ironically its the exact kind of show NBC could use right now--I bet something fun like that would be a big hit coming after The Voice instead of the increasing number of dreary dramas that they keep throwing there)

There's something disturbing to me about Bradley Whitford being the father of a 35-year-old character.
I know he's old enough, and I know he looks old enough, but still...

yeah, but just barely (Whitford is 55). I guess his parents were young marrieds. Wonder how Whitford feels about playing the dad to a 35-year old.

I assume it was a conscious choice to cast someone so young to play Jake's father. From day one, Peralta was never ready to be a Dad. Have they even confirmed that Jake's parents were ever married?

I feel like having him record an album of him doing a series of tongue twisters.

How are Santiago's facial expressions so perfect?


That's just silly. Clearly Melissa Fumero is a sleeper agent sent by the Cuban government to undermine our American way of life with her arsenal of gleeful and pouty faces.

To which I say, viva la revolucion.

Because she is a perfect human being? I mean...IDK.

no, i think you're onto something here

She took a seminar.

It was immediately after the TED talk on power poses.

Suffice to say, Jake has not been having the best year.
Going of Laferg's statement though, I really do think in terms of likability the show has really worked hard on that with Jake since almost the middle of s1 (I mean, I personally don't get how a regular watcher would have STILL disliked him by the finale, then again I fell into the camp that never really disliked him so...). His storylines this season have just pushed him from me thinking he's cute to wanting to wrap him in a hug all the time.
But in fairness, she did say 'more' likable, so I guess it checks out. I guess I just feel a need to defend Jake/Samberg at this point.

Samburg does make it look quite effortless doesn't he? I never really thought about that before because the show really goes so fast with one liners and wacky situations (and wacky Samburg antics) that you never really stop to think that he totally holds down the center of the wackiness with ease. He's kind of like Michael J Fox in his Spin City years in that sense. I mean I don't wanna go all out and compare the two--but Fox also always made all the increasingly frustrated reactions to wacky things that were happening around him seem so effortless as well (In addition to occasionally adding on to it) and this is definitely along those lines performance wise. Maybe the Globes were right to give Samburg the best actor in a comedy award this past January.

I do think that the father storyline felt rushed at the end. , Jake had been blindly optimistic, till he wasn't. I know they needed him to be around for the final confrontation, but it felt weird that after showing up all the time prior in this episode, it would be missing the bar hangout that would open his eyes. And then Roger would still be around at a hotel. The speech was great, but the setup was off.

I dunno, I think there's enough in Samberg's performance to suggest that Jake's admiration for his dad is gradually becoming more of a façade than he'd like it to be.

There's a nice subtle moment on the plane where Captain Peralta is bragging about "dropping anchor at the Commodore Club", and Jake clearly thinks he's utterly gross but is trying to paste an impressed expression on his face.

Arrow 3 X 15 "Nanda Parbat" recap:

"Laurel, I killed Sara."
(Laurel stares blankly)
You and me both, sister.
I'd criticize Katie Cassidy's acting, but that's about what I've come to expect from Dinah Laurel Lance.
Botox face doesn't help.
Honestly, I'm not even sure why Merlyn killed Sara in the first place, besides plot.

I agree once Merlin got taken away I scratched my head and thought "why did Merlin kill Sara?" and Im still drawing a blank.

See it's simple: Merlyn knows that only himself can beat Ra's, because "only the student can defeat the master". So he decided to have his own beloved daughter kill Sara (which would put the life of his only living child at great risk).
This way, he could blackmail Oliver like he blackmailed Olie's mother before, and force him to kill Ra's like he killed Olie's dad before. But first, he would wait 8 episodes and let Oliver find on his own what happened before showing him the evidence. Of course, Oliver would lose that duel, because "only the student can defeat the master", and because he waited so long the League showed up before any training could ever take place.
So, he was betting on Oliver surviving thanks to his old newly revealed mole in the League, come back to Starling and start training with him, because only the student of "the student can defeat the master".

....and this is SOAP.

These are the Queens...and THESE are the Merlyns

That...... is so convoluted its not even funny.

Not nearly as much as the reasoning why Oliver thinks they still have to join with him to fight the League.

"Only the student can defeat the master"!

The Malcolm storyline is about Barrowman now, not about plot.

It's true. Seeing him strung up in The League HQ did nothing for me. They won't let him die because he's a VIP cast member and he pulls in viewers.

Barrowman = ratings.

I was actually hoping that Ra's would kill Merlyn. I like Barrowman as much as the next guy but he's just such a problematic character now. I just want him to go away.

Agreed. I can't see a scenario where Merlyn living would be a satisfying ending to this storyline. As much as I like Barrowman I'm not too thrilled at the idea that his character might escape and will continue to pop up in later seasons.
It's like Syler on Heroes all over again. A great villain that becomes less interesting the more they hang around.
Also what's the point of this whole storyline anyway? We've spent the entire season watching various characters talk about how Ra's needs to be killed and/or stopped but we all know that's not going to happen. At best the show will make it look like Ra's is dead and then SURPRISE! he's going to pop up in later season when Ollie is probably forced to team up with him for some half baked reason.

I was hoping that he killed him and he was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit and went crazy(er)

He can't die. He's Capt. Jack Harkness.

Credit where credit is due. Ollie blatantly admitted that was bullcrap by the end. Of course, it's the bullcrap we've hung the whole season to date on, but at least they acknowledged it.

The fact that it's so convoluted is precisely why it's funny.

Ollie becoming the next Ra's was Merlyn's endgame all along! That way Ollie can now pardon him!

Okay, we just need Merlyn to realise how stupid this entire plan is, and reveal he faked Sara's death and has been keeping her prisoner all season.

And then Sara decides to kill Merlyn and Ollie, but she gets a piano dropped on her.

How would that even... You know what? ***** it. I'm on board. Whatever gets her back in the Canary costume.

Someone on here said it best a few months back. Malcolm Merlyn basically knows he's a comic book villain so he just has to do ridiculous things for the sake of the plot

He's the Arrowverse Deadpool

"See it's simple"

I think I love you.

The whole storyline is so convoluted I can't believe the writers actually thought it was a good idea.

To force Oliver to take the fall for Thea? i was confused too

Pecking order.

I was going to make that comment, her other scenes were actually pretty good, but oof, that blank look was awful.

Eh, if someone who was like a sister to me told me she killed my actual sister, I think I'd have a blank look too.

Laurel's blank reaction is my entire reaction to Malcolm-drugging-Thea-to-murder-Sara-to-sacrifice-Oliv... whatever. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

And that's why John Barrowman is so awesome in the role. When you actually think about the plans later, you realize they're convoluted and make almost no sense. But when you hear Barrowman explaining them, you're like "Yeah, I can totally see that."

*nods in agreement*

Eh. Barrowman charm can only go so far.

Merlin is wearing a red shirt at this point with his sad backstory. they defanged him.

It's not like Meryln is supposed to be a rational madman, just a crafty one.
you said, if Barrowman can make it seem like a real plan to the audience, then it explains why his character would believe it.

this, I can't figure out what he thought he would accomplish by killing laurel, the league went for him first, why not just stay in hiding instead of making your daughter a killer.

or why Oliver just doesn't train himself and Thea to be better fighters

Yeah! Why doesn't he just teach himself stuff he doesn't know?

Yep, watching this episode I thought I had forgotten why Merlyn wanted to kill Sara and figured someone in the comments would remember but looks like we're all in the same boat

I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually....

Sara was in Starling to confirm whether or not Malcom was alive. Based on Moira's report to Ras
Malcom had to Kill Sara to prevent her reporting back to the league that he was in fact alive.
He used Thea to do it as insurance should they ever find out he was alive.
They did, Nyssa Discovered the truth and reported it back to Ras.
Dragging Thea into the Mix allowed Malcom to pull Oliver onto his side of the battle.
Plus, If Oliver beat Ras it would erase the blood debt.

She was in town to hunt Merlyn for the league. Having Sara killed takes the heat off him temporarily and maybe even gets the Arrow to kill Ra's

But... There wasn't really any heat on him - he hasn't even in town when she was there hunting him, then; he and Thea made a special super secret trip from Corto Maltese to kill Sara, right?

In season 2, Moira narced on him to Ra's. So yes, he had heat on him. His physical location didn't really matter.

He was in town at the same time as Sarah and there were pictures to prove it. He brought Thea along to kill Sarah.
I'm not debating anything. I know it doesn't make any sense since Malcolm knew Oliver couldn't win but didn't present that information until this last episode.

Malcolm thought Ollie had a chance.

I still like the scene for the nice callback to Sara's "What are you doing here?" right before she died (now coming from Laurel). Small stuff like that it was the show does really well. However, the writer's refusal to use Occam's razor to cut back on the more convoluted stuff is holding them back. However, more of the plot lines are getting peeled as the story continues, but s2 didn't have this problem. S2 was pretty much: Get on boat, Slade has boat (and is crazed), get boat from Slade/super strong guys in town, Slade owns super strong guys, defeat Crixus. The show is better when it's simpler.

From what I remember, Merlyn still had a bounty on his head from the League because of his Undertaking stunt back in season 1. So Merlyn makes Thea kill Sara, then the League hold him responsible. And then Merlyn blackmails Oliver to face the League on his behalf (I guess like a champion?), which if Oliver wins, Merlyn's misdeeds would be pardoned and he would be a free man. It's insanely convoluted.

Better Call Saul: "S01E06" Season 1 Episode 6 - Five-O

So. . . Why Did Jimmy Decide to Help Mike With the Coffee Scam?
Thinking more about last night's episode – and I am not sure I understand Jimmy's motivation in helping Mike – (unless it was just: the "helping" part).
Is Jimmy cowed by Mike's will? Is he just eager to please? He certainly has that tendency but I am not seeing that here: he has no relationship with Mike. It is not for money, as money was not discussed. Does Jimmy just like gaming the "system"?

He does have a relationship with Mike. The earlier episodes establish that Jimmy sees him everyday at the courthouse and has an interaction with him. Jimmy respects Mike and he owes him a favor. That, and he needs the client. Obviously, Jimmy's ambitions don't lie in senior law. Spilling the coffee lands him a client trying to beat a double murder.

I don't see those earlier interactions with Mike (kvetching with a parking clerk over stickers)– or even the favor owed – as constituting a relationship with any obligations, particularly an obligation involving legal risk to Jimmy had the coffee scam gone wrong.
And Mike-as-a-client isn't a very compelling reason either.
Hence my question.

I guess I disagree that kvetching with a parking clerk on a daily basis doesn't constitute meaningful relationship. Think of how much mental bandwith that would take up. We already know Jimmy has a propensity for scams so its not like he needs too much of a push. He feels a connection to Mike, which is only deepened after he hears about his son, and he needs the client for a practice that we know he desperately wants to be successful. He's already showed multiple times a willingness to perpetrate a scam to land a client.

Dunno – there are clerks I kvetch with on an almost daily basis who (whom? . . . sigh) I wouldn't consider I have a meaningful relationship with or be willing to risk jail for. But hey – maybe things are different in ABQ than in the snowy Northeast.

I dunno if things are different in the northeast, but I'd be willing to bet you're significantly different from Jimmy. We know Jimmy doesn't have a lot of close personal relationships, for one. Just his brother and lady lawyer friend. I'm guessing you have more close relationships than that. I'm also guessing you don't have a history of purposely slipping on ice for small settlements. You may have made a different choice in that spot, but it felt in character for Jimmy to me.

Well, we'll see as it unfolds more.
I don't see Jimmy as particularly "fringe" or pathological. He clearly is capable of empathic relationships and understands social cues, etc. There is that partly frivolous, partly desperate 'corner cutting" bit of him which I think it is you are referring to – and I don't have a a clear sense of that yet. He wants to do well, be liked, succeed – and some of that is about his brother.
Also – not clear that the relationship with the woman lawyer (Kim?) is. A past romance?

Jimmy isn't in a position to turn down a client. I think that's all it comes down to.

Watching Jimmy's reaction to what happened to Mike's son leads me to think he just felt empathetic towards him. Just like he needed the billboard stunt to kickstart his otherwise honest business, he felt Mike needed and deserved a little bit of extra-legal chicanery.

That's the impression I got as well. Jimmy might be at times a classless two bit shyster, but he isn't a man without compassion and heart (as proven in earlier episodes by how he treats his brother).

Even Jimmy doesn't know, as he asks Mike in the car. Jimmy is basically Happy Gilmore: he thinks he's supposed to be the high-class lawyer his brother was, when really he's just a scumbag lawyer who will do anything for his clients. BCS is a Bildungsroman.

Bildungsroman – had to look that up.
a novel dealing with one person's formative
years or spiritual education.

Yeah, usually it's young people's formative years (like Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man), but Jimmy's a late bloomer.

Two things: one is the obvious, that he felt compassion and even empathy for Mike after hearing about his son. But, simply feeling for someone doesn't mean you help him break the law. I think there is way more to it.
I think, that deep down Slippin' Jimmy is screaming to become a man named Saul Goodman. I think Mike sees Jimmy for what he is and knew he wouldn't be able to say no to sticking it to the cops.

He was feeling sympathetic after hearing that Mike had lost a son, who was a cop murdered under mysterious circumstances. Go back and check out the look he darts at Mike as he hears this part of the revelation - something Mike almost certainly would've rather Jimmy not known.

I think he likes the con. He doesn't lawyer for a quick buck, he does it because something about the "manipulation of the truth" and the twisting of scenarios and events to your favor is fun for him.
He's not evil, but Jimmy definitely has a strong affinity for deceit. Slippin' Jimmy is a good nickname not just because of the backstory, but also because he's "Slippery" by nature.

"I wish I could give two grades to this episode, one for experts and one for newbies..."
I would wager less than one percent of BCS's audience qualifies as a newbie. I would also wager that less than one percent of that newbie audience is reading your AVClub reviews. I think its pretty safe to write your reviews and assign your letter grades with an "expert" audience in mind.

I love both of the "Godfather" references in this episode. The planted gun and "I know it was you", beautiful.

Did you catch the "Breaking Bad" references? Jonathan Banks' character in that show was called "Mike" too.

A color-by-numbers backstory episode. And yes, I have seen (and loved) all of "Breaking Bad."
Mike would trust a random cabbie to take him to a corrupt veterinarian to sew up his gunshot wound? That was hard to suspend disbelief for.

Well, he probably would have gotten another cab if that guy hadn't answered his "How well do you know this city?" question to his liking.

I actually feel like I would have liked this more if I didn't know Mike from Breaking Bad. That way I could have been surprised back this back story.
As a BB fan I already know he's a dirty ex-cop and cold blooded killer.

I was thinking this as I was watching. Not that I wasn't enjoying it, but I felt like i was sitting through a backstory in order to catch up anyone who didn't watch BB. Not that we didn't get new information, but character-wise, it didn't add anything to Mike's personality we didn't already know.
I didn't mind. It was fantastic to watch, but the idea that it only works for BB fans seems shortsighted to me.

Some BB people I know seem to have forgotten Mike's backstory as an ex cop. It was only addressed in passing conversation on BB. So this is the first time we've REALLY seen it. And it has had a strong impact vs Mike going "Oh this time back when I was a cop in Philly ..."

What choice did he have?

Bob really look like a young Paul Newman.
Watching for a 2 nd time his profile, during police interview. Agree. Handsome guy.

Donna gave this a B!!!??!1111!! It should clearly be an...
[is pelted with rocks and garbage, runs to the nearest exit door] .

Loved the episode. Love Mr. Banks' acting and his character, Mike. half measures, Mike. Needed to be two "taps" to the head for both dirty cops. No room for error/unforeseen complications. [Uggh...sounds awful but I think that would be true to professional/no-nonsense Mike.] ›
well he did fasten Walt to a radiator one-wristed with a plastic thingie and then leave him unattended. He's kinda sloppy when the writers need him to be 😉

Ha! Yeah, right. As if "BB" bad would ever do such a thing for the purposes of advancing a story. You, Sir/Madam, should be ashamed of yourself! Unless you have unassailable proof that something like that happened, I suggest that you keep your hairbrained ideas to yourself.
(...heh...a plastic tie wrap...the things some people will say..)
yeah...good point...

Even though the plot device has been used at least as far back as The Getaway, I do like to imagine that having a veterinarian fix a gunshot wound is a clever jab at the kindergarten character depth of The Walking Dead. This world doesn't have any Hershels in it.

I really enjoy the suggestion that vets are totally up for this *****. Maybe they're all secretly craving for the thrill of pushing a man's innards back in his body, instead of telling a woman she's overfeeding her cat.
And apparently push painkillers to creepy degrees.

I'm pretty sure the painkiller bit was meant to be a hint at Mike's substance abuse problems. At least, that's the way I read it.

I'm guessing the cabbie knows the vet specifically because the vet pushes painkillers. Whether their relationship is personal or professional is up to the viewer to decide.

I loved that he didn't have sling, just an e-collar.
It looked like a municipal shelter. (I'll bet he's used to way worse things than patching up Mike.)

"But if we weren’t already in love with Mike from the previous show, the revelations of “Five-O” would probably strike us as overly familiar and not notably inventive."
No -- if we weren't already familiar with Mike, they would have written the scene differently. They were able to do it that way because already we know Mike. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

That's an excellent point actually. Without the context of Breaking Bad the audience would just be like "why the hell is the ticket warden getting his own episode"?

I took a minute after reading the review to quell my rage and not be that guy....this is the BEST episode so far I hate to say that because it involves so little of saul. However it was simply a masterpiece a knot in this absolutely amazing lineage vince gilligan has created....r there really people out there watching BCS that haven't seen Breaking Bad?! No!!!!! Its so a stretch to even suggest it! You come off as one of those elitist critics who are too hip to go with the crowd on something because you need to be different and stand out even if it means compromising your integrity. Your just grasping to reinforce your lie! 1X06 Five-0 A+ GOOD DAY SIR

This episode was boring backstory on top of a show that's already a prequel. I want to watch Saul, not Mike, and I want it to be funny. I never liked the super criminal with a heart of gold Mike on Breaking Bad. I feel like I'm the only one.
The only good things about this episode is it finally shows Mike was a crooked cop with some flaws, and he got shot instead of pulling off another inhuman crime.

I really am fascinated by your rare kind lol.....YOU ARE RARE

Jonathan Banks wins the Emmy for that final scene alone, never mind the rest of the episode. Masterful hour of TV.

Jonathan Banks was amazing in this episode. Wow! Incredible. Best performance he's given so far, including Breaking Bad. I'm telling all my Breaking Bad fan friends to watch it.

Some subtle Breaking Bad nods here. First shot as the train pulled into Albuquerque had a familiar blue tinge to it. Some colorful foreshadowing there. And in the last scene Frank cries "I broke my boy” Breaking Boy. I like that.
Banks was great here. His acting was top notch.

The transformation of Slippin' Jimmy to Saul Goodman took a brief side turn through Better Spill McGill territory this episode.
I'm so glad he assisted Mike thusly and then skedaddled, mostly so we could then spend the bulk of this installmant with Mr. Ehrmantraut. Amazing episode. And what a tour de force from Jonathan Banks.

This is the first episode that actually feels in the same universe of BB. Less cheesy comedy, more bitterness and no improbable characters used as cheap auto references or plot devices like Tuco and the slippin' twins. I'm not liking it so far, but this episode gets an A in my book.

First great episode. Fantastic reminder why Mike was the best BrBa character.

Jonathan Banks smashed it.

I didn't think this show would be half as good as it is. I was disappointed (wrongly) about him leaving Community for it. He would have been crazy not to.

I wish he would have stayed in both! He did real well in Community! I was also worried about this show but they're doing a great job so far.

Even if that were possible (which logistically I don't think it is, pretty sure they film in ABQ) I wouldn't want to remotely risk his attention being divided and his performance being worse. Because he was great tonight.

I have friends I've been trying to get to watch Breaking Bad since season 3. They enjoy most of the same things I do. They love shows like The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and The Wire. I haven't been needlessy aggressive about it. I just spring the name up every once in a while in casual conversation yet they still seem vehemently opposed to watching it, in spite of all the awards and praise it's garnished over the years.
Hell, they even watched Malcolm In The Middle regularly. I figured if for nothing else, they might glance at BB by the Cranston connection alone. But no, so by extension, Better Call Saul is also on their subconscious blacklist.
I suppose there's just no help for some people.
Oh, and give Jonathan Banks an Emmy. Mike may have broken his boy but Banks broke me.

Oh, well look at you. Mr. Fancy ***** who has friends.

Oh, you noticed my shelf full of MFA awards.

The Last Man On Earth Episode 3 Season 1 -"Raisinballs And Wedding Bells"

The second half of this episode was as great as the first half was dull.

I think the only thing knocking this from reaching "A-" or "A" range was the dinner scene; that fell a little flat and seemed long.

While this was very good for a network sitcom, I couldn't help thinking how much better this could be on Adult Swim, where it could get surreal and bizarre. There is an exciting amount of potential here that I hope they get the chance to realize.

It definitely feels like a cable sitcom. AMC, sort of.

I could certainly see a lower-budget version of this running on FXX.

Very strong pilot. Second introduced a--wait for it--problematic caricature. This ep made Phil just as much of an obnoxious one. I said in the pilot review introducing Carol would make this series a satire of odd couple/sitcom spouses. Which if true, has legs but not that long. I hope the show gets more interesting than this, because it's not hard to humanize unsympathetic and broad stereotypes in the first place when you've stacked the deck for us to hate them. On the joke level, pretty good.

Dammit that January Jones had to go ruin their wedded bliss, just like the X-Men movie!

I enjoyed this episode a bunch (mostly for it making Carol sympathetic and Phil look like a dickhole, thereby rounding them out from last week), but the way the plot is going with that ending, it feels like they are just going to hit some tired ***** sitcom/romcom beats. The unique setting needs to integrated in to the plot more, because otherwise this could be pretty much any show.

Do I have to be the nerd who points out that George Washington was elected unanimously? (It was just by the Electoral College, but still.) Because I will step up to the plate and be that nerd.

Since it was already mentioned, no, you don't.

I'm sure he got all the votes from the slaves and women voting blocs.

After reading the comments, I'm amazed this has an A- average. I thought it was a good episode, Carol doesn't bother me nearly as much as she seems to bug others.

I'm rooting for Carol, honestly; she's daft but winsomely daft.

Is A- not a good grade?
And yeah, most complaints are about either Carol or the fact that people are afraid the show is going to do predictable sitcom stuff with an apocalypse twist.
My personal prediction/fear is that Jones will be attracted to Phil but won't want to ruin the "sanctity of their marriage" or whatever.

A- is a really good grade, a lot of the comments are pretty negative.

I am surprised by how negative the reception is. I think people are too impatient. Some people want it to avoid being traditional, while others want the show to explain the apocalypse and use flashbacks and become more traditional. And I think all the crowing about gender stereotypes is silly. There have only been two characters we have seen, so somebody is going to complain about them. I have never really understood people's need for TV characters to be likable.
I have really loved the show so far. Best new comedy I have seen this year along with "You're the Worst." Great dialogue, some great whimsical humor and really clever gags. I had to pause during the raisin balls scene because I was laughing too hard.
My only concern is that the show is moving too fast. I would have been fine with the show taking another season to introduce another character. But the show is moving at a pace that the story won't get stale, so, as long as the writing stays good, I think it could be a good show.
I also hope the show doesn't get obsessed with flashbacks, which, knock on wood, it looks like it won't if the first three episodes are any indication. Flashbacks for fleshing out the characters is fine, but I really hope there is no real explanation of the virus, just its consequences. There is nothing worse than sic-fi being injected into shows it does not belong in. I do have faith that the show will not go indulge that urge for sic-fi.
Yes, many shows with great premises don't live up to the hype. I think "Wilfred" is an example of a show that had a phenomenal premise that it only inconsistently made work. But I think this show is working so far. I guess I am in the minority.

I thought Carol was being pretty effing ridiculous about the whole wedding thing ... but then Phil went into her house and saw her improvised wedding cake. Dang.
But I also like there was reciprocity between them. Phil indulged Carol's little insanities by finally participating in the wedding. Then she indulged his insanities a little bit with indoor racquetball and flamethrowers.

Okay, that ending revelation is where the show might end up losing me.
See, I don't hate Carol. yes, she's insane but she just lived through an end of the world scenario. The show isn't very realistic in that regard (so that virus killed every human beings and every animal and disposed of their bodies?) but there are some themes the show can't avoid and having a character desperate to have her life back to normal makes sense.
But then January Jones arrives...
I have nothing against the actress (who I think is pretty good in Mad Men) but for this type of show, she is the wrong kind of pretty. Because of Hollywood, we're used to see beautiful actresses like Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis play the girl next door but tall blondes like Jones or Yvonne Strahovski are always playing the "pretty" type. What I really don't want to see next week is Jones playing the cliché dream girl character stereotype whose only reason to exist is to be the sexual fantasy of the main character. I thought the sexism accusations thrown against the show were very premature last week but they may not be a week from now.

It's interesting to me that they chose to use a different actress for Phil's dream sequence in the first episode. Too early to say, but using Jones there might have made for an interesting twist (though she looks noting like Schaal.)

What if she is actually playing herself. January Jones survived the virus.

could explain the limo.

Her character's name is Melissa, and that was a hearse.

"These wedding-crazy lady and disinterested slacker dude characters are
as old as comedy itself,"
"and it’s almost impossible to keep them from
being terribly boring."
One would think.
I'm glad Carol is at least recognizably a human this week, albeit an annoying one. Another rant about stop signs and prepositions and I would have run a steamroller over my TV.
I just really dislike the "traditional sitcom dynamic" + "last people on earth" formula. Nagging woman. Wedding thing.
How much do you want to bet that next week will have Phil be really into this new girl, and the new girl will be fun, easy going, *****, but will get the impression that Phil and Carol are actually married and not want to violate that "special bond?"
"I can't believe I just had ***** with the President of the United States!" was pretty funny, though.
(Also, for those commenters who are only now realizing the icky implications of "repopulating the Earth," even having a handful of men and women wouldn't do it. For a sustainable breeding colony for humans, I think it's something like 88 people?)

But did you notice he hit the other car when running a stop sign?

She was right!

Twist coming? Jones is *****?

I just logged in to type this! What if the pretty lady isn't into men?
Many people assume the plot is going to go the hackneyed way. Don't we already know that these creators like to subvert expectations?

The twist is that Jones is as good as dead. Carol won't share Phil with a department store mannequin, so she is sure not going to share him with another woman.

If her goal is truly to start a new population though she should welcome the genetic diversity. At least she does when I play Phil in my fantasies.

Ugh, I almost did it with Jones?

And a Muslim!

Easy solution.
Phil: "just look at the flowers, Carol".

Before we get an absurd comedy version of Y: The Last Man, I'd like to see a straightforward adaptation. C'mon HBO - the premise alone would get people talking.

where the heck are all the dead bodies?

The virus turned them all to dust and the dust blew away in the wind.

is that a guess or in the show? I'll admit i may have missed it.
if so...that is one prime time tv friendly/convenient virus! i remember in the stand a third of the book was describing corpses. i guess that would not fly in a a comedy.

The prophecy of Kansas.

I think it is neither a guess nor in the show, but a joke.

this is a distinct possibility, but no more ridiculous than no explanation at all.
seriously it ever even mentioned on the show? my first (admittedly morbid) thought when i tuned in was where the rotting bodies were and how that would play in a sitcom.

At this point, its more likely that an alien race simply beamed all the people up and took off.


I heard K. Schaal in a radio interview, when she was asked about the "bodies." She replied that "an early script" included "a body," but Fox came back and said "uh, no bodies, please." So I guess the idea is that everyone died - and the bodies "just went away." I'll suspend my sense of disbelief and just roll with it...

I guess they kinda like sweeping bodies under the rug in the news AND entertainment divisions.

Ugh. Why do the networks even bother with interesting shows if they insist on meddling and diluting them? Obviously the odds are already stacked against a high concept show like this on network TV, so if Fox wants to roll the dice why not just let them make the show they want?

Same place all the animals went (no more meat, per Carol). Which explains the lack of wild dog packs roaming Tucson.

Flesh eating virus.

that has got to be one serious virus, unlike the world has ever seen. eats flesh, bones, clothes, shoes, the whole nine!

Its The Very Hungry Caterpillar of viruses!

My sister's getting married soon, so the amount of time the bride spent in a craft store leading up to the wedding really resonated with me.

I know the show must be working. The second I saw January get out of that limo, I screamed "Ahh raisin balls. Time to kill Carol!"

I'm surprised at how many people hate Carol. I think if the show was told from Carol's point of view a lot of people would hate Phil. They are two very different people with very different morals and interests. It's not that one is bad. They're just people that wouldn't associate with one another if there were other people still around.

According to a recent interview with Kristen Schaal, the producers' goal is to swing the viewers' sympathy between Phil and Carol as the story unfolds.

Its working. I totally felt for her when she was sitting in her dress, dejected at the craft shop. Then I was like, oh boy... when she busted out the weird ***** talk and bean-eating lol.

The bean eating was the glorious cherry on top of that awkward sundae.

Note: Don't add beans to your sundae.

Phil's breathless explanation of his indoor racquetball was the best.

does anyone know the name of the song in the background towards the end... "She's wearing my ring..."???


Call it a hunch but Phil Miller isn't the last man on Earth. Just a feeling...

love the homage to the old Letterman show….. it was a homage, right?

I'm loving the show, but I feel it's rushing too much. I feel they could've taken these first 3 episodes and made 6 or 7 episodes. I hope the rythm gets better, cause the jokes are great.
Does anybody else feel the same?

I watched those "*****" scenes through my fingers. It was hilarious, awkward, and terrifying.

Kristen Schall will be this shows undoing, in a normal ensenble show she can pinch hit, in a show like this everything bad about her shines too bright

I gave it an A. I enjoyed the other two episodes, but I got tired of Will Forte very quickly. I just don't think the guy is that funny. The show really picked up when Kristen Schaal came into the picture. I would pick her over the other two ladies every day and twice on Sundays (not that they are without their charms or I am in any way in the same league with any of them; just sayin if I was the last man). I love me some quirky and I bet she's crazy in bed (I found her bedtime banter charming).

So, is anyone up for a discussion about whether Phil is a jerk or not for not wanting to marry Carol?

Which side you taking? Lol.

Really funny! I'm seriously liking this show, Schall is fantastic. My only beef is that its only episode 3 and there are already 3 people left alive, how many more are they going to add? Also whats the story here? where are all the bodies? Are all the animals dead?Insects? How does plant life exist if all the insects are dead? I know its a comedy and I shouldn't delve too deep but I can't help it....

This show is absolutely hilarious and quickly becoming one of my favorite comedies of all time. Which is funny, because when I first heard about it, I wasn't really interested and thought, how the hell can you make a show with this premise? I still don't really know how they are going to do that, but if there is going to be a twist every week, I can see that working. I just hope they keep up the same level of good tv. Haha, and I totally saw the 'hot woman' twist coming, but I'm sure they'll make it funny.
I haven't been looking forward to a fox sitcom, or any sitcom for that matter, this much in a very long time. I know there are still some great sitcoms on, but they're just not for me. Nothing wrong with them.
Anyone know how many episodes this is going to be? And possible spoiler alert: I hear that Mary Steenburgen will be on this show later, which I'm really excited about.

Thus completing Mary Steenburgen's run of being on all shows.

So can we assume that Carol has been married before? She's been told that she's "good at this," and seems to have her coital preferences figured out. But, of course, she wouldn't have had ***** in the pre-virus world without being married...

Oh no! Three people left on Earth - and one of them's Betty Draper! This is more of a nightmare than Walking Dead.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia "Frank Retires" - Season 10, Ep9

After "Charlie Work," the second all-time classic of the season, for my money. I love episodes (like "Chardee MacDennis," my absolute favorite, and "Reynolds vs. Reynolds," which isn't too far behind) that strip away all "regular folks" from the world of Paddy's and distill things down to just these five jackasses bouncing off each other in a postive feedback loop of lunacy, and this episode came pretty close to capturing the feel of that, even with the minor additions of the doctor and Franquito.

I love those episodes too, but I'd add "The Gang Misses the Boat," because it adds my other favorite scenario (and does so better than the group dating one, although that was pretty funny): The Gang tries to be normal / act normal with outsiders for whatever reason but finds they are so deeply broken they can't function around other people or in any way except all together. (See also: "Mac and Dennis Break Up.")

"Gang Dines Out" is one of my favorites since it was the gang scheming against each other while also bringing innocent people into it.

Cue Game of Thrones Sunny Credits
WESTEROS pan down
- Paddy's Pub (King's Landing)
- Dennis/Mac's Apartment (Dragonstone)
- Dee's Apartment (Riverrun)
- Charlie/Frank's Apartment (Winterfell)
- Philly City Limits (The Wall)
ESSOS switchover
- Philly's Stadium (Vas Dothrak)
- Jersey Shore (Qarth)
- Mac's Dad's Prison (Astapor)
- Atlantic City (Yunkai)

Rickety Crickets Cardboard Boxes (The Dreadfort)

Rickety Cricket = Reek.

Wouldn't Dennis/Mac's Apartment be Winterfell since it burned down?

The mcpyle's place would have to be casterley rock.

Ugh, more like 'The Twins.' Total Freys.

Great episode, but am I the only one who wants to see just one reappearance by Barbara Reynolds in a dream sequence/flashback at some point? And what about Bruce Mathis? He hasn't popped--OH.
Yeah. He...diddled kids and is more or less banned from acting. Goddammit, Stephen Collins, did you not heed the advice of Frank's song from the Little Beauties pageant? "Gotta be younger than my wife, older than my daughter..."

Bruce is not banging baby-dudes!

it's scary how prescient Frank was...

I hope they kill him off in an incredibly embarrassing and demeaning way off screen.

I was hoping they do an episode where he gets caught doing the same thing Stephen Collins did and soon finds himself dead after a pack of wolves bite off his *****. Then the Gang, after Bruce took away their party mansion and called them the worst people he ever met, laugh uproariously at the irony and get the mansion back for 5 minutes before ruining it the only way they can.

When did he join Nextwave?

He doesn't even deserve that.

Hey, frank tried to warn us.

First I've heard of this, apparently child ***** abuse is even rampant amongst men who play priests on television.

Good ep

The "devious" score tonight was brilliant. Carnival of the Animals is such amazing programmatic music that works for near everything, as evidenced tonight. That toe knife laceration wrapped in the nasty sock is one of the grossest things I've seen in awhile. And I watch Fortitude.

I don't like to look at blood, and there was blood everywhere. In bags, buckets, bottles, knives and pickles. Most of it Frank's. Ick. But this was a really funny episode.
"There it is: Trundle, written in blood."

I know! I kind of want to watch it again and kind of don't.

I'm just here so I won't get fined

I didn't know I needed this, but now I need this in my life.

He's got the thunder and the lightning at his command. And you don't have to worry, when you hold on to Dennis's hand. It's the implication of his leading role. But you gotta keep their interest. Way down in the hole.

When you walk through the garden
You'd better watch your back
Because Dennis Reynolds
Might try to slip it in your crack
If you walk with Jesus
He'll save your soul
But Dennis Reynolds will ***** you
To fill his god hole

Callback: Dee's pyramid scheme berries...

When Frank said "I quit" I was expecting him to shrug and then hop into the hole, never to be seen or heard from again.

It would have been hilarious if he got stuck in the hole, making it the 3rd time he has tried to kill himself and failed miserably (at least the 3rd time we would have seen on the show)

I loved that there was no description of HOW Charlie tried to get the blood from Frank, just that he really sucked at it and nearly killed him (twice).

I'm not usually one wince at fictional body horror and gore (if you could even call it that), especially when portrayed for comedic effect. But this whole episode had me in hysterics - Mac's reckless mutilation of his own hand, Dee's shirt whiplashed with blood in Frank's off-screen butchering, and of course Frank's slow-but-hilarious deterioration.
I absolutely LOVED IT. But I don't know how I'm going to explain my high-pitched, squeamish giggles to my dad.

Wait...are you old enough to watch this show?

Not everyone throws their parents into a nursing home when they become an adult. Sad throwaway culture we have.

Oh, no no no. I'm not young - I'm just pathetic.

Absolutely love Charlies resigned, slightly pissed off "Right." to Frank calling his mother a giant *****

Great episode, might even be the best of the season. I love how, even in season 10, the whole story and all the humor is all about and from The Gang. Besides very small roles/scenes for the Doctor and Frankito, this was another episode all about The Gang. Most shows rely heavily on gimmicks and big guest stars and whatnot later in their run, but not Sunny. There’s still plenty of comedy juices to be squeezed from these 5 freaks, I love it.
Well unless the promos for the finale next week are leaving a lot out, it looks like a totally Artemisless season :-( And no McPoyles either, although they’re good in an every-other-season capacity. I figured they’d show up though, since Margaret was in the rocket/cannon promo for the season they’d been running for months before the premier. But The Lawyer and Uncle Jack didn’t show up either, what a tease that promo was! Gonna be a long wait til season 11, but wow, there’s gonna BE a season 11 (and 12!), so awesome.

I think I missed a season when my DVR was crapping out, and always forget to go back and catch up - is there a reason for no more Artemis?

Nope, last we saw her she was alive and unharmed if that's what you're asking.

I think she’s been in at least 1 episode every single up until this one, sadly. Probably no reason for it other than she just simply didn’t fit into any of the stories this season. I respect that, they don’t just shoehorn any of their recurring characters in “just because”, they gotta have
the right reason. There’s tons of recurring characters by now, I’m really
impressed that they show restraint and still do episodes like this one,
focusing strictly on The Gang.

I was hoping she'd pop up for at least one scheme. I love how she's always game.
"Artemis what are you doing here?"
"She's working the soundboard."
"Is that a good idea? Does she know how to work a soundboard?"

We don't have a very deep bench.

I'm bummed we've had no Artemis. She's not my favorite recurring character, but I love how she's probably the only one who hasn't had her life screwed over by the gang, and actually likes going along with all their schemes.
Plus her dating Frank was one of the few highlights from those middle seasons.

Artemis, Carmen and her husband, and the lawyer. It's a very short list.

Unfortunately, Carmen's husband is no longer with us...

In my mind, he and Carmen are still happily raising their beautiful baby.


Also another Lawyer-less season...He's my favorite of the "normals" the Gang runs into.

Is anyone else surprised they didn’t have either: a) an episode about Mac and Dennis finding a new place to live (after the Thanksgiving fire finale last season), or b) Mac and Dennis moving in with Dee and exploring that new living situation?
Seems like two obvious story choices there, and yet they did little more than have, I think, Charlie mention they’re living with Dee now, and that was it. Maybe these low-hanging-fruit kind of story ideas are too easy for the guys by this point, not a challenge for them. Yeah that’s gotta be it, they’re better than that… I suppose I wouldn’t want to lose any of the stories we got in the past 9 episodes anyway, and hey maybe they’ll do it next season. They can’t really live with Dee for two more seasons, can they….? At least one of them would end up dead after that many years in one cramped apartment. And Dennis would probably not be one.

I'm not even sure how they'd explain it... Does Dee have a two bedroom place?

Pretty sure it's a 1-bedroom from we've seen, right? Or is there a 2nd... I'm trying to think of the cat-in-the-wall episode, I feel like there may have been. Anyway, they haven't showed us more than a glimpse of their living situation, in the Group Dates episode, where Dennis is sitting on Dee's couch in his pajamas as she says goodbye to her latest conquest in the morning. Oh and the Spies episode where Mac and Dennis need Dee's apartment to themselves to jack off.

I don't even think it's a real 1-bedroom. Looks more like a studio with an added divider for the bed-nook area.

Yeah, but it had a side hallway at some point, when the cat got lost in the wall. Maybe that just leads to the bathroom?

wait this was the last episode of the season already?

No, next Wednesday is, but the episode appears to be about Mac and Charlie joining some sort of gym/work-out cult.

I can't help thinking that all this speculation about Dennis murdering everyone in the final episode is too predictable. Maybe he tries to and is thwarted by the rest of the gang teaming up against him? We kinda have to root for somebody in such a scenario, and the others automatically become more sympathetic merely by the grace of not being psychopathic killers.

I think it would be hilarious if he couldn't go through with it because he's terrified of blood or getting his hands dirty.

Well, there is that. Really, Dennis is every bit the coward that Mac is; I'm not sure he'd have the stomach to go through with perpetrating actual violence against anyone.
Of the entire group, Frank, Dee and Charlie seem to be the ones most capable of bringing physical harm to other people.

I could definitely see him dispatching Mac, whom he seems to consider subhuman at this point.

Good point: Dee set someone on fire in college. Charlie will do ANYTHING for the Waitress (as seen in Charle and Dee Find Love). And we've learned a ton about Frank's past over the series ("You were in Vietnam?" "Don't get excited, he opened a sweatshop in the 90s" "And a lot of good men died there.")

Dennis is way too incompetent to actually kill the gang on purpose he might try but would completely ***** up and end up paralyzed and dependent on the gang feeding him for eternity as a torture or something.

I would not be surprised if it turns out that they do something with Dennis and murder, but I really don't see him murdering the Gang. The Gang will probably cause his downfall, but that's more just because causing downfall is kinda their thing.
I kinda hope they don't do a meta gag and do a version of the Seinfeld Finale, where they get the chair. That'd be lame. Perhaps even lamer than the actual Seinfeld Finale. (TOPICAL!)

This is the best devious episode, I think, what with the gang conspiring against each other and whatnot, since "Mac Banged Dennis' Mom.".

I still prefer "The Gang Dines Out" though Charlie and Mac weren't as vindictive as Frank and Dennis.

Loved the callback to who actually owns the shares and how Charlie would trade them for barely anything.

"Various sundries..."

Dee's brief, distant look of glory after realizing she is the rightful heir to the "throne" is...well...glorious

Is anyone else put off by the liberal use of quotes in these reviews? the add very little and makes the whole enterprise seem very lazy.

Wow, did not really care for that. Amusing bits about the hole, but far too much time spent on a just barely funny gag that Mac doesn't know how to "play both sides." And then it kind of just ends with a major bomb dropped... or not?
Pluses for Dennis's ever-hilarious line readings and word choices("chopping your hands to BITS") and the always game Danny DeVito. That may have been the grossest-looking he's ever been on the show.

I dunno, him writhing around on the floor covered in hand sanitizer seemed worse to me. Also him birthing naked from the couch was pretty bad.

Burping and spitting up beer while walking down the street was pretty bad.

The cast was on Conan recently and they talked about how DeVito is willing to do anything. This was just a reminder of that tonight with how ridiculous he looked as they gang took more and more blood from him. Danny DeVito is a treasure that should be celebrated. Bring out the Rum Ham!

Devito and John C Reilly are two dudes that can totally revel in this kind of absurd dark ***** and yet can totally just up and do a legit serious role any time without anyone batting an eye.

Probably in my top five episodes ever.

Steven Universe S 1, E 46 "The Message"

This is lowkey the best show on television. The fact that one of my favourite rappers Curren$y smokes weed and eats nerds to this show makes it better. Just like how i felt when Obama and I have both seen Alexandria Daddario's boobs on True Detective.

I enjoyed this episode. Additionally, does Greg remind anyone else of a comedian called Tony Goldmark?

I had never thought of that, but cool to see somebody else who's a fan of his.

Do you watch his web series, Some Jerk With A Camera? It returns on March 27th. I can't wait.

That's my main thing I know him for. I didn't know it had a return date, I've just been using the new intros he's been adding to the videos as an excuse to rewatch all his stuff.

I suspected that Lapis wouldn't like what she found when she returned to the homeworld, especially if Gem society continued pursuing the policies that inspired the Crystal Gems to rebel in the first place. Lapis' relation to the Gem Rebellion is still unclear (Pearl mentions in "Ocean Gem" that she had no idea the Gem in the mirror was so powerful, implying they didn't know precisely who was in there), but she did seem loyal to the homeworld, so her sudden turn makes me very curious as to what exactly has transpired there.
One of the most persistent problems in these kind of ensemble adventure shows is ensuring that even minor characters occasionally get the chance to shine. A lot of characters, especially the more mundane ones, can easily drift out of focus as the threats become more dangerous. Steven Universe has defied that trend admirably in the past, with both Greg and Connie getting some great moments in the battle against Lapis. Greg's song in this episode really hit that message out of the park. We'd seen that he was nervous about any involvement with Gem affairs in previous episodes, but here we also see that he has nothing but respect for his lover's companions and only wants to help in what little ways he can. He also seems to be aware/paranoid that the Gems harbor something of a grudge against him for what happened to Rose, which only fuels his feelings of inadequacy.

Yeah but what's the deal with onion?

He's a human...I think.

I expect we'll see Connie (through Stevonnie) come on missions at some point before the end of Season 2.

I would love to see Connie on a mission as some lion-riding knight. She looked like a natural with Rose's sword resting on her shoulder in "Lion 2".

But what would Stevonnie's weapon be?
(It's a tennis-racket-shield)

I'm not sure what I have to say about this episode, except that I definitely dug it. And Lapis is back! And the battle is about to be joined! And I think something terrible is gonna happen.

"Did you think there wouldn't be consequences?"

*sigh* I allowed myself a brief shining moment of thinking that it would mean that as of Rose's Scabbard Steven would be grounded for talking to Peridot.

No I didn't.

Greg is one of those people with a voice that lets him make anything he wants funny.

I always had a feeling the Gem Homeworld would be more advanced than Earth's. Didn't expect Lapis to not be the cause of this. Can't Thursday come a day sooner? I'm getting more and more excited each episode passes.
Also Greg, you win Coolest Dad of the Year.

Can I just say, that song-recap of how they met Lapis was so well-integrated I only just noticed what narrative purpose it served?

For those interested, a new, live episode of Tom Scharpling's Best Show is airing tonight at 9PM EST at .


This episode makes me wonder if the gems are soon going to have to start reaching out for human help. While, individually, the gems are way more powerful than any human being and their technology can do things we can only dream of, the truth is that the homeworld gem tech is way more powerful than anything they have. So how can they stand up to their oppressors? While the Crystal Gems have been sitting around, tying up loose ends, humanity has developed in their own unique ways. Human inventions can be pretty high-tech compared to the old gem equipment. In this episode, they managed to decode an advanced alien message using basic human signal processing equipment. In another episode, they fixed an ancient gem device embodying the chaotic fury of a storm using duct tape. Even Garnet's incredibly powerful future sight was thwarted by a video game.
The Crystal Gems have been underestimating humans like Greg for millennia. Now might be the time for them to reach out and believe in the power of humanity.

It would be nice if humankind actually did assist in defending their home world after all and not just be a prize between two alien groups.
That said, I would expect certain corrupted gems like Lapis and the one from Monster Buddies to help out before certain humans do.

I'm confused that you're lumping in Lapis with an insectoid monster. She was clearly looking out for Steven's well-being in this episode!

So was the baby Centipeedle!

Well, Lapis is sapient.

Fair point. Guess I just mean gems that are on earth that Steven can heal since he did use his powers to restore Lapis' body.

Baby centipeedle is not injured, though. And Steven lost his healing powers!

I don't know if humans will help out now, but I think it could be a focus for the series in season two (the end of season one will not be the end of the homeworld invasion). I think it would serve the parenthood theme in a way, since the gems are like parents to the world. There's going to come a time where the gems can't just protect the earth, but have to learn to fight with it, just like with Steven.

yay Hungryfreak. Although, yeah, Garnet was entranced by that video game, I do not think her vision was thwarted so much as she was drawn into that game -- the same happened to me when I bought my first and only video game set -- Coleco's Donkey Kong and Mousetrap (and Star Wars the home game). I played all day long trying to get past a level, and improving my game and the whole day passed without my realizing it. But think -- that game might be a means of battle for the Gems! Here's where an episode of Teen Titans Go comes in handy -- the one where Cyborg turned human and suffered pain, and he turned all these things onto their rivals, The Hive. (stubbed toes, hot water, etc.)

meaning, that maybe some of the enemy Gems might battle. thinking video arcade games are real -- or that they might be drawn into playing them, hypnotically, distracted, like Garnet wanting to complete levels, her ability helping her to win, but keeping her battling the video game instead of the real enemy

Greg is probably right below Connie as my favorite fully human being on the show (Connie's number 1).

Where's Onion at?

Personally not a big fan. Too creepy for my personal tastes, in a good way though. Just not my kind of character.

Onion as an NPC in Rose's Room was super creepy. Sorta like the Naga Nuns in Chrono Trigger or the black-cloaked people in Nibelheim in FF7

Humans- Connie>Greg>Sadie>Susan Strong (woops, wrong show)
Gems- Amethyst>Steven>Pearl>Garnet>Lion>Lapis Lazuli (sorry but just don't know enough about her yet)

a signal from deep space, carrying with it the dulcet tones of Lapis Lazuli, comin' at you from Steven's Robot Brain, no feel unfelt, no continuity blunder unnoticed, it's SU Observations!
LAPIS IS BACK Yayyyyyyy! So Lapis made it home (as if there was any doubt) and found things there much changed after, let's say 6000 years. Peridot and more homeworld gems are coming for Earth. It's not exactly new information, but Lapis looked pretty damn freaked out. Is she free on homeworld? Is she sending her message from hiding? Please, let her come back and fight alongside the gems. The battle sequences and emotional speeches in my imagination are magnificent..!
Greg shone tonight... I love the home-jam quality of many of the songs on this show. Also, more Greg! I love that chill, multifaceted man. I hope he helps out more, and that the gems come to respect him. I was surprised that even Garnet was giving him a ball to bounce, she's usually the one who's willing to get unconventional.
Couple things about AV equipment... TV's don't generally have stereo jacks on the front of them for the purposes of video input. In our world, you couldn't accidentally plug an electric guitar into a TV. Also audio equipment is completely ill-suited for any kind of transformation of analog video, and where on homeworld did Lapis find a camera capable of generating composite video output? I know, I know, gem technology/a wizard did it. For a show that's been very respectful in their depictions of consumer electronics, that was pretty big oopsie. Also, they had a video hook up to the monitor, but no audio hookup. Where was the audio coming from? Anyway, you guys already knew I was a nerd.
Lastly... I can't wait for the battle for Earth. Bring it on! Also, if the crewniverse could give us an amazing blu-ray set, with commentaries and interviews and a little documentary, that would really be the cookie cat's meow. I'd preorder it today.
Looking forward to posting new observations all week! *pant* *pant*

I thought it made more sense than anything on ST: Voyager.

Given that Peridot only found out about the other Gems from Steven trying to communicate with her, I can imagine Lapis has either remained in hiding on the homeworld or avoided giving those details out when questioned. I'm leaning towards the latter, since I can't imagine she would be able to find a way back to the homeworld without drawing attention, and as the only survivor of the Earth task force that greater Gem society knows of, they'd make debriefing her a priority. I can't imagine the homeworld Gems will be happy with her when they find out she lied about there being other Gems remaining on Earth, though...

Nice low-key episode this time. I was a little worried after last week's heady backstory drama that the rest of this stretch of episodes would all be super-intense, but this dialed it back enough for a silly plot while still letting us know some nasty stuff is on the horizon.
The Wailing Stone was a pretty amazing comic device. The BWOOAMs just kept getting funnier as the Gems failed to contain it.

I want to see amethyst robbing cars now.
I liked that we spent a little bit more time seeing greg from greg's point of view instead of greg-as-dad or greg-as-rose's-lover. You can get a better sense of why steven likes him so much.
Speaking of, gosh Steven has grown up so much. I knew this show had potential but he's almost unrecognizable from the early episodes where he's mostly silly and irresponsible.

'I know every continuity error on television.' That's us, right?

I kinda wonder if that's commentary on any specific previous episode.

The AV Club
Our mind is the internet. We know every continuity error on television.

Garnet respecting Greg is just solidifying her status as Best Gem All Time. it's not even a contest and she's still stomping her competition in the dust, and I say this as a big Pearl fan.

I was a big Pearl fan too but man what a difference this episode and Future Vision into quickly turning Garnet into best Gem. Or should I say...gems *wink wink nudge nudge*

I think I've known Garnet was Best Gem since Beach Party at least. She's just

IMO, since Bubble Buddies, when she knew the right way to handle a kid's crush.

Lamar is the best at doing Garnet (check the board credits on all of the episodes you like her in).

The music and subtle pop culture references in this episode alone were outstanding, but it's the genuine emotion and stark foreshadowing that made it deserving of an A. Between this show, Adventure Time and Regular Show, Cartoon Network is at the top of their quality ***** game.

Oh my days, it's video.
Great to see Greg is so good at what he does. That album art was impressive! Don't know which of the crewniverse designed it, but kudos to them.

No way Lapis already made it back to the Homeworld that's at least 4 light-years away traveling far below light speed with her water wings, which shouldn't even work in space.
***** this soft scifi bullshit. F-

Hope you're kidding. Otherwise, it'd be like giving Julius Caesar an F- because it's got an anachronistic reference to a mechanical clock. There are plenty of other things you can watch if you want a tech seminar.

She just needed to go to the nearest celestial body with a functional Homeworld Warp. For all we know, that could be as close as the Moon. Her wings work because Water is an element and therefore inherently connected to the other four elements, Air, Earth, Fire and Æther. By setting up an elemental matrix in an oar-like formation, she can use her aqueous ailerons to "swim" through the ætheric fluid filling the vacuum of space.
Ha! Looks like that F- was really the grade you got in your "soft scifi bullshitting" class!
I got like a C, or B-. I don't quite remember.

I never started one of these with a key before. This hehehisss waaaaaay easier.
Amethyst is such bad girl.

Justified "Dark As A Dungeon" S 6, E 8

Also, after his conversation with Boyd, I'm pretty sure on Raylan's Netflix has "Heat" in the "Watch It Again" category.

When this season started I was hoping an appearance from Quarles and Jay and Roscoe. But with everything with the current characters being so damn perfect I don't really need them.

So any guesses on how this ends??

I still stand by my prediction: Boyd is jailed after killing Ava and Raylan does something wildly immoral to secure the defeat of one of the villains (smart money is teams up with Boyd to catch Markham) and resigns the marshal service before the ***** hits the fan, then goes down to Florida with Winona and Willa. The end. Good for Raylan but with a nice note of sacrifice and still sufficiently tragic to feel meaningful.

I don't think so. Raylan barely cares about Markham. He wants Boyd either dead or in prison. And if either Ava or Boyd kill the other, my money's on Ava killing Boyd.
RWG (just like she killed his brother)

He doesn't care about Markham NOW, but there are many, many ways Markham could become a bigger threat than Boyd. We still have the Loretta card in the background, for one thing.

Yeah, but the Raylan/Boyd conflict has been a thing for the entire series, Markham barely registers in comparison.
RWG (Raylan's downright obsessive to the point of breaking when it comes to Boyd)

Well, sure. The Raylan/Boyd thing doesn't disappear. It's just sidelined to face the bigger threat - they've done it before, and it's always been a blast.
And THEN Raylan arrests Boyd.

Eh, maybe. But at this point, Markham would have to threaten to blow up the county or put Raylan's family in danger for him to get his sights off of Boyd IMO.
The whole "safe" scene just screams "Raylan and Markham are working together to catch Boyd in the act" to me. Unless you don't think that Raylan's sincere in his desire to leave Harlan behind him, why would he care about what Markham does?
RWG (OTOH, we know that he does care about is fixing the Boyd problem once and for all)

Well, yeah, Markham would need to pose a really, really big threat. No denying it.
No way Markham was in on the safe thing. His reaction when Raylan told him who won was way too dismayed.

Well, Markham may not have been "in" on the safe thing when he let them in the basement, but think of the alternative. Would a guy like that allow Boyd to actual SEE how much money he had in his safe? Even in the presence of a Marshall?
No, it's a set-up, plain and simple.
RWG (but I guess we'll see)

After Art's meeting with Katherine Hale in this episode, I don't think anyone is safe. I was hoping Art would get the "Tommy Lee Jones in No Country for Old Men" treatment as being the lawman who's seen too much, but if he sticks his nose too far into this mess, it won't end well for him.

Bob runs for sheriff setting up a spin off called Bob: Harlan Sheriff.

In a perfect world...

I'm setting the DVR right now. Dickie can be his jailhouse snitch.

Well, my first thought is that Boyd blows himself up trying to rob a bank. Or a vault. Or something.
RWG ("Fire in the hole!!!")

I'm thinking out loud now, this has nothing to do with this episode, but...
If Olyphant was ever going to win an Emmy it would have to be for the second to last episode of season 2, right? His speech to Dicky Bennett at the end of that episode was one of the best acted scenes I've ever seen. The barely controlled anger, the sorrow, the obvious sheer effort it took Raylan not to break down incredible scene.
Olyphant has been great this season, and this episode, thanks to the Arlo stuff, has been his best work so far, but it's not up to the heights he reached in that season 2 episode.
As for Goggins, his best shot is for "The Hunt".
The last guy I think has a really good chance at an Emmy nomination is Sam Elliot. I think Steenburgen is doing just a tad better, but Elliott is going to end up being the clearer big bad in the end, and thus more memorable.

I loved how quick and casual Boyd was with the "He's in back," when Raylan informed him that every gap toothed hillbilly in the county was wandering through the woods with $$$'s in their eyes.
Also, I don't quite see Ava's play in telling Raylan about Boyd's plan to ingress the vault from below, that seems TMO when the safer play would be to acknowledge only the plan and not the method, seems a little too risky.

Ava was probably giving Raylan something good in the hopes it would shut him up about Bulletville. It was a desperate play, and probably was the nail in the coffin convincing him she'd been made.
Still, I can't forget this season trailer and wondering if and when Ava might start playing Raylan and Boyd against each other deliberately...

So many things.
One of Raylan and Boyd's best scenes, completely shorn of their usual redneck kabuki. No beating around the bush, no overly floral language--just two guys both realizing that the only thing keeping them from getting what they want is each other.
Raylan finally learning to look at the big picture--delaying the instant gratification of ***** up Walker/busting Boyd too soon for the long game of setting a trap that Boyd can't possibly resist.
Avery's reaction when Raylan and Boyd show up to collect.
Tim's deliciously ultra-dickish lines.
The characters' familiarity with each other (one of the show's real storytelling assets) paying off again in huge ways: Boyd's master plan, Raylan playing Boyd while Boyd tries to play him, the whole Art/Katherine/Avery subterfuge, Raylan sensing that Ava's been compromised.
If you wanted to get hit in the front, you should've run toward me.
I wish they'd played Walker's storyline out a bit more, but even that paid off perfectly as Boyd pulled the classic Boyd move of throwing an underling under the bus.
They just keep getting better and better as the season goes on.

I couldn't help but notice that after years of warning Rylan not to venture too far off the approved path Art, who if I'm not mistaken is still on leave, is showing up in the office and taking clandestine meetings in hotel rooms with murderous women. I guess some things are just easier said than done. Either that, or he's really, really missing that Marshal Stiffy.

There are some things that are just hard to let go, especially for a LE officer. There was a scene earlier in the season where Art discussed his frustration over the "mole" situation.
RWG (which brought back memories of the whole Drew Thompson year)

The real winner tonight was the wistful old-school Justified piano twinkle whenever moments got tender or real. I am going to miss this show the most.

Which reminds me to check...
And still nothing about a soundtrack release for Justified (aside from the bullshit "music featured on the show" album). Maybe with the show wrapping up La-La Land Records or somebody will release a nice big three-disc compilation of the show's score.

The only personal request I have is that mellow, perfectly toned fiddle when JB puts Danny in his place. "Yes you do."

Ignominious ends for the middlin' bads.

Watching this final season just reminds me more and more how much of a failure the final season for SOA was. This season just has this sense of dread and each episode feels like we are heading closer to doom.

Ahh the nightmares and random mass murders for no reason...

Loved the tribute to "Heat" in this episode, when Walker directly quotes Robert De Niro from the diner scene with the "liquor store holdups with born to lose tattooed on my chest."

Oh this God, Justified at its finest. All those beautifully crafted exchanges: Walker vs Boyd, Art vs Katherine, Markham vs Raylan, Ava vs Boyd, Tim vs Raylan, Raylan vs Ava, Raylan vs Arlo, and of course, my favorite, Raylan vs Boyd. LOVED every moment with Raylan and Boyd. That scene with them outside the vault was just so damn hilarious: like two boys seeing their first naked woman and sporting boners, and then Raylan giving Boyd that look like he was acknowledging their awkward situation. I know this is completely a pipe dream and will go against every single thing that is good about Raylan, and would also be totally OOC for him, but seriously, for a minute there, I wished Raylan would just team up with Boyd to get at that vault. They could split the money: Boyd and Ava gets away, Raylan gets to retire in style to Miami with Winona and Willa. I know, totally illogical, but I actually wished that just so everyone could live happily ever after at the end, since I am certain by now as we near the end that that is an impossibility. And that just makes me so sad while it also fills me with dread. Heck, even seeing Walker go made me sad. Again, I wished he existed in a different season cuz he was just such a good character and Garret Dillahunt did such fine work, that I wished I could be even more invested in him. Same goes for all the other newcomers this season. Well, except Zachariah. If Boyd dies at this dude's hands, I will revolt. He doesn't deserve the honor.
That last scene with Ava and Raylan: oh, Ava, honey. Even a child can tell you're lying. Though there might be a chance that she did it on purpose. Guess we'll see next week.
I am sad we had to wait until the last season to get so much golden Tim moments. Not fair.
Sidenote:The Walking Dead team needs to take some lessons from the Justified team on how to write great, solid, interesting, dynamic, and funny dialogue that actually sounds like it would come out of normal human beings' mouths.

I may have been born at night, but I wasn't born last night
Two questions: they're still running Nash Bridges in syndication in Kentucky, and why is Boyd watching it?

I agree this does feel like a final season a good one finally after a couple of lousy final seasons.

Three A's this season. THREE. And with five episodes to go.
How amazing has this been?
It's especially amazing because season 5 looked as if it could be the start of a downward decline - fairly typical, and not unexpected. But, nope. Instead the entire series just kicked itself up a notch, and now it kicks ***** again.

I was talking to a friend recently who argued that Season 2 of Justified was up there with The Wire/Mad Men/Breaking Bad/etc., but that the show has otherwise been pretty generic and meh and that they ended up tuning out midway through season 4 or so.
Now, I disagree wholeheartedly with that assessment, though I can see where that argument comes from. But after last week and then tonight, this season has so absolutely blown me away so far that I've basically run back to this friend and just want to shake the ***** out of them to get them watching again. Just so, so good.

Got to say that they're nailing most of the potential high points this season. Between the guest cast and the writing, it's been a pleasure to watch.
And assuming they don't totally ***** the landing, it'll be fondly remembered by me as one of my favorite TV shows.
RWG (and I've been an avid TV watcher for most of my 55 years)

I'm confident they'll nail the landing. Thinking back on every season finale, they're good at endings.

This was Justified's thesis episode, with some great lines about its true suspect--Faulkner's aphorism about the past. And more than any other previous hour, it made apparent how Boyd is Raylan's past, and that's why he's risking death and his daughter becoming an orphan and his wife becoming a widow, to erase what Arlo wrought: his upbringing, personified by Boyd. Then the only way he can deal with his past is not by killing Boyd, but by accepting him, which makes me a little more confident that these two antagonists, brothers and dopplegangers really, will team up in a final showdown. Because both have the much better future hanging over their heads, if they would only reach out to grab it: Ava, and Winona and the baby. Don't be stupid, gentlemen.

Killing Boyd would destroy him I think.

eh, all I know is what I've seen on the screen. Raylan knows Boyd has killed at least one person in cold blood (Dewey Crowe) and is probably responsible for many more bodies no one has found.
RWG (do you really think he can live with that and just ride off into the sunset?)

Raylan's hasn't been virtuous either. I think we finally know why the show includes so many instances of extralegal police abuse, not to mention killing Nicki Augustine. I say let both go and it's a wash.

No, he's not virtuous, but he's judgemental to a fault. Unless that somehow changes in the next few episodes, I just don't see how this ends without Boyd either dead or in jail.
RWG (or Raylan dead, but I think that's unlikely)

I'll always remember one of the best quotes from the very first episode, when Boyd asks Raylan: "When you shot that gun thug in Miami, did you see your daddy's face?" I might be getting some of the exact phrasing wrong, but the meaning is there. Backstory and its effect on the present universe is a key theme in drama. While some complex shows might get away from it, I find the very best shows on TV nowadays give their characters simple--yet profoundly resonant--motivations. Can't really think of anything more affecting then having an abusive, uncaring criminal for a father. That would certainly give anyone a painful conception of their past. Who knows? They might even consider a career in law enforcement, just not for typical reasons. Maybe to stamp out a few people who still make him see remnants of his past.
So I feel that Raylan has way too much pain (often misinterpreted as anger) to ever fully recover from or accept anything related to his past. He's been playing a "love/hate" type game with Harlan for six seasons now. Just because he has stuck around and embodies certain cultural tendencies of the area (like a love for great bourbon, for example) doesn't mean he still wishes he could break away and never return. That's where Ava and the baby come in--he can leave now. We know he wants to. It remains to be seen, however, if he'll be able to physically or emotionally bring himself to finally do it. There's a lot of things in the way first.

I am going to miss this show so much when it's done.
Raylan told Markham that Harlan is a "hell of a place to make your fortune." A certain HBO series about a mining camp may have used that as a tag line.

Ok, I cannot be alone in thinking this: Boyd either has Ava's phone bugged or he's planted one of his explosives in there. There is no way Boyd truly trusts Ava again.

Raylan underappreciated Walker's *Heat* reference:
> Neil McCauley: You see me doin' thrill-seeker liquor store holdups with a "Born to Lose" tattoo on my chest?

Bulletville was the first time all three of them worked together and resulted in them successfully getting away safely with their lives. I am soooo crossing my fingers that's foreshadowing the end.

Elmore would be proud of this final season :')

TV discussion: Glee "Child Star" Season 6, Episode 9

With only a few weeks left to go the new kids FINALLY get a personality. They're not too bad to be honest.

Yeah what a massive shame that we have to wait until episode 9 (well 10 technically, but they've move '2009') until we find out ANYTHING about NuNu New Directions.
Never thought I'd find myself defending any episode of this season's Glee, but I actually think this episode is quite good. Sure there's the usual stupid 'this doesn't make any sense' stuff, but the characters were engaging and I liked what I saw.
Myron is an awful variation on Becky and we're sadly saddled with him till the show's conclusion, but he shouldn't be too hard to ignore. The Rodderick/Spencer stuff was a bit all over the place and ended far too neatly. Instead of having the godawful 'Hurt Locker' stretch over two episodes we could have had the newbies featured in stuff that could have been called back in this episode.
I guess the strongest plot was the Madison/Mason/Jane stuff (even if Jane didn't contribute much to it). The sad thing is that this season is too short for us to have any follow up to the half decent plot development they got.
Uptown Funk was the best song of the episode, shame they wasted it on a bar mitzvah instead of saving it for competition. Could have done without the annoying cuts to the crowd and the random dancers on stage though.

Yeah, and I have to give them credit for non-traditional casting. I was cracking up re: Spencer's crush being styled to look like an ultimate frisbee player voted "Most ly To Open an Etsy Shop".
Original flavor New Directions was like 50% football players and cheerleaders; this group is way tattier (even if the math is similar).

If they really wanted to push it, they'd have Spenser the vain, hot athlete totally fall for Roderick, the portly, prodigious talent, through their joint "climb the rope/mount the hippie hunk" escapade.

Can we get a Kickstarter going to airlift poor Jane Lynch out of this show?

She might Lynch herself before we get enough money to do so.

And then Brian Doyle-Murray will call Mitch Glazer.

I have been pushing the #freeJaneLynch agenda for YEARS!

She's probably fine with it. She's the only one who gets nominated for any awards and she's still making up for the time she let a fugitive escape from her hospital.

It's not her fault he shaved the beard off...

With the next episode being called "The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester", I think it's already happening.

They've stopped filming now. She is free.

it's a job, a well-paid and steady one at that. Jane's not complaining.

Remember, she had to leave Party Down to do this. Hold onto that anger.

Yes, so she can go and film more Hollywood Game Night?

I think the problem is that the earlier episodes of the season we're focused on the old characters that with only four episodes left, they're rushing out on how to develop the New-Newbies.
Don't mind me, I'm just stewing in rage over Chord Overstreet calling himself part of the original cast.
At least I can enjoy imagining Brittany and Santana in the Bahamas, laughing their heads off that they're finished with this ***** awful show.

Well he came in during season 2. Its not that big of a stretch to say he's a glee club alumni.

And he came in the first episode of season two at that.

.....but he didn't join ND until Duets.
He's a long term member, but sorry Chord you're not one of the originals.

Which was only episode four of Season Two...

Not on original cast though. I mean, the show got popular without him and he isn't one that a random person off the street would be abe to give even a label to (like the wheelchair kid)

Let chord call himself and darren whatever he wants. People who had been watching Glee since pilot will never accept them as original. And their stans can kick and scream all they want but thats a fact, they are not originals and will never be originals :)

I don't understand why being an original is a triumph. Jenna is a horrible actress and singer, and so was Corey.

Actually, Jenna is really great singer, from the amount of time they let her sing in 1st and 2nd season after that they pretty much p**sed on her. And as for acting, shes good also. Cannot expect an actor to perform well when writing is atrocious. 1st and 2nd season Tina was awesome, but then just like every character on the show they destroyed her. "Cory" was just your average on the show that went down the path of s**tville once RM stopped giving a damn about the show. Only reason he was praising Cory was after he died and he was milking his death for ratings.

Jenna is actually a decent singer. She's no Amber, Naya, or Leah, but she can hold her own. Corey and Dianna were the bottom of the barrel when it came to singing.

Jenna sounds like karaoke night.

Then it's a pretty good night.

Which just proved my point. "Pretty good" is not the same as awesome.

No, I proved MY point. I already said Jenna wasn't the best, but she could hold her own. So no, she's not awesome, but she's pretty good. Far from the show's worst.

Which proves my point. Karaoke night's not so bad singer shouldn't get a TV show. Further proof there is no God.

I think she's good, better than "not so bad." And she doesn't have a TV show; she's been shat upon and neglected for the series' entire run. The fact that triple non-threats Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron were ever leads is better proof of God's absence.
Meanwhile, the amazingly talented Naya Rivera didn't even get a solo until the show's second season and Amber Riley has been consistently neglected as well.

Question from a newb to a die-hard...
The "New Directions" joke was pointed out by a character in the pilot episode, I'm assuming?
I remember reading a Maxim article (this is early Maxim.... my roommate was an early adopter) that suggested you use subtle language like "We should explore new directions" in order to get the lady you're courting in the mood, so it's always stuck with me.

As far as I recall, it's never been pointed out on the show. Which used to be on at 8pm and was meant to be on the wholesome side, when the series began.

Crazy. The commercials made it seem like it bordered on Election, and it could have totally had that tone, but it went with a more populist route.
There needs to be a movie subgenre of "competition movie".
The Bring It Ons, Breakin', You Got Served, the one that Channing Tatum was in, Pitch Perfect, but also Best of the Best, et al.
Something about the musical montage appeals to both audiences and perhaps, screenwriters. Having "and then the characters sing One by Metallica on a bus" equals 7 pages of dialogue.

...and then the bus rolls over and one of the group members dies. Metallica!

You're not wrong with the Election comparison. The pilot was a pretty shameless rip-off (Lea Michele even had an acapella version of the buzzing bees/tribal noises Reese Witherspoon heard whenever she was about to go crazy).

There's also "Aural Intensity".

...I misread that as "Anal Intensity".

Sounds like the name of Matthew Morrison's future ***** tape.

And Throat Explosion.

The name New Directions was thought up by Will (who was naked in bed next to his then-wife, Terri, either about to have ***** or having just finished). Rachel always emphasizes the "i" in directions, because otherwise it sounds like Nude Erections.

I kind of wish back in season 4/5 Glee had gone "Degrassier" because, I would have preferred having these kids then with seasons to develop them only occasionally checking in on graduates. DeGrassi may be as soaptastic as teen shows get but it does keep itself moving by making much cleaner breaks when the cast graduates.

I still miss Marco and Manny and Paige though.

Yeah, I miss some of the old characters, but I think I'm happier with them kind of growing new characters while we see the senior (or super senior for those couple characters they cheat in for an extra season) year of old characters. I think Glee would have benefited from adding some freshmen in season 3 because I actually really enjoy most of these characters, even Myron seems like he will be fun.

Seriously. If Marley, Kitty, Puck's brother, etc, could have been brought in as freshmen or sophomores during season 3, that would have made the season 3/4 transition so much easier and more reasonable. They wouldn't've needed to've had a ton of focus in season 3, but wouldn't it've made more sense to have some younger kids than Sugar, Rory, and Joe? (That is to say: more forgettable juniors/seniors who are mysteriously new in town and remain mostly in the background.)

I want an entire episode dedicated to the guy they kept cutting in the lunch line.

If he somehow has a musical number in the next episode, that'll automatically earn it an A.

Bonus points if he's a member of a backing band.

You know what? After the cringeworthy hot mess that was last week's episode, this at least was a step up in the "we gave up creatively but we're still gonna entertain the ***** out of you" department, and that they did. The fact that they added an egotistical 13-year-old in the cast this late into the season is such a wildly unnecessary yet weirdly genius move since there are so few episodes for us to get fed up with his obnoxious personality as it is. And at least they gave the twins actual character development this week, something I thought would never happen. Of course, the one big downside to all of this is Sue and her boring revenge scheme bullshit. If she actually does end up killing Will in the finale, it'll have made everything all worthwhile. Only in my dreams, I guess.
Just three episodes left, guys. I'm almost kinda sad that this addictive guilty pleasure of a politically-correct musical clusterfuck is nearing its end. Almost.
Quote that made me laugh spontaneously for some reason:
"There's no tougher audience than…"

only 3 more episode left, were almost done with this show.

I'm simultaneously relieved it's almost over and dismayed that I won't be able to play my favorite game of "guess how long this enormous pop hit will take to make an appearance on Glee"

Her delivery of "Jews!" was kind of brilliant, and the best thing about this odd little nothing ("odd little nothing" is, of course, a serious step up for Glee).

For all of its ***** and possibily trans agenda stuff this show pushes (relatively well), I thought it has pretty much always been awful at being politically correct.
Aside from maybe genetic disorders too, it seems like they tended to go for the easy joke at the expense of various groups as much as they nominally supported them.
Then again I think I felt pretty immediately betrayed that despite the ad campaign the show really did opt to make the storylines follow the traditionally beautiful and generally white jocks and cheerleaders at the expense of most of the outsider types.

I don't know why I come to these comments, all people do is whine and complain. Victim complexes are not only exhausting, but annoying as well.
That being said, this is my favorite episode of the season -probably since the end of season 4. I was feeling like this final year was going to employ the same-old same old until the end of season. While I was glad stories were finally getting their satisfactory conclusions for fans -after years of delaying tactics by the producers -I've been getting bored of their stagnated narratives. Perhaps if the producers had pushed forward with these narratives the general audience wouldn't had abandoned the show in droves last year. Anyhow, I'm so happy we got something original, fresh and new. This episode just seemed free of the hyperbole that plagues most of the episodes over the past 2 years. Even if it is just for one episode -it felt nice to hear new voices before the end. I hope the feeling of this episode spreads to the few remaining ones. If so, it will elevate this year over the drudgery that became season 5.

I agree with this. I believe that the audience is experiencing fatigue with storylines surrounding the older characters, and possibly with the older characters themselves. As much as I like Rachel and the actor who plays her, as well as Kurt, Will, Sue, etc., I am pretty tired of them. I enjoy the new faces, the new voices, the light and airy way the new characters bring life and enthusiasm to the show. I think it was more FOX network (versus Ryan Murphy) who seemed unable to let go of the older stars (Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, etc.), but Ryan seemed to enjoy introducing new actors playing new characters. As the 2nd half of Season 5 and this season has shown, having the focus be on the old character (the "originals") does not equate with great ratings. The ratings were higher when the focus was on the former sophomores in Season 4, but FOX wanted to get rid of them and focus on Rachel and Kurt and their friends and love interests. Too bad.

Apologies if this was explained in another episode, but I watched through S5 and then saw last night's. Have they explained what happened to the new kids from the last two years? Did they graduate? Are they just not involved for some reason?

When Sue became principal she had all of them except Kitty expelled and sent off to different school districts. Unique showed up a couple weeks ago and is still pals with Bieste, I guess they bonded over being trans.

I actually wondered about this too. That seems implausibly brutal to the cast you didn't think worked out.

IMHO the problem was that Rachel in NYC should have been a spinoff, versus half of the show's focus. GleeNYC could have been its own entity, with Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and possibly Santana trying to make it.

It was a good episode, such a shame we've had to wait this long for newbies focus.

Plus, IMO, this was musical comedy at its TV best.
Wonder how much the subtraction of overdone Klaine helped?

It's a classic like Once More With Feeling, except for sucking completely.

yes, why do you come here to a tv review site if you just want to squee with Glee fangirlz and fangays?

"Victim complexes are not only exhausting, but annoying as well.."
Oh, so it has a thing in common with petty hyperbole, then.

Which TV character has more thoroughly been assassinated, so to speak: Sue Sylvester or Barney Stinson?

Sue for sure. Barney's character wasn't really assassinated until season 8, whereas Sue had run out of gas by the second season.

Sue stopped being funny after 'The Comeback' in season 2. They ran out of ways to properly use her, hence the whiplash "I hate glee club/I like glee club" endless cycle.

It was nice to get some focus on the kids for once. Almost felt like s1.

Yes, it was fun. I wish we could get a season just of the new characters with a new choir teacher.

Irrespective of whether he actually wanted to continue with this enterprise past season 6 (let alone season 4), Murphy's error was believing the show couldn't survive the passing of the baton to new regulars. As tonight's cracktackularly slapdash episode demonstrated, it quite possibly could have.


Yep. Not necessarily the fairly bland ones they came up with for season 4. But maybe that was just because they didn't develop them enough beyond good girl/mean girl, good boy/bad boy, is trans.

Ryan Murphy makes more errors than good decisions.

The Jewish kid is named Myron? Seriously?

Just pass the pipe.

Pass the duchy...

He'll be gone forever in three weeks. Let's just be grateful about that.

It's MYRON baby, MYRON!
(I'll probably blow anyone that gets the reference)

"Roderick to climb a rope to pass his physical fitness test."
Has that ever actually been a thing? You see it in shows and movies coooonstantly, but I've never seen or heard of it done in real life anytime past the early nineties.

Last time I took a gym class, in 2004 (which was a while ago wow I am old) no, we did not have to do that. We just had to either run for 30 minutes or walk for 45, in terms of our final. But we never had a rope, and basically, as long as we tried, we'd pass.

I picture it like I picture most things I see in American high schools on TV, implausible at best OR creative memories from the writer at worst.

My grade school made a big deal about climbing ropes, my high school (thankfully) not so much.

When I was in elementary school, we had a rope in gym. We never had to climb it. We all swung on it. Gym wasn't graded when I was in elementary school anyway.

My high school took away took away our gym requirement so we could have more religion classes. I don't think the guys who took gym as an elective had to climb a rope, but I wouldn't really know. I don't remember having to do it in grade school either.

Any Glee episode that has a 'star' on its episode title is sure to be a trainwreck.
I'm looking at you, Shooting Star.

Yes, this was pointless. Yes, it was filler. Yes, Roderick can't act for *****, and man, his awkwardness when he's dancing is uncomfortable. And yes, Myron is the worst.
However, I have come to realize that this show has assassinated the original characters (the ones they keep around anyway, and Sam and Blaine) so badly, this felt like a nice vacation from Samchel and Klaine and Sam being annoying or Rachel getting everything without even trying. The newest kids don't piss me off, and at least they got to do SOMETHING this season.
Also, although I'm mostly *****, I am straight for Mason, especially during "I Want to Break Free". Yummy.

The actor playing Mason is very attractive and very talented. And yes, the way that writers mangled the old characters, it feels like heavy baggage at this point. I just want that fun, snarky, light show that Glee used to be.

I haven't actually watched Glee since right after Gwyneth Paltrow's first guest episode but I occasionally drop into these reviews (I'm still trying to figure it out, have they seriously been banished to Friday nights?) and it seems like the show got pretty snarky and has totally lost its mind.
It's sort of a bizarre (and probably easily solvable) mystery trying to decipher what happened to past characters though.

"Rachel getting everything without even trying." She is coaching a glee club in Ohio for no money... And Spencer is a worse actor, and singer ... and we are suppose to believe he is a better dancer but he is like a stick.

In regards to Rachel, we know she's going to end up back on Broadway, and we haven't this far seen her earn it. In regards to her being a glee teacher, what has she done? Except for this week, it's been all about her, and this week she still didn't really interact with any of the new kids. All she's done is pointless date Sam, really.
As for Spencer, I'm not disagreeing with any of that, although I didn't really notice his dancing. After I saw how bad the uptown funk number was going to be based on Roderick, I went to my phone.

Heh. "Degrassi-er"... 😀

That wasn't a very good episode.
but this season has been better than the last 3 seasons.

"Last 3 seasons"...???
Are you under some sort of court order, one obligating you to keep watching this show, no matter what...?

It's the Ryan Murphy contract. Once you sign it, there's no going back.

I watched Nip/Tuck all the way to the bitter end. Never again, gave up on Glee after the second season, and never bothered with AHS.

Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of AHS and then run away as fast as you can.

Huh, I was expecting a better review. I actually quite enjoyed this episode. Can't wait to see where the last few episodes take us, hopefully it ends on somewhat of a good note.

Spencer and... Alistair (right?) already have more chemistry than Blaine and Kurt ever have so that's nice.
Also that Uptown Funk was horrible. Truly horrible.
It made me go and watch Fleur East's performance ( and be bitter that she didn't win because she didn't have enough of a backstory.

god that long haired ***** dude is sooooo old. he should not be playing a teenager

He looks 35, but Finneas O'Connell was born in 1997.

that's insane

Whoa... That's nuts. And here's a video of him performing a weird trapeze dance for a bunch of young girls:

cannot unsee that weird ***** times dance to jailbait. christ.

That fairly basic trapeze routine (performed by a 16-year old in front of other teenagers) cannot seriously be your idea of a "***** times dance."

its the music that did it. that is some creepy sexual music.

This show is truly ridiculous, but this wasn't a D episode. That said, the amount of times the name of the Almighty is taken in vain in the lyrics of "I Want to Break Free" made me a little uncomfortable watching a Bar Mitzvah sequence, and I'm not even Jewish.

Well Twincest boy turned out to be a perfect Blaine replacement for tweengrls. Was Kurt on honeymoon?
Whilst I'm glad Im about to be free of this show I wouldnt mind seeing more from the new kids.

God. This season feels like its been going on forever.
No scratch that, Glee itself, feels like its been going on for a millennia.

Sigh...they're even doing shipping nonsense and with the newbies. screw this earth

To me it is obvious that Spencer was hired for his looks and msucles alone. He is the weakest actor, the weakest singer and is can't really move all that well. He stood out worse than Roderick, who relys on a great voice, during Uptown Funk. And he looks REALLY old for the role. I know they all look older than 16, and most of them always have, but this is a bad case. Can't see why they hired the actor beyond his appearance. And he keeps getting songs. Reminds me of how they keep giving Blain songs that are out of his range when they had such a talented cast. The rest of the cast and episode was great IMO.

He's honestly not even that attractive, so I don't get it at all.

Oh, I get it.

Agreed. Not my cup of tea either. I'm more attracted to Roderick.

He was totally hired for his looks and I'm totally ok with it

I hope that they find some Nude Erections that can actually dance. All the editing and camera choreography in the world can't disguise the fact that the majority of these people look painfully awkward as they try to bust a move.
I have never seen so many ***** with so little rhythm.

I actually liked this episode. Sure, some of the acting was sloppy and that kid is obnoxious, but it felt like watching something out of season 1 (ok.. maybe 2), all about the kids, excluding the return of the Hurt Locker and the DESTROY THE GLEE CLUB madness (which, frankly, why?!). The musical numbers were good, new kid Mason is hot and a Klaine-less episode is always a plus.

Odd, disjointed review. But then Glee is an odd, disjointed show, so I suppose that's entirely fair.
I thought it was better than a D. Yeah, there was plenty of stuff to be infuriated about, like the 13 year old with a Hollywood budget and the starts nowhere goes nowhere rope climbing plot. Nonetheless, this was the first time this season that I found myself wishing that Glee was going to continue. I wouldn't say that any of the new kids have really broken out, but I thought they came on strong enough in this ep to make me regret that we're not going to see more of their stories.
Stray Observations
*Really enjoyed the last performance. It was so unstagy compared to typical Glee, it actually looked like something real high school kids could do. Probably kicked the grade from C to a B for me.
*Myron: The same actor played essentially the character in last year's "Back in the Game". Odd choice to have him play so camp at yet apparently be straight (or at least bi). I suppose that's a nice subversion, but I'm kind of surprised Murphy didn't make him ***** so he could spend an episode with a 13 year old boy mooning over, say, Karofsky, just to freak everyone the ***** out.
*Ain't nothing wrong with a show being Degrassier.

With only four episodes left, this episode was an absolute no-brainer and filler for the writers. I mean, what exactely happened? Nothing. Only thje twins had a somewhat realistic try to characterization.

This was a pretty lame story wise episode. But, the music was so good (save Break Free) Honestly, I Want to Break Free and Cool Kids were both brilliantly produced and sung. Plus the performance of Cool Kids was so much fun to watch.

The biggest issue about this episode to me was that, while I find these newbies infinitely better than the first ones, they haven't given them any development. We are nearing the end and they haven't even been that fundamental in the show since the first two episodes. So now we randomly get this episode and these characters that seem like they have a lot of potential, but are poorly developed, and it's so close to the end and I can't seem to get myself to care about them.

This show is still on?

What originally attracted me to this show was the diversity of the cast. New Directions 1.0 had 5 people of color and one who uses a wheelchair (Mercedes, Matt, Tina, Mike, Santana and Artie). Switch out Matt for Sam, graduate Mike, Mercedes and Santana and now New Directions 2.0 has 3 people of color (Jake, Unique, Tina and still Artie). Now ND 3.0 is down to 1 person of color (Jane) and nobody with a physical handicap (or whatever the PC term is). I know how they get their numbers up and all I can say is, Ok, sure Glee. Whatever.
Instead of letting Klaine hijack the wedding last week how cool would it have been to let the wedding go over two episodes and merge the ND 3.0 plot into that that. Harold's bar mitzvah on "Hey Arnold" set the bar pretty high.

What initially pissed me off about the show was that they touted this club full of diverse kids, then automatically added two "hunky" white football players and a blonde cheerleader and gave them all the storylines. It's been a lie from the start. The focus has always been on the pretty white kids with problems.

1. I really just wish the producers would let the singers sing, the actors act, and the dancers dance.
2. More singing please from Madison, Roderick, and Jane.
3. Never want to hear Sue or Beastie even hum ever again.
4. The first 15 minutes were cringe worthy.
5. Myron plot annoyingly awful.

That Sue Slap!

I was surprised that this review was so negative. I thought that this episode was a lot of fun. I enjoyed finally getting to see the newbies carry plots of their own. I don't think I could possibly love the twins more than I do right now. They're just so ridiculously adorable! (and talented) Mason's performance blew me away. The Allastair and Spencer scenes were cute, but I think I would have enjoyed them more if Spencer was a decent human being. Aw, well, you can't have everything. The Roderick plot was a bit frustrating, as the fat shaming was never addressed, but when you've got a show that once featured a bulimic girl who was told not to throw up because throwing up made her less attractive to guys, you really can't sink any lower. So Roderick's plot was more mildly offensive, the kind of offensive that I can live with on Glee. And, I know I may be in the minority here, but I enjoyed Myron. He's a total brat who needs to be smacked, like, yesterday, but I sort of enoyed his awfulness. Especially when it was directed at Sue. I also enjoyed the misdirect, making him effeminate and sassy, but also a creepy little horndog. As I type this character description, I['m struck by the fact that I should hate this kid, but I don't. So help me God, I found him funny. Really, my biggest gripe with the episode was the music. I know it's late in the game, but I'd like to impose a moritorium on Ariana Grande songs for these last few episodes. And what was that last song? It had all of three notes, and I think about 10 words. George Harrison's "I've Got My Mind Set on You" is more creative. So yeah, great episode, so-so song selection. Oh, and keep the sparkly vests coming.

The last song was "Cool Kids", by Echosmith.

This episode reminds us why no noe should sing Queen songs except Freddy Mercury. Ya, you too Lambert.

So the name of the Glee club is supposed to sound like "Nude Erections", right? Has that been the joke the whole time?


Thanks! The show is still terrible though, right?

It has its ups and downs. Mostly downs the past couple years.

As if Glee wasn't already the gayest show on TV, even this random kid is ***** too

Schadenfreude: the feeling you get when the annoying musical show that you've always hated becomes culturally irrelevant, is then bashed by your favorite pop culture website and every involved laments the fact that it wasn't allowed to die. Feels good.

No offense to Arianna Grande. I love her, but I think Rachel's voice suited "Break Free" a lot better. Lea Michele should've sang that song.

Disagreed. I don't think Lea's voice is is suited for a lot of pop songs. She had an embarrassing run in this number and I recall her rendition of "Crush" being particularly awful.
She's a belter for sure, but can't always pull off the acrobatics (even the tiny ones).

Lea Michele could sing the phone book. I don't think she's the most subtle nor dimensional singer, but man, what a powerhouse voice.

Myron can't sing, he's just auto-tuned to death. The entire effects budget was blown on making him, Spencer, and Bieste sound passable this week.

This show is a rabid dog: will someone please put it out of it's misery?

Two things, Glee:
Didn't The Crazy Ones do this EXACT same episode last year, with Cheryl Hines as the demanding person of power and another little kid at the center of it all?
I'm all for the stereotype breaking, but c'mon. That dude playing Mason is gayer than Lance Bass and RuPaul scented lube. And we're supposed to pretend that Myron is going to grow up into a heterosexual? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Maybe they are both bisexual.

Show 1 new reply
Everyone seems to hate Myron but I love him. I thought he was hilarious.
Also, it doesn't surprise me at all that Mason likes girls. Why is everyone so shocked?

Things got awkward but then Rachel sang and all was right again, and then, also everyone reminded me that I never did watch this show because it was cool.

Stray thoughts:
-"Lose my Breath" just surpassed "Touch-a-touch me" as the creepiest number Glee has ever done.
-Sue sucking up to the kid because she wants to impress the Superintendent is totally out of character.
- What is Will's job? Just hanging around like the other Alumni?
-Long haired guy would have been better if it was Stoner Brett.
- A show with the newest Directions with Season 4's new directions wouldn't be a bad thing. Glee is more than just Rachel, Klaine and Brittana.
-They should have left the kid in the pod.

So have choices gotten so good and easy for ***** kids in high school that if the hot popular jock wants to bone you you're like 'oh no, I don't like you, sir'. jesus, things have come far in 10 years, or Glee has no understanding of libido.

These are not mutually exclusive ideas.

I'm glad to see that Will has finally grown a pair, which, if the previews are to be believed, might actually last more than one episode.

"you think this is hard, try consuming your own twin in utero"
Brittany's dad would know something about that

I don't understand why it's only now that the other kids are getting their stories explored.
The old mains' lives haven't been interesting in a long time.
The whole NY saga was pretty boring to me and I'm glad it's done at least (please, no more guest appearances...). Although now I don't really know anyone's name, so I'll just use self-explanatory nicknames.
I like the new voices (and characters). They're much better than the last batch of teen angst. Black afro girl's voice is amazing, as we've heard pretty early on. Fat headphones guy got an opportunity to sing the first time we saw him, and he's really good. The latest episode gave me an opportunity to hear more awesome voice's, like both twins. Female twin's voice is quite lovely and pleasant.
As for the story lines... Everything's going to get rushed, because the show runners apparently were too busy fapping to old scripts and ideas for the past 2-3 seasons to care about anything.
For example, we finally get some pretty great ***** jock...and we have a single episode of him falling in love, flirting awkwardly and then start dating with said love. I mean, I'm glad they didn't drag it, but they had like, what? 10 minutes of screen time before that?
And the twins. I was actually rooting for twincest for a bit, because it seldom happens on tv (outside of HBO), but I kinda like/don't mind what they did.
The male twin's romance was rushed and hushed, too.
The new new New Directions finally made me want to watch Glee again.
But now it's going to be over.
Maybe whatshisname is going to make a spin-off or continue it. But probably not. I think he doesn't care anymore.
Sue needs to stop hogging everyone's screen time and take butt-chin, berry and porcelain with her.
The Cool Kids performance was great.

The Upside:
-It will all be over soon - the painful cringing as we watch that is
-They newbies can all sing
-Rachel sang!
-They've condensed the teen angst storylines into just a few episodes
-Will was buh-ringing it to Suzie Q
-The performances feel more like the old Glee
-Mixing generations of Glee: Break free performance with Will, Sue, Sheldon, Rachel, Sam, and the Newbies...ok, and Myron...not the best song/performance, but fun seeing them all on stage having fun
-We got to see a little bit of the new kids so we can at least care a little bit when their dreams are crushed at sectionals or regionals
The Downside:
-It will all be over soon - I know it's only been six seasons, but Glee is like an old family friend that you like having around even if they do annoy you occasionally
-The newbies can't dance, ouch!
-It's been 4 seasons since Blaine had a solo!! Okay, so it's only been 8 episodes since he performed with the Warblers..but it's a looooong gap; the fans, and the camera, love him.
-They're forcing the teen angst storylines into just a few episodes
-Just when we liked the new Sue they force back the old Sue, and it's not working
-The song choices are iffy
-Sue slapped a student?! Did they really need to go there?
-Don't lose the original New Directions too much...the current New Directions are just filler to get us to the end point of all the originals storylines
Even when it's bad, I still love Glee! I just wish Ryan Murphy could have stayed focused on it a while longer to keep it hip, fresh, and quirky, but, it's iconic..sort of a Brady Bunch of its time and we will see them over and over and over again for years to come. Who knows...maybe even a special or two down the road.

At this rate I don't think I'll miss this show when it's gone.

Review serie: Better Call Saul "Hero" Season 1, Episode 4 10:00 PM AMC

I do wonder if the past segments will eventually meet up with the future, ala Memento.

I pretty much bet they will. Maybe a cured Chuck entering the Cinnabon at the end, where he can come and hide Jimmy in his house and all ends well for Jimmy McGill.

We see Saul in the future at the Cinnabon, but that does not necessarily mean that is where he ends up. There could very well be a coda.

Agreed. Saul's smart enough to end up in a Cinnabon in the Bahamas at least, right?

Saul will transfer to the Cinnabon in Honolulu, where the air is so dewy sweet the buns don't even need frosting.

If he's not careful, he'll end up at a Cinnabon in Belize.

What I would do to have Saul working at a Cinnabon here.. I would have to go there every day!

Oh, please.
We all know you already go there everyday.
Have you looked at yourself lately? It's obvious.

Well I'm a little pudgy, but I'd attribute that more to mochi ice cream and leftover pizza than anything else. I actually haven't had a Cinnabon in about a year (though I may have to end that streak sometime soon)

Man, that'd be like Marquez's "100 Years of Solitude"! The freaking book starts in the middle of the story, has an epic flashback and proceeds towards the future.

I wouldn't be surprised if the season ended with the Omaha cops/FBI scooping Saul up at the Cinnabon.

Or Saul making a break for it on his own.

Or opening his own store, called Cinnaroll, across the food court.


Drippin' Cinny?

Maybe not season, but for a series ending I could see that.

I've thought about this, and, besides law enforcement, who would be chasing Saul now? The meth organization had no reason to feel threatened by him, and, other than former clients he may have left in a lurch when he ran, only the cops should be after him. Right?
(This is officially my 1,000th comment. I had over a thousand in the previous iteration of Disqus, too, but we don't talk about those anymore.)

Does anyone recall when Jessie and Walt first blindfolded Saul and Saul had been worried that he was kidnapped by some other miscellaneous folks? He said something like, "You're weren't sent by..?" and "It was [insert J name] not me", noticeably relieved. Always wondered if that would be incorporated.

They talked about that in the official podcast! Apparently he says Lalo and Ignacio. And Nacho is apparently short for Ignacio.


The leftover of the Heisenberg operation are all dead, Walt made sure of it, at least everyone that mattered. Street dealers have no ***** reason to go after Saul.

Zero chance.

What if we find out over the course of the series that Walter White wasn't the biggest criminal Saul worked with and there is another more dangerous criminal the FBI is after that Saul can make a deal with the FBI to help take down.

I'm not saying that your premise has zero chance period, just that there is zero chance they go in that direction at the end of just the first season.

That mans name? Jesse Pinkman.
And now you know...the rest of the story.

I'd give it a 90% chance that the season ends in the present with a set-up for a present-day season 2, probably involving a surviving bad guy from the past we're seeing established. This is all to give Saul likability and an arc

Yes, 90%. But shirley we all know there's only a 50% chance of that.

He didn't seem too worried about anyone other then the cartel when we first met him and he thought his number was up.

I imagine there will be at least one good year of actual Saul Goodman (post-Jimmy McGill) operating in ABQ pre-Walter White, before the show goes post-Walter White

I think that's too much time to cover in only 6 more I just made myself sad. I would like to see them catch up with the present by end of Season 2, though.

I would love that.
I hope we get some kind of confirmation that Jesse's doing okay, however subtle it may be. Poor guy deserves a break.

Thanks to today's Wikiwormhole I read that as the Marquis' "120 Days Of Sodom".

boss i read that as don marquis s 120 days of sodom
which threw me because i didn t think
you went in for that racy stuff
but i m just a cockroach who was long ago
a vers libre poet
in my time i ve been down many a wormhole
and all i ve seen in them are worms
now you know me boss i m no prude but
as worms are hermaphroditic
there are few restraints or limitations
on their love lives
anything goes if you re a worm
or at least if you re two worms
and the more the merrier
believe me boss i ve seen things
that would ve curled my hair
if i still had any
i know we cockroaches
have a reputation for being dirty
and i can t deny that some days
i for one deserve it
i ve never claimed i was a saint
in this or any other incarnation
but after 120 minutes as
a spectator at a worm orgy
i would not carp at
100 years of solitude
provided there was a washtub
and plenty of hot h2o and
a cake of strong soap
heavy on
the lye
see more

100 Years of Saulitude.

I hope (and it would be logical) for things to be that way. I'd be disappointed if we never get a sort of dénouement to Jimmy's story. I hope his brother doesn't die or something and he has something to do with it after long years of ignoring/disowning from his family.

[Saul surreptitiously squirts baking spray on the food-court floor.] [Saul takes a spectacular slip in front of dozens of witnesses.] SAUL: My back!

There could be an entire season set in the post-Breaking Bad future, frankly.

Oh, at the very least.

There'll almost certainly be a coda, since they'll need to explain what's going on with that blank-faced weirdo who is staring Saul down. They also focused on his living room window while he was watching television, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't for nothin'.

What's spacemeat?

Well, it's this meat, right? But, like... from space, you know?
More seriously: The name was inspired by a short film--based on a short story--called They're Made Out of Meat.

It's also partly inspired by the Dinosaur Comics strip about Happy Dog, the happy dog:

So, yes. We are made out of meat, and we are also hurtling through space. Everyone you know will one day be dead!

I'm sad now.

Isn't Spacemeat a stoner rock band? Or at least it should be.

The blank-faced guy wasn't staring at Saul, he was staring past Saul out toward his family or whatever. That's what I got, anyway.

If it's lucky!

I'm really hoping they can maintain this level of quality. So far, it's functioning very well as its own show, which is damn rare for a spin-off. Especially one so early into its run.

Seems like it should if the same creative team behind Breaking Bad is behind this.

That's the only reason I was optimistic at all about this show. I know Vince, Peter and company are behind it.

I dunno, so far it all feels kind of .... sleepy. Odenkirk is playing it very sad sack and there's all kinds of filler going on (He doesn't have enough stickers!). It feels like they just don't have enough story to tell, and every moment feels streeeeetched out. We also still have no idea what relationship he has with the Kim character. Her and the lawyer feel like they live in a different universe than Saul. Meanwhile, his brother is just there, not doing much.
It's good, not great.

Fair enough. I think the key difference between BCS and BB in this regard is that BB had a clear goal for Walter to work towards: amassing enough money that his family would survive without him. Being a borderline sociopath, that goal was fairly flexible, but generally there was always a number where Walt could say, "I'm done."
With BCS, the show's goal is to get Jimmy to the Cinnabon, but the character himself has no such goal. Right now, he needs clients and money, but there's no clear criteria for success against which his actions can be judged.

I actually think Hero was the episode in which his new, ultimate goal became clear:
'Defeat Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill. Defeat Goliath. Win at all costs. Oh, and find some way to reconcile this no-holds-barred fight with my desire for my older brother to respect me and be proud of me. But let's worry about that later.'

We, uh, are also four episodes in? Don't get me wrong: I think your complaints are valid and are the sorts of comments that prompt interesting discussion (you monster!); I'm not just bein' defensive over here, and how dare you accuse me of such a thing!
It's just that... well, the ending of this episode was already energizing and tantalizing because we saw Jimmy get himself the upper hand by playing dirtier than anyone could have expected (with the exception of Kim). Seeing how incredulous Hamlin was at the end was super satisfying. Do you think Jimmy'll just stop now that he's seen how successful he can be when he tosses his scruples out the window? with our friend Walter, Jimmy will become addicted to - well, to winning for once. Outsmarting and outmaneuvering his enemies.
So, if there are thirteen episodes a season, and at least several seasons (I hope!), I think it's not unfair that we had to wait till the fourth episode of the first season to really witness him beginning to change into the hilarious, smack-talking, awful man we all know and love.

Kim actually was proud of Saul, she crooked a smile seeing him pull his stunt (that happened by pure chance).

What do you mean "by pure chance"? He had a lemon (being told to take down his billboard), he turned it into lemonade (paying the guy taking it down to "fall" from the platform, while Saul "coincidentally" had a film crew on the scene).

I realized later that he planned it with the billboard removal guy. You can ignore that afterthought.

Okey doke. I was wondering if it was a setup as soon as it happened (given the con in the opening), but I wasn't sure until, when he pulled the guy up, his first words to Jimmy weren't "Thank you" but "It took you long enough" (followed by the handshake).

I love the analysis, but I'm not sure a grade has been accurate yet for this show. This A does kind of make up for what I believe was the slightest of lowballing on the first couple of episodes, though, so I'll gladly take it.

I'd go A-, B, B, B+ for the first four episodes. But maybe I'm holding it to too high of a standard. I'm sort of envious of people who are watching it without having seen Breaking Bad (apparently there are some out there), because it's easier for them to enjoy it for what it is rather than the follow-up to an all-time classic.

You're definitely a bit harsher than I am, but who's concerned: Everybody here is expecting for this show to go to great places and we're in it for the long-game. This is the type of series where Season Grades are the priority.

Who are these people??

Seriously. If you want to get into this world Go watch Breaking Bad and by the time you're done you'll have (almost?) a full season of Saul to look forward to.

I think I'd go B+, B, A-, A.
I still think the first two episodes seemed padded, and the wink-winks to BB were a bit over the top (although my own expectations may have colored my initial reaction). The last two, however, feel completely like it's own show.

I have to agree with the "wink-winks" in the first two episodes. They were solid, but that fan-service almost became a touch too obvious. The previous two have definitely begun to carve out their own direction.
Perfect example: in this episode, Jimmy casually browses the shirt and tie selection, with his eye catching what we'd later come to know as his trademark orange outfit. That little bit of subtlety goes a long way, without feeling forced.

Exactly. The shirt example is perfect. Much better than the episode 1 cliff hanger that was simply Tuco at the door and then the waaaay too drawn out desert scene. The last two episodes feel more like it's simply Vince Gilligan's follow up to Breaking Bad that bares his unique style, but is its own thing. If Breaking Bad is Gilligan's Fargo, BCS could turn out to be his Big Lebowski.

I think for me, it would be A-, A, A-, B+

I'm not envious of them--both because I think this show is not truly designed to be watched on its own, and because I don't think "Breaking Bad" should be watched, ultimately, after this show. It's just getting the order wrong, to the detriment of both.

I've only sporadically seen Breaking Bad while other people were watching it (including the finale), which seems like a nice balance. I'm familiar with the world and the creative style, but I don't spend my time comparing or looking for references. On the other hand, I didn't have the same immediate sense of foreboding about Tuco that my husband did, so there's that.

No, I agree with the rating about this ep at least. It was the best one yet.

He kids about the Cinnabon in Omaha, but um, we know exactly how the story ends.
Saul winds up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of dirty drug money that he can never spend while he maintains his front by taking on trash heap client after trash heap client in a strip mall storefront that might double as one of Dante's lesser circles of hell. Sometimes his life gets threatened. Then some ***** chemistry teacher has to go and ruin the good thing they had.
The only real mystery is when he ditches the lady lawyer and his crazy brother for Huell and that sassy receptionist. Oh, and when he ditches quiet, after-hours foot soaks for midday rub-and-tugs, but that might just be a pure money thing.

For all we know he still had his crazy brother during at least some of Breaking Bad.
...hey, the guy literally never leaves the house, and Walter White never made social calls on Saul.

Yeah, I'm really wondering how that arc will end.

My money's on lady lawyer getting really killed somewhere along the way.

Or perhaps she becomes one of Saul's ex-wives.

The one cheating on him with his step-dad ?

Am I the only one who wants the final scene to be Saul walking into the interrogation room, mistaking his client for someone charged with public masturbation, the camera pans to a confused Badger, and...scene!

Ha, you're right: that's perfect. A lot of people (even some critics) have been saying they want to return to the present day in Omaha, but I think that would be a mistake. I think we have seen all we need to of that timeframe.

I agree. The point, I think, of the opening is to say, "This is it for him for the rest of his life. He won't dare to leave or do anything different. All he has is his old video tapes."
I'm content for this series to stay in Albuquerque forever, and end before we ever see hide or hair of Jesse Pinkman or Walter White.

Yes, this. There would be no sense in going back to Omaha, because the whole point there is that he did exactly (probably too exactly if you want to be picky, but let's allow for artistic license) what he said he was going to do:
"From here on out, I'm mister low profile. Just another douchebag with a job and three pairs of Dockers. If I'm lucky, three months from now, best case scenario, I'm managing a Cinnabon in Omaha."
There would be nothing interesting about returning to watch the continuing non-adventures of a low-profile douchebag and his Dockers, coming home nightly to drink Rusty Nails and occasionally pull out the old videotapes to bask in nostalgia for a time when his life did have a higher profile.
Really, the whole rest of the show we are watching could be interpreted as the reminiscences of the guy on that couch drinking the Rusty Nail.

Something else could happen to change that situation though. Which we do get to see earlier in this show. I get a feeling this will be like Breaking Bad at some point, throwing major threats when unexpected. He's nowhere like "Saul" is yet, a lot of ***** will have to happen for this transformation (and most likely disowning by his family or something) to occur.

I just don't see it. I think the whole point of the way that was portrayed is that he is indeed now "Mr. Low Profile" and that there's no reason to expect anything interesting or novel to happen to him from here out, any more than to any other random schmuck with three pairs of Dockers in the closet.

Other than the fact that Slippin' Jimmy has a tendency to assert himself as the dominant personality trait. In the future, how long can he keep a low profile and not find an angle to take advantage of

The way Vince Gilligan put it on the podcast was like this:
"What is the problem that Jimmy McGill solves by becoming Saul Goodman?"

He fights really hard to keep his name, then he changes it.

Well, the Breaking Bad universe is one in which people end up destroying themselves and each other on a regular basis. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Jimmy more or less ruin Hamlin and co., but also simultaneously end up fucked over in such a scorched-earth way that he elects to cut his own losses. Presumably after he loses both his brother and Kim, somehow.

Downton Abbey Season 5, Episode 9 reviews

Mary excited by cars? I guess if Talbot keeps his eyes open when he drives it won't end as badly as Matthew's last ride.
Mosley & Baxter: Private Eyes.

True, but he did have a "LIVE4EVA" license plate.

And he's only two weeks from retirement

Yes, I think Mosley & Baxter could become the next never-ending British detective series.
About that car scene, I thought I got a vibe from Talbot and his passenger. Mary might be barking up the wrong tree.

Please, please, please let Molesley and Baxter be spun off into their own series, as a domestic couple who investigates/solves crimes and thereby lets their clueless employers (and their friends) off the hook. Think a downstairs version of Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, and you’re there. Make it happen, ITV. Please.

I would watch the ***** out of that

And they should totally hire Thomas Barrow and Ms. Denker as associate investigators.

Does that leave Daisy as the evil criminal mastermind?

Hell, I would happily watch an hour of Barrow being his lovely ***** self every week. Those costumes do him such justice.
There could be a spinoff of murders that one of the Bates are accused of alone, though I really wouldn't be heartbroken if Tom talked them both into immigrating to America with him. Or they fall off a cliff, or get sucked up into a spaceship.

I'd watch it.

They need a Wheels and the Legman-type name for it to work though.
The Thief and the Mole?
Footman and Bax?
The "Get Back to Work" Society?

Scotland Yard totally thought of canvassing the pubs in York to prove or disprove Bates's alibi, but after all there are only so many inspectors on the force and it takes a lot of manpower to stake out the scenes of might-be-accidents-but-might-also-be-crimes. Priorities!

Competent and confident Molseley is a boring Molseley.

I think you're wrong. Molesley is always interesting in his sweaty earnestness and essential kindness.
Some other site had a commenter saying Molesley finally had some dignity, but he's always had dignity, even when he was throwing tar. That's why he's such an effective schlemiel.
Kevin Doyle, the actor, has created a marvelous character. He's like Job, the original schlimazel. And he plays it straight, like all great comedians do.

but if the mystery of Mr. Green’s death is truly over
Let's hope so!
Aww, Edith caught a break for once. Good for her.

Ah, Donk was drunk, how fun.
It was good to see them finally unleash Thomas. He's best when he's the magnificent ***** we all love.

Nice to see him use his talents for good. Although he's kind of like the proverbial sword with no hilt.

The whole idea of a ‘Christmas episode’ of a popular show was so weird to me, before I moved from Canada to England in 1992. Here in North America the idea of a popular TV show producing a one-off special Christmas Day episode is so odd that it’s laughable – ‘What, do a Christmas Day episode of The Good Wife? You’re joking, right? No one will watch it.’ But in England it’s a huge thing: Christmas dinner is served at about noon, leaving everyone in a protein-and-sherry induced stupor from about 2:00pm on; and everyone turns on the telly (which is, I guess, preferable to having to deal with embarrassing relatives face-to-face). Which in England means a Very Special one-off episode of your favourite shows, while in North America it would mean nothing more than the umpteenth colourised version of Alistair Sims’ A Christmas Carol.

colourised version of Alistair Sims’ A Christmas Carol.
Bite your tongue!

Well, yes; a colourised version of any black and white film is an offence against nature.

Oh, definitely! That's why I call TCM "Ted Turner's Mea Culpa."
But Mr. Sims as Scrooge is special to me.

Here in America, we call it "The NBA"

Oh, you toffy Brits, with your Christmas and Easter specials...

Actually, not to long ago many shows here in the USA had Christmas episodes.

Obviously, one only switches the telly on to watch The Queen at 3pm.
Seriously though - one Christmas Day episode of Eastenders in the '80s got over 30m viewers (about half of the entire population).
Due to the proliferation of channels now, those sorts of numbers will probably never happen again, but we do get a lot of event episodes at that time of year.

Let's get this straight.
Apparently in Britain if you can't prove you didn't commit the crime they can arrest and hold you indefinitely on purely circumstantial evidence. Then, when someone else who clearly has a motive to lie confesses, the prisoner is freed even though the flimsy evidence they do have makes it clear it wasn't him. Then the person who was on the run comes back and everybody goes home.
I loved this episode but man if Fellowes brings up this Green business next season I'm going to flip out.

...and shove someone in front of a bus?

The Mr. Green storyline is the gift that keeps on giving - doesn't everyone love a a good 'guy dies in a bus accident' plot?

Just go with it haha.

Worst of all, law enforcement had yet to offer any reasonable proof that a crime had even been committed. For all anyone knows, Green forgot to tie his shoe and went plunging headfirst into the street.
How do we go back and forth for this long on whether or not a man was actually pushed in front of a trolley at a busy intersection? Was the man pushed or did he trip? HOW IS THIS DIFFICULT?!

Oh you poor innocents ... thinking that the Mr. Green ***** is over. Fellowes isn't likely to let go so easily. If he can milk a terrible story, he will milk it, even when the cow goes dry and dies of exhaustion. There's a reason the story was left open-ended. In the first episode of season 6, we'll learn that the witness who saw Anna decided that he did in fact see her, so she'll be arrested again, then Bates will try to confess again, then the whole cycle will continue over and over again until the universe ends from heat death.

I was hoping that she did do it. That would make a change from the upteenth scurrilous murder charge the Bates have faced.

Apparently it's also really, really hard to make broth.

Well, not so hard ... Denker managed to get it right even without knowing what she was doing.

I don't think so! Violet choked it down just to spite Spratt, or whatever his name is.

Yeah, that was pretty clear.

But her broth sure wasn't! Daisy didn't teach her the eggshell trick for clarifying broth.

This show is like Sons of Anarchy just falling back on throwing someone in prison, so don't worry it'll probably be revisited next season somehow.
I just love the fact 2 servants on their days off found out more about where Bates was than the police managed to do.

The police weren't trying to prove Bates innocent.

Mary: "Dearest Sybil, our angel in Heaven, know that your kindness and goodness continues to inspire us here on Earth. We live better lives for having known you, and our loving memories of your grace, charm, hope, and faith in humanity sustain us until we may one day be united with your loving spirit. You were truly the love of all our lives, and we would weep endlessly for your loss but for the knowledge that you would wish us to be happy...
Oh, yes...and to Matthew, know that you were a middle-class human male with whom I successfully procreated, fulfilling your usefulness so that I could remove your head and ritualistically cannibalize your body.

Hee, so true - I can't even remember the last time anyone mentioned Matthew by name.

Just wait until he comes back as an anorexic ghost! :-O

It's true, although I did find the prayer to Sybil kind of sweet. Granted, not as sweet as Branson telling Robert "I love the way you love her," re: Sybie. That took me off-guard, and hit me right in the gut.

I let Mary slide on that account, for a couple of reasons. First, she knew that this was really Tom's moment, and so she dutifully did as he asked (why else would she willingly hold Edith's hand?) Second, she spent all of season 4 mourning Matthew, spurning that ridiculously long line of suitors along the way for the simple reason that she still hadn't been able to let go of her late husband.
Which is why I find it so fitting that, now that she clearly is ready to move on, she finally meets a formidable challenger in Matthew Goode's character. I just hope he is available for a lot of episodes in season 6, which has already begun filming.

I'm not usually a big Carson fan, but Carson in tears after Mrs. Hughes' 'old booby' line - waaahhh! Best Carson moment evaaaar!

I didn't know I could be so happy for two fictional people.

I was trying to imagine the wedding night (I know, why do I punish myself?) and all I could picture was wedding night scene in Young Frankenstein with the Monster in bed with his reading glasses and the paper.

Funny you should mention Young Frankenstein, because I was getting Frau Blucher *neigh* vibes from the Princess Kuragin.

Unattractive and/or old people both enjoy ***** and deserve love.

I love Carson, the old booby. His scenes with Mary are so touching, more so because he's always so gruff and stodgy.

Battle Creek "The Battle Creek Way" Season 1, Episode 1

ohmygod a cop show with two white male cops solving crimes i have never seen this before ohmygod its so edgy and unique and cool and great and ohmygod they are doing that every single week ohmygod i'm so on the edge of my seat right now ohymygod theres never been anything like this before ohmygod...
*collapses due to shock*

I mean wouldn't it be really edgy if they made one an antihero? A WHITE MALE ANTIHERO! WHO KNEW WE WOULD BE MAKING THOSE CHARACTERS IN 2015?

Hey on CBS thats progress

Yeah, Yeah - so it's not entirely original, Eric Harris Robinson.....
But especially for procedurals, it's not the destination, but the journey. If the elements are solid, who cares if it's not entirely original? Person of Interest is The Equalizer with computers, or Batman with the serial numbers filed off better than usual - and it's the best show on broadcast television!

So disappointingly average. Ill have to keep reminding myself that this isnt a Vince Gilligan show.

Yeah I just found out today that he's only an Executive Producer in credit and that this is David Shore's show...not that David Shore is bad but my expectations have been lowered.

Yeah... ever since I heard mention of Battle Creek I was expecting something a lot more BB and a lot less police procedural. Now I know what we're in for with this.
Thankfully we still have Better Call Saul!!

I'm not keen on how the show looks; granted it's the pilot(and, Bryan Singer gave House's pilot a similar "sheen" or "glow"). It's got that strange CBS gloss you'll see on Criminal Minds.
The "actions/reactions/evidence" speech is almost certainly Gilligan.

Did you ever see any of "The Glades" ? I once saw several minutes of it and kept expecting the gauzy flashback or dream sequence we were in to end. It turned out it just looked like that all the time.

I kept saying to myself "they could make this more interesting if..." For example, if Penn's White died in the first episode causing Agnew to need a new partner in Chamberlain, or if Agnew was revealed to be a horribly crooked cop a la The Shield, or if the show started referencing Breaking Bad, at least in its dialogue. I knew I was in for disappointment, but it makes me enjoy the show more if I predict illogical twists. Every episode of Madam Secretary I watch with my parents has me say at least once an episode "how cool would it be if they killed off one of her kids?"

I'll give it another episode or two, but I'm thinking probably 'no'. I can't see the forest for the trees -- Duhamel's character is too nauseating for me to see the larger themes.

I enjoyed the little we got to see of Kal Penn, and I'm hoping for more of him in future episodes.

Okay, well, I'll be the first to say it, even if I don't yet believe it: Theyyyy'rrrre......greeaattttttt!!!!.

I used to watch a lot more crime procedural shows. but now Elementary is the only one I think I watch weekly. I've fallen behind on Bones, and I heard Perception was cancelled so that's a bummer. Everything else has more or less fallen along the wayside.
I've been wanting to give this show a chance since I heard who's in the production team. I've also wanted to give the Fox show with Rainn Wilson a chance along with Scorpion. Here's hoping something catches my fancy, keeps me interested, and stays on the air.

Scorpion will stay on the air. Backstrom won't.
CBS put Battle Creek in perhaps their only real death slot, so it's a longshot to stick around, but we shall see.

Backstrom is an all-timer of a disaster.

I didn't come up with this, but, uh, this show will henceforth be known as BEEPER KING BAD

"...the grinding, realist detective’s first name is Russ, presumably short for Russell, and the ludicrously impressive wonder boy special agent’s last name is Chamberlain.
The latter in particular feels distinctive enough for me to at least
consider whether the basketball homage is not a coincidence."
Uh, you either skipped mentioning this or missed the obvious...
Chamberlain's first name is Milton, as in Milt, as in Wilt!


I'm guessing he meant Bill Russell? But it really isn't clear.

Timothy Olyphant did a great job in this.

Overall Id say it had alot of good moments and the potential to be better in future episodes the fact that Is stll got some vince giligan moments like with the cake, and isnt fallowing the typical cbs procedural formula is a plus

The Last Man On Earth "The Elephant In The Room" tv serie Episode 2

Well that was so much fun. The show definitely paid off on a brilliant premise. I hope its just Forte and Schaal for a while longer before they inevitably expand the cast.
My favourite scene was when Phil goes back to the bar to shoot pool with his ball friends who are too numerous to name. (anybody?)
That was the best comedy pilot i've seen in ages. It beats the hell outta Last Man Standing
Edit: What cultural artifacts would you decorate your Last Bachelor Pad on Earth with?

I was truly impressed by the little scene where Phil nonchalantly flashes Carol and Kristen's take on reacting to it. Not (just) because it was a funny scene about genitalia, but because of how progressive it felt. That's a kind of tone and punchline I hadn't really seen in a network 'sitcom' before. There's an atmosphere of social liberation the show wisely embraces, and I really hope they take advantage of that to dive into some of our more backwards gender concepts/societal constructs (like marriage) in upcoming episodes.

yah and Phil said "wash my balls" too.

He also nailed the line reading of "masturbatory."

Yes, I hope this show openly embraces polyamory.
Oh wait.

Hey, it's not IMPOSSIBLE to have a sexual relationship with a billiard ball.
It's just really difficult.
Pool cues are generally easier to work with, but they're harder to draw faces on, so... there's really no ideal choice between the two.
Now the pool TABLE...

I thought so too, but then like a scene or two later she walks in on him using the toilet and he covers himself up.

Eh, I had no problems. It felt natural. She had already spurned his little Phil, after all, he would likely still feel uncomfortable around her. Also bathroom nudity is WAY different than regular nudity.

Her dancing around at the end was adorable.
Anyways, I'd probably loot some military hardware and 1950s antiques to go for a Fallout theme.

Lucas Simms wants to have a word with you.

Pretty sure that, for the most part, I wouldn't be collecting *****.
I'd just be destroying stuff, wholesale.
Blowing up buildings, doing that thing Phil did with the trucks, etc etc.
Wanton destruction would never get tiring. NEVER.

Smash cut to The Great Exclamation heartlessly smashing things followed by an attempted car suicide.

I'd probably go for a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vibe and just go straight for the childhood nostalgia. For example, I'd somehow swipe and then live inside the Millennium Falcon.

The three ball friend names I caught were Terrance, Trent and Darby.

[RV slowly moves across America] Hello!
Chinese hello?

Chinese hello was pretty great, but I laughed myself into a coughing fit at the bus driving through the indoor mall and the subsequent reveal that the state in question was New Jersey.

Lol I apologize for the recent masturbation

I'm definitely going to work masTURbatory into some conversations.

Right, but what was your opinion of the show?

Framke is a very poor writer, even by this site's standards. She writes in the hyperbolic, "OMG" tone of a writer for a lesser pop culture site like Buzzfeed and offers no insight in her pieces. They read more like tweets arranged in paragraph form and echo a lot of common phrases and mannerisms found in millennial language for those who have people like that in their network. They had a better range of writers covering stuff before the dissolve shake up
It's uninspired and uniform with anything you would find written by someone along that age range who has spent a lot of time being a sponge soaking up the views, use of language, and memes that are current without a second of conscientious consent or questioning as to the nature of being a sponge. Look at Donna Bowman's writing and compare it to Framke's tripe. You can't compare the two. One is written by somebody good at their job and the other is written by a twenty year old whose Twitter feed makes them sound like someone who probably isn't even out of high school. Framke got lost on the way to buzzfeed.

Dude, give it a rest! No one's making you come here instead of any other site.

Well, at least she doesn't copy & paste her criticisms

Well, at least she doesn't copy & paste her criticisms

Was this really necessary? She used no internet slang, her tone was warm and enthusiastic but not hyperbolic, and she discussed both the show's strengths and weaknesses from an objective point of view. I'm looking forward to her continuing coverage of this show.

I'll just repeat what I wrote on your last comment:
[Makes jack off motion] ›
Go home.

Why come to a site with such a bitter-sounding complaint rather than just go find a reviewer more to your liking?
I thought it was a well written review of two episodes of a comedy show. I don't expect the writing here to be New Yorker level, and if you do, perhaps you need to lower your expectations. It's a free website with episode reviews written (often) quickly.
I did especially like the "and for a little while, everything is awesome." Nice touch on Caroline's part.

The remarkably newly-versatile Kristen Schaal kinda summed it up at the dinner table: "This is nice."
I used to hate Will Forte. Kristen Schaal's one-note gawk (sans Louise) wears thin after the years. But this was an unexpected treat. I watched the full hour with commercials. I really liked these characters and the delivery of this show.
Will Forte at his humblest is a great guy and so relatable to watch exist on his own. And Kristen Schaal as a smart, sarcastic, and tightly wound rule-abider is something I've never seen from her before. And I like it. These two might just make it.


vvvvooomp....chuckles maniacally

Yes he does, other Barry. Yes he does.

ahem.. sans Louise and SANS MEL.

comic SANS


Weird...I generally like Schaal, but Louise Belcher is my least favorite character on Bob's Burgers, and Schaal's screeching is a big part of that.

"Newly-versatile"? How can you say that about someone who can portray both human and horse roles?

So is there no electricity for computers and TV and so forth?

why else would Phil be looking at porno magazines when the internet is littered with endless amounts of.......brb....

Gigantic Asses is best seen in the original print format.

"You still buy print smut?!"
"Think about it. The power goes out, who holds all the cards?"


I won't have that smut in my house. There's no warmth with a computer. It's not natural. You can run your fingers over the pages with a magazine.

They showed him using a generator to watch Cast Away.
I assume the Internet is gone.

He uses a generator to watch Cast Away

I was wondering how he got all the gas to drive a bus around the US. Doubt the gas stations would be operational.

I'm sure Phil by this point has a highly developed siphoning embrasure.

Yeah, I assumed he was siphoning. Not just from gas stations, but from other cars that were now just abandoned husks.
I'm actually surprised by how much of the "world" holds together if you spend 3 seconds thinking about questions like that.

Living in a town that reaches 120 degrees in the summer with no air conditioning.

With scorpions and black widow spiders and Gila monsters and rattlesnakes. I think I'd head for south of San Francisco, around Big Sur.

Don't get me wrong. Tucson is amazing and the Sonoran Desert has incredible biological diversity. It's just that the species that live there have had millions of years to adapt. Anywhere on the coast would be better.

But doesn't gas go stale after, like, 6 months? I think diesel lasts longer, but they're going to run out.

review tv march-4, The 100 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part One" Season 2, E15

That opener was amazing. Last time The 100 sent me vibes like that was when Charlotte killed Wells. The opener led to a great first half which unfortunately made the second half more disappointing than it otherwise would have been. The inconsistencies in the episode hit critical mass around the thirty minute mark and made it very difficult to suspend disbelief.
I know Lexa has been portrayed as a stone cold, hyper-pragmatic leader. However, the scene where she screws over the Arc actually seemed out of character considering how up until now she never had anything but an unwavering commitment to the alliance. The one thing that saved that scene for me was how betrayed Clarke looked so all credit to Eliza Taylor’s acting abilities. It seemed like a cliché of a plot twist. As skeptical of the recent trend of miracle survivals as I am, at least they didn’t kill the alliance and Mr. Miller.
On the note of kudos for acting, the scene between Son Wallace and Father Wallace was extremely well executed. The son’s desire for fatherly approval and his father’s refusal to give it to him/scolding was so well played. His desire for validation for following his father’s advice and his seeming disappointment when he received a lecture about destroying the Arc instead was a nice touch.
I’m still not sure how I feel about the second half of this episode and how it made Mt. Weather’s plans even more irrational to the point where it’s tough to ignore how Mt. Weather’s plans are extremely detached from reality. Especially since this episode they were sort of pragmatic for the first time all season.
I still can’t wait for the season finale and am definitely on board for Season 3. I said I am still not sure how I felt about this episode so maybe it’ll grow on me when I watch it again over breakfast. I look forward to the discussion(s).

I think, especially with Arrow on vacation, that the CW should've just had a two hour finale for the show this week. I think it would've structurally helped the show, and I imagine, on future Netflix binge-watches, will be a better episode when part two is immediately available.
To your point about Lexa, do remember that she gave up her lover to the Ice Kingdom to maintain the peace. In fact, that's one of the first things we learn about her. After last week, when we were all in a swoon over the deftness that the show handled their kiss, I wonder if we were all a little blinded to the fact that, in my opinion, the opportunity for her to save her people and not send her troops into the meat-grinder that breaching that door would've been was completely in character for her.

Part of my dislike does relate to being a Clexa shipper* and I probably read incorrectly that Lexa had warmed up as a person. I can see other justifications for her making the deal (guilt over TonDC), but I still think some foreshadowing of Lexa's ability to both love and betray Clarke was needed because I hadn't seen her do that. I just re-watched that scene on Hulu and she didn't sacrifice Castia. The Ice Queen captured Castia, tortured her because she though Castia had intelligence and beheaded her. That's when Lexa turned off her emotions because that's a messed up experience. Gustus knowingly broke the law and more or less condoned his torture and execution so she didn't really throw him under the bus.
*Eww I ship something.

Ah. I've not rewatched this season yet. Damn, that is messed up. Gustus just served a plot purpose so that Raven could feasibly "forgive" Clarke for what she did to Finn, seeing what he would've endured had Clarke not intervened.
But don't feel bad. We all ship something. I had to defend shipping S3 Apollo and Starbuck on BSG back in the day (was totally fine with the shipping, but the dialogue on a particular scene was just appalling).

But it's winning the battle and losing the war. She got her people back but she left Mountain Men with the means to get out and crash her whole nation a short while later. Their only advantage was Mountain Men not being able to go out, now that they have bone marrow of the Arc people they soon will and with alliance broken, Lexa people won't have Arc's technological knowledge and don't really stand a chance.

Great point! And a grounder said last week(?) that the Sky People are more like the Mountain Men than grounders so yeah, that wasn't very tactically sound.

There is also a possibility of Sky and Mountain alliance. Thing with bone marrow - it doesn't have to be taken all at once and the donor doesn't need to die. Sky people can willingly help Mountain people and nobody needs to die if it isn't done in a hurry.After everyone is treated they team up and crush these blood thirsty betraying savages.
Lexa might be better off making decisions with her heart after all.

I think Lexa's decision was certainly in character but I've seen a lot of dissenting opinions on that. You're absolutely right - up until that moment when the Mountain Men approached her with their ceasefire, Lexa was committed to the alliance but only insofar as it was useful for her to achieve her own ends for her people. Once the Mountain Men could guarantee her people's safety, priorities shifted and so did the alliance (I'm not certain if that means the end of the war between the Grounders and Mt Weather or if it was strictly to rescue their people inside...?).
Lexa developing feelings for Clarke was unexpected for her and since her introduction, she's been battling with them/suppressing them as she believes they are a weakness. I think the show has definitely made it clear that Lexa could both love Clarke and betray her when it comes to her people's safety - she's been a leader much longer than Clarke and she's learned through hardship (losing Costia), to shut her personal feelings down, especially when it comes to her people. It just makes sense to me.
As much as I love Clarke/Lexa, and as much as Lexa loves Clarke/Lexa (ha!),
you could see Lexa was broken up about it insofar as how it would affect Clarke but she made her decision strictly as a leader - not based on her personal feelings. If Lexa doesn't die this season and returns for season 3 at some point, I think it sets up an interesting dynamic between them because I do think Clarke would eventually forgive her.

Holy *****... I didn't see that coming at all. There is absolutely no show out there that would have the balls to pull this. I wondering how they were going to drag this out into a two-parter. Man next week can't get here fast enough. I'm still in shock..

While I was a bit disappointed at first that all of the excitement and planning turned out a bit anticlimactic and that the twist came out of nowhere, the decision felt completely in character and the look on Clarke's face was just crushing.

I even vaguely remember Lexa mentioning something along the lines of 'plans change in battle' during one of their discussions - in hindsight, that's some foreshadowing right there. To be fair, they've been broadcasting this decision since Lexa was introduced - she's ruthless.

Game of Thrones might...

That was cold Lexa.That was cold.I mean I GET IT why she made the deal but .........geez disappointed.
From favortie character to I dont want to see your face again.
Green Arrow:"LEXA, YOU HAVE FAILED THIS....wait, which city is yours again?"
Fabulous episode overall.The last scene gave me chills and so heartbreaking to see.I really cant wait to see how Clarke and company get out of this one.

So do you think that with this action, Lexa's death next week (as predicted by several commenters last week) goes from 'possible' to 'probable'?
Personally, I hope not. Lexa is a wonderful character and with her betrayal this week, it would be a more interesting choice to keep her around.

I was convinced she was going to die either this week or next week but based on some writer's tweets I've seen floating around, now I'm not so sure - I think there's a good chance she'll live. I agree, it would be a more interesting choice to keep her around, especially after this episode if this is the last we'll see of her for this season.
Speaking of, is she even returning next episode? they wrote her last scene with a kind of finality.

I checked IMDB out of fear that was how Lexa ended and Alycia Debnam-Carey is listed for Part II. I'll have a response for what you replied to me tomorrow when I've watched it again.

I have seen that apparently she's listed as being in the next episode but I don't know how trustworthy IMDB is...if she's returning, it better be to ***** Mt Weather up because I'm with Lincoln - I'm not here for peace, blood for blood! But she better not die...
ETA. I misread your comment the first time, so yes she's returning apparently!

No. I dont think she is getting killed off. Not yet. She talked about the Grounder's Capitol and asked Clarke to go with her. After the betrayal she said "may we meet again" I am sure they will meet again.But this time under less friendlier circumstances which is so exciting tbh.

In forty-three minutes, I went from praying Lexa would survive to hoping that Clarke sends a missile into the command tent herself.
I thought that the grounders might turn on the sky people, but after the mountain fell. Then, it would make sense. It would break our hearts, but it would be in the grounder's interest. But allying with the mountain instead? Makes little to no sense. While Mount Weather has even one available missile, there is no reason for them to keep any deal. They'll rebuild their chemicals, and they'll change the reaper OFF frequency. There will never be peace with anyone as bigoted as the mountain men.

And once the Mountain Men harvest the bone marrow from the Ark people, they'll leave the mountain and conquer the Grounders territory. Lexa's betrayal wasn't just cold, it was stupid. I really, really want Clarke to kill her.

How many people are there in the Mountain? I was thinking it was a pretty low number. If they settle on the ground, they can't possibly take up that much space. But then again, neither did the initial 100 and yet the Grounders still attacked them for invading their territory. So I'm not really sure how the Grounders would react or if giving the Mountain Men some land was part of the deal.

They will meet in the Grounder Capitol again. Then,I wont be hoping for lexa to survive like I was for the whole last week.

This is exactly my concern. If the Mountain Men are cured and move above ground, they're going to be able to expand their population for the first time in decades. I doubt that's going to lead to harmony between them and the Grounders. I'm pretty pissed at Lexa and think her decision was short sighted but I still don't want her dead.
I'm betting we'll see the consequences of her decision and how it affects the Grounders next season. My guess is, it's not going to be all positive.

Exactly. That was idiotic decision that gives immediate win but should cost her a war in the long run as she looses the two advantages - Arc's technology and Mountain man inability to survive outside.

I think Lexa's decision was motivated by the immediate short term goals of saving her people, both inside and outside the door of Mt Weather, once the offer was made. And I completely understand her motivations for doing so. But surely she understands that if the Mountain Men ever reach the ground permanently, they will pose all kinds of threats like you said? I say IF because perhaps they get rid of that bigotry in next week's episode and only the innocents or the civilians remain.

No Jaha this week. I guess we'll get to that next week?
The Raven/Wick stuff was good. It kept me in suspense too long though, because they didn't show us what happened after the explosion when it came back from commercial like I thought it would and then I kept wondering about it.
I was happy Bellamy finally freed the Grounders, but sad it didn't go as planned and it looks like he lost most of his friends to level 5. I'm not sure what he's going to do now.
I didn't see the Grounders pulling out and just leaving like that. I thought the Mountain Men had taken so many of their people and turned so many into Reapers they'd want vengeance for them. I didn't think they'd betray Clarke and the Ark people before they even got inside Mount Weather - I thought it would be after and be a plot-line for next season.
The Grounders were all about "blood must have blood" and they just left? It seemed off to me because they have their justice system and it's why Finn had to die for all the people he killed. But they just let the Mountain Men off the hook? I don't get it.

"The Mountain must fall!! or you know politely give us our people back and hunt the woman I love instead. Six of one..." - Lexa

Indra's battle cry and advice to Octavia at the end of last week's episode just ring so fake now. Everything the Grounders have been presented as standing for just became a total fraud.

I think in the Grounder Ten Commandments it goes.
1. Obey the Commander.
2-10. Be crazy good at fighting, reincarnation, etc.
Thus I think Indra's battle cry is real and I will reserve judgment until the next episode. Grounders have expressed reservations to the Commander before. It could happen again. I'm kind of hoping the holes in this episode get filled in next week's finale.

Yeah the Grounders made total hypocrites of themselves as far as justice is concerned. Finn died for a helluva a lot less criminal activity than the Mountain men are responsible for. The Grounders are now and henceforth cowards. They don't fight on equal terms, they only kill when it can be an execution of the helpless with no risk to themselves. That's the only way I can look at them going forward.

Where have you been? These are the same people who speared Jasper out of nowhere, strung him up, and then tried to kill the 100 with little provocation.
Finn died so Lexa could make peace between the Grounders and the Ark people, a deal based on her desire to get her people out of Mt. Weather, and she made that peace by marching an army to the gates of Camp Jaha and demanding it.
They have never been anything other than self-serving.

I've seen some theories floating around suggesting the possibility that it's a 'fake retreat' and they will retaliate now the Mountain Men no longer expect them as a threat and fulfill their blood must have blood mantra, or that Lexa will have a change of heart (literally) with a 'heart conquers mind' scenario and return to help Clarke. Personally, I don't think there's anything else going on - what we saw is what happened (although I'd be happy if any of those scenarios or something else entirely did happen!) and it leaves next week to be more focused on The 100 kids and the 45 (or however many are left) and Clarke being a straight up boss by the looks of things.

Having this be a fakeout is frankly the only way that the title of the episode itself even makes any sense.

So I made the mistake of introducing my girlfriend to this show and while binge watching Season 1 with her gave me a whole new appreciation for the show, it also led to me watching this episode of the show and getting to deal with her snarky commentary. It's entertaining and thought provoking on a second viewing. Not so much on new episodes.
HOWEVER, her remark that “Wick and Raven should have spent less time having ***** and more time attending the Bellamy Blake School of Magically Riding Fiery Explosions to Safety,” made me laugh.
Why do I share this? She saw me online, made fun of me for being an internet commentator and immediately asked I share the one joke that made me laugh.


I know! Rejoice! The fiercest braid on tv is back!

Damn Clarke, all you had to do was say yes to Lexa's date invite!
Once again, I love how this show doesn't shy away from its own ruthlessness. What Lexa did was completely understandable and within character so it should really come as no surprise - but even so, the show always gets the drop on me with stuff like this.
Boss Moment this week goes to Lincoln for shooting Katniss Everdeen style under severe time pressure.
Raven sure does love to blow things up. She excels at that task I must say.

Wow, just when I was totally on-board with the former President for standing up for his former convictions after hunger striking and believing in Clarke ending their rule and that she may be merciful... he goes and dicks it up with pragmatism that his son never had.

"You would have done the same." The irony is, the Clarke you first met might well have, Lexa. But it's thanks to you that she's changed so much that no, she would have been willing to save everyone, even her own people and you just screwed that up. Damn, this show knows where to hit you hard.

So Blood doesn't need to be answered with Blood. I thought it would make more sense for the Grounders to want revenge for generations of being killed and kidnapped and experimented on by the Mountain Men. They demanded Finn's blood. That betrayal just didn't make sense to me. I love the Ocean's 100 caper planning scene. And pretty much everything else.

It makes perfect sense. An opportunity arose where she would rescue her people without losing anymore lives. This fits into Lexa's character. And Lexa is right this is exactly the same thing Clark would do. I absolutely loved it.

Not buying it. Lexa let those people die in Ton DC to retain the tactical advantage. By not attacking Mount Weather she's leaving her people at future risk. The Grounders will probably never have a better chance to eliminate a future threat. Even though the writers might come up with some thing. Isn't their death poem "Your fight is over"? Didn't she have a villager either beaten or killed for questioning her. Life is not sacred to the Grounders. And isn't saving those lives actually sentimental? The very thing she counsels against? No, I think it would be more in line with grounder ethos to press the advantage to eliminate future threats and just for some good old fashion revenge.
Also, if Lexa is the Commander who took Mount Weather. A place of death and torture for generations of her people, she would be legend. She could probably unite all the Grounders. Stopping any infighting and protecting her people from invasion just by reputation.
I don't think Clarke would make the same decision after Ton DC. And remember when she said "He IS my people", that sounded kind of pointed and universal.

I don't know, getting the sense Lexa is playing a longer game here, this is part of a plan (maybe even cooked up with Clarke) to lull the Mountain Men in and then hit hard where they least expect it. I hope that's the case, makes more sense and be a fun twist for the finale.

We'll see what they do with next week, but if this cowardly mess is what they've decided to make the Grounders into, my interest in watching Season 3 has plummeted precipitously. Pretty much having this all be a deception for the Mountain men like what you described is about the only thing that could bring my interest back.

The fact that it makes more sense just speaks to how little sense their actions have made so far.

The only reason why I don't think she's cooked up something with Clarke, is because this proposition by the Mountain Men was completely unexpected and made to Lexa only. Not to mention, Clarke's hurt/betrayal/anger seemed pretty genuine. As Lexa said last episode, plans change in battle.
As for whether Lexa is playing a longer game, I kind of hope so too? I'll keep low expectations on that front but given how the show keeps pulling the rug from under me, I'm not sure about anything.

This show has exceeded any expectations I had for it prior to season one. Can not wait for part two next week.

I definitely don't agree with Lexa that Clarke would have taken the same deal. I think Clarke *gets* why Lexa did it, but that doesn't mean she would make the same call. She's hardened up a lot over these past seasons and learned a lot about being a leader (mostly from Lexa), but Clarke, as she is now, would rather storm the doors to Mount Weather, likely losing many warrior lives than just sacrifice innocent ones.

I don't believe the Grounders are done with this. It doesn't make sense. The Mountain Men are the enemy. The reapers, acid fog, prisoners... Blood must have blood. I'd be blown away if it turns out Lexa didn't have a plan.

Wow, this episode broke my heart. But great television is supposed to make you feel something. I saw Lexa's heel turn coming when she told her people to stand down. There was no other explanation. As much as I was rooting for Clexa, I realize that this twist makes for some great storytelling. And who knows, maybe Lexa is playing a long con and the retreat isn't for real. I can't wait to see where this show goes next week and season 3.

Broad City "Kirk Steele" Season 2, Episode 8

That thrift store is so true to life. Give me cash, you *****!

"No...Ilana, I need the money."
"Oh, right."

"By the way, I know that shirt's from Forever 21. You're not kidding anybody."

Her hair and lipstick are pretty cute, to be honest.

"That'll be $35, babe."
"What a bargain!"
Ilana making Oliver try on heels in the store was also ***** hilarious.
"Honestly, your legs look amazing."
"As well as my tuckus?"
"It's tuchus, but I am loving it, brother!"

That kid is going to grow up to be so sexually liberated.

"Come on, dude, I thought we were cool. Now I gotta lug all this ***** to some Jesus house?"
"No, you bobo. My mom's stuff is fancy as *****. Take it back to Beacon's and sell the ***** out of it!"
"The student has become the teacher."
He sure damn will.
"Ilana, do the homeless like Prada?"

Seeing Abbi in that trainer's t-shirt was (unsurprisingly) so satisfying. Can't wait for the inevitable return to "Cleaner."

"This is a joke shirt."

"I sometimes train celebrities at night. ... Shania Twain."

"Please, Abbi, I have a kid!"
"What?! You do?!"
"Probably! A paternity suit could pop up at any time!"

He's gotta learn to wrap it up ...

I'm glad they're giving Abbi some pretty big wins this season. Granted, they were realistically imperfect but her transition out of constantly cleaning up pube situations in the locker room is strangely inspiring.


Ilana and the rich kid were a great team. I was sort of bummed they didn't run into Lincoln though.

I was ready for the kid to be a total brat. I'm so glad he was sweet instead.

They have the best child actors on this show.

"I'm doing more than watching him. I am molding him. Oliver's at a tipping point right now. If I don't step in, he could go to Yale, and then Yale Law, and then kill a stripper and settle out of court."
"Jesus, Ilana, he's an innocent little boy."
"Yeah, for now, but if I don't do something, he could turn into another rich, useless, old white man."
And that's exactly why I love Ilana. YAS, QUEEN! YAS, QUEEN!

She is an inspiration for the future.

Ilana is a village.

Notice how he slowly moonwalked in the closet and stayed in there while his mother asked: "You think the homeless like Prada?"
Ilana was 'outed' and he just entered.
Love those subtle references.

Best vibe-phrase since Sunny's "Oh I wanna do this." "OOOOH, OOH OOH..."

Am I the only the only one developing a strange and oversized crush on Trey? He's like a giant, lickable, lovable labroodle. Even those frosted tips couldn't hide his adorableness!

He's hot.

Not particularly. I can understand it but no. Though I did admittedly notice the 2 seconds of unblurred Trey ***** in the video at the end.


Here ya go, from Trey himself:


woof, if you know what I mean.

And a great writer. Peace, mortals!

It's Strega Nona, the Weed Witch!

"I'm not going to watch porn here."
"Everyone here is watching porn."

That is so true to life.

Not to belabor the point about how progressive or whatever Broad City is, but it really is refreshing how open and nonchalant they are about vibrators, ***** and porn. Ilana's whole masturbation set up was hilarious and I love that we are seeing this on TV!

Yas qween, this is a good one. Soooo many great references to stuff from the show and other projects they've done. Great story, definitely want to see more of that little kid Ilana's mentoring. Wonder if the Kirk Steele thing will come up again.
One tiny thing- the trainer friend's name is Gemma. The lady who plays her is named D'Arcy.

In college, my friend's ex boyfriend became a porn actor (later a reasonably sized star). The look on my friend's face when I showed him the porno was amazing. I feel your joy, Ilana.

A reasonably sized star, eh? Must've done well.

Oh he was. And he did over 100 scenes. And how could you not let Trey go down on you Abbi? SHAME.

Well, how do you know Trey would've been any good at that though? He's got some skills clearly but not everybody has the linguistic skills for it.

There's always points for effort.

Fair enough, but I've heard some horror stories.

ah yes, one of the PSORSes, porn stars of reasonable size...

Made it through the Fire Swamp ok ...

I'm saving that for the next time I hook up with a ginger.

Hopefully not one with gonorrhea.


Shut down.

Watched this episode and last week's back to back due to last week's DVR snafu. Enjoyed the repeat mention of Ilana's tendency to turn outrage against something offensive into something offensive.
Oh, also, hilarious episode.

"Of course shrimp cocktail's Ron Howard's favorite food. He probably has it three to four times a week, that ***** *****."

Broadchurch Season 2, E1 - TV review

God, this show is so bloody dour, but so beautiful and engrossing.

Haven't seen either Gracepoint or Broadchurch. If I decide to watch Gracepoint instead will AV Club block my ISP?

I doubt they are that efficient, but they definitely should

They'll transfer some bitcoinage to some NK hax0rs and expose all your emails if you only watch Gracepoint.

If you've never seen Broadchurch and never intend to, Gracepoint might be a reasonably entertaining distraction. But for those who've seen Broadchurch, it's a study in pointlessness. Seriously, Gracepoint is a study in how -not- to do an adaptation - it's worse than all those canonically crappy American adaptations of British shows, because they are at least openly half-arsing it - Gracepoint pretends it's going to do something different, and then at the end it decides to just copy the British show, which made all the "we're going to do something different" setup pointless wheel-spinning. If somebody told me it was a collosal prank that would actually seem believable. I don't know what Chibnall was thinking.

I very much look forward to see if the grades remain this high as the season goes on. Maybe it's just me, but I found that the second season started well, but very quickly squandered my goodwill towards it.

That's basically how I felt about it. No spoilers (I've already seen the whole season) but season 2 comes out of the gate really hot, loses control pretty quickly, spins out and crashes by the half way point, and spends most of the rest of the season on fire in a ditch. The very last episode actually does manage to recapture a bit of the tension and emotion that permeated season 1, but most of this season just feels overly contrived and melodramatic and false in a way that season 1 never did.
Still, it at least had the decency to look and sound great, even when it lost the plot. And Tennant and Colman continue to give great performances, even if they don't spend as much time together as I would have liked. And hey, Eve Myles is in this! Everybody loves Eve Myles, right?

I felt the cliffhanger at the end of the penultimate episode was kind of cheap. Still, I ultimately enjoyed it, even if it didn't quite capture the lightning-in-a-bottle aura of the first season (but really, what could?)

I agree. The leads are still fantastic, but I started disliking basically every other character. Which makes for tedious viewing.

I already severely disliked all the other characters other than Tennant and Coleman, and love Eve Myles, so maybe season 2 will work for me then?

Eve's character is... (Mild spoiler)
Not that likeable.

Broadchurch has never really been about likeable characters. Do you find Hardy likeable? I don't really think he's supposed to be!

I've already seen the whole season, so I will refrain from spoilers. I will say that right off the bat this season felt like a completely different series in some respects, yet it still had the beautiful cinematography and that "should be annoying but is actually kind of great" score.
Part of me didn't really get why Joe pled not guilty. He turned himself in and admitted to the crime. Last season ended with him overcome with guilt. It just felt kind of forced; as if the writers didn't really know what else to explore.

Joe pleading guilty was very clearly a plot choice and not a character choice. It was the only way to keep a significant portion of the season's action within Broadchurch in order to include all the non-Hardy characters.

I thought it was appropriate to make him seem like a coward trying to escape punishment.

Also it worked plot-wise in that perhaps he realized the police procedures of the investigation in season one were, not to put it too subtly, *****, and that might make the prosecution unfortunately vulnerable.

Also, the floated theory he's not the killer but rather initially taking the fall for his kid (I forgot the name). Which I hope is not the direction where Chibnall is going.

I certainly hope the Brit version of this is better than that, and there seems on the face of it to be no doubt about his guilt nor has Joe seemed to really suggest that, just that he didn't want to do the time for what he actually did. If so that would actually ***** potentially as bad or worse than the US version, and I can't believe that...

He was overcome by an emotional reaction, after a stretch of time of it building up in secret.
In cold light of day I don't find it unbelievable that he would have significant second thoughts. He's enough of a human being to feel guilt, but that's doesn't mean he's enough of a good person to follow through with the hassle of penitence.

I find Joe to be a very poorly developed character.

He is, but does pleading "not guilty" really need an explanation? He's scared of going to jail. I would be too, in his place.

I have heard complaints that this doesn't live up to the original series/season (which I loved Gracepoint be damned!) but after 1 episode: COUNT ME IN FOR THE RIDE!
I will gladly give up 8 hours of tv time to follow these characters. (Also the beautiful cinematography and music add sooo much to it all) loving this so far!

I loved the first season of this show but I'm kind of afraid to watch the second. I can't imagine it's necessary...

What tv show is ever necessary?

I had the same worry, but the trial explored the story in a new and interesting way. So yeah, watch it. (But it's as depressing as the first series, so warning yada yada.)
The third series however, I can't imagine anything good or new out of it.

Wow AVCLUB=losers. I already saw every episode of season 2. Is AVCLUB going to do a review of the first season of the Sopranos next? lolol. WOW. Way to be current AVCLUB! hahahahahah!!!

Are you not aware that season 2 episode 1 only just aired in the US tonight? Or are you just being a jerk for no reason?

Wow typical American. I guess your country is the center of the universe now, even when its importing other countries' works? WOW.

Why this seemingly overwhelming need to be obnoxious and participate in a forum about a TV program that you've admittedly already watched and so feel is 'so yesterday'?
Does this (including your or so perceptive comments) give you some sad buzz of superiority?

Well yes, so go get bent on a wrench.

Huh. All right, then.

Lolol..The grown-ups are speaking. Go back to bed, boy.

Wow boy? Sexist much? I guess you like to assume everyone is a man, because in your mind "male" is the default state of being. What a gross assumption. Maybe the fact that you're a "grown up" is an explanation for why you're so SLOW to keep up with modern television. Did you take your meds this morning Grandpa????

Fine, go back to bed, "girl".
(And no, I haven't taken my "meds" yet.)

Is this really necessary?

I liked Gracepoint. David Tennant's "American" accent was fine. I love the color palette in this show. Hardy seems a bit unhinged....

Is this a downer of a season? It sure seems to have made the reviewer "Blue."


Didn't enjoy the second nearly as much as the first. I feel like a lot of the people we loved from the first season just come across as caricatures. Maybe that's the downside of binge watching it. Still love Ellie and Hardy though.

Olivia Colman in this series is just amazing. There is nothing flattering about her clothes, her makeup, her hairstyle, or the personality even of her character, and I wouldn't be able exactly to explain why I find her so attractive. (Maybe her eyes? her voice?) But I absolutely adore her in this & would watch it just for Ellie, especially since we seem to be teased that Ellie will be giving Hardy unmerciful grief (but also providing invaluable assistance in his investigation).

She's sympathetic and relatable, battered but not all weak.

That is true, you remember from last season what a warm and determined and decent person Ellie was, even though a lot of that has been stripped from her. And she certainly is not weak! Great that you don't see her really apologizing or backing down from anyone even in this episode, when she is at her absolute lowest. Her telling Joe not to dare look at her was maybe the episode highlight.

I don't find her particularly attractive, but she's a great actress and Ellie is a great character.

Incredible colors for a country with a gloomy climate and also excellent cinematography.

Oh Ellie, I just don't think you'll be able to let it blow over once it's over and move back in a few months.
Yeah creepy doesn't begin to express the lets play some FIFA in this trailer reveal. May as well just have rolls of duct tape outside and black out the windows of the place to scream no this isn't a rape van, it's a rape trailer.
I think the butler did it....

So, to those other commenters who watched this as it came out in the UK... how about that bit, huh? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. It was pretty... noticeable.

While I didn't love this season as much as the first, I thought pleading not guilty was a pretty ingenious way to basically reuse the same case and infuse some new storylines.
I can't even fathom where they'll go for season three.

Seeing Mark with Tom I wondered if he was planning revenge by killing Tom.........
I don't get why Beth is so upset with Ellie, other than just misplaced blame.
Overall, it has that same great atmosphere, I can't wait for more.

Finally. Just this episode has washed the aftertaste of Gracepoint away.
I'm sorry some of our resident Brits don't think this second series is consistent throughout, but I'll keep watching.

This season is OFF THE CHAIN. I'm glad they brought back Sandbrook because the show just couldn't sustain itself on courtroom stuff alone. Gotta have those half-revelations at the end of every episode come from somewhere.
I'll say it now and I'll say it every episode until it stops - Broadchurch, as a community, has a serious problem with people standing across fields and gazing ominously at other people / their property.

Steven Universe Season 1 E48 -"The Return"

Intellectually, I could tell this two-parter was really great. But I couldn't get myself to enjoy it, like my emotions just weren't working. Never get depression, you guys. It sucks SO much.

Love, love, love SU,.but the past few episodes have really left me with a nagging thought: do children like this show?
Lacking the kids to learn directly...but couple of preteen nieces both described it as "too weird"....

your nieces are dumb

Was gonna fiercely denounce you...but how I say anything mean to that avatar!
Plus, they do have waaaay too much One Direction *****...

I'll admit-- I wasn't being serious. It's definitely a bummer that they think it's too weird, but I guess not everything's for everyone. A lot of younger relatives I know like it, fortunately.

I've heard plenty of people saying their kids/ little brothers/ little sisters/ younger cousins really like it.

Hey, their weapons! Those are tuning forks! The gems fight each other using sonic frequencies-the forks shatter gems on impact. Much of their technology is focused around gems, which is why it and forcefields didn't work on Stephen-he's an organic and cannot be shattered.

Now we just need Connie to sing!

It never ceases to amaze me how much detail, story, character depth and action the Crewniverse can stuff into an 11-minute episode and, respectively, Team Adventure Time. Even though this was a two-parter, it felt like an hour worth of material.
Other than that, I don't thing there's anything I can add that hasn't already been said here. My faith in this show has never been in question but has only grown stronger.

Oh man, what an amazing episode of Steven Universe! I had high hopes for this two parter and they were all met. The revel of Ruby and Sapphire and Estelle's song were the highlights of course, but I love SU's attention to little details, like Pearl and Amethyst huddled as close together as possible and Garnet's triumphant little leap as she runs away from the exploding core.

Another good thing about this episode is that it finally gives me the chance to use the phrase "reverse Team Rocketed into Canada."

Jasper's fusion dance with Lapis Lazui was frightening, in its way. Fusion dances we've seen so far were based on love, shared need, exploration and other positive things.
This one was intentionally cryptic, aggressive, power-grabbing and as we see moments later, vengeful and traitorous. Absolutely amazing the way it was animated.

"Just say YES" Brrr.

Can we talk about how when Steven surprises Opal and she splits apart into Pearl and Amethyst, Amethyst is so happy to see him? "You came back!" She really missed him!


God. They are so *good*.

The animation director for The Return had a pretty unique style. Even Greg looked different, his goatee/beard-thing was a lot more scruffy instead of the cloud-like puff it usually is.

I like it when Greg's beard looks more like a beard and less like an orangutan's mouth.

So great.
- Loved the animation on everybody's facial expressions.
- Loved that the title card for "Jailbreak" was, appropriately, in space (and silent, iirc)
- *hearty nod of agreement to what everyone else has already said about Garnet <3*
- Oh, poor Lapis! Pushed around, hopeless, then using that to drag Jasper (who deserves it, but still) down with her. Such a dark turn to take compared to the end of "Ocean Gem."
- Was Malachite's name stated at some point and I just missed it? If not, where did y'all find it out?

It's in the end credits.

Ah, thank you!

"We already love you." Why does this show, more than any other make me cry so hard? not even sad tears like happy tears. Is it because it's so genuine?

So, between this and Gravity Falls mid-season finale, I'm thinking maybe that this whole "new Golden age of animation" ***** that people have been spouting might actually have some validity. With the exception of a few Parks and Rec episodes I haven't seen a single episode of Live Action television that I enjoyed as much as these two episodes.

gotta admit as awesome as these eps were(Garnet ftw!), can't help but feel like they were a tad bit rushed. Guess i watch too much shonen anime but taking down the big bad season finale threat in only 1 or so eps feel abit too quick imo.

I know what you mean, but each episode can only be about eleven minutes. They have to deliver a story and wrap it up in what usually amounts to half the time of your average anime. With the depth of story SU is aspiring to have, I wish the network would be open to possibly extending the run time to twenty two minutes instead of eleven. That might be a lot to ask for the creators, who've probably gotten comfortable with eleven minute episodes.

I remember Alex Hirsch talking once in an interview about how different the skillsets were for 22-minute and 11-minute series. I don't think it would work out that well.

Yeah, I'm sure that's the case. In an interview, Alan Moore talked about how starting out writing short five or six panel strips for underground comics really taught him the value of brevity in storytelling. Not only would working on eleven minute episodes require a different skill set than episodes twice as long, I'm sure it takes a completely different mindset. I know I'd definitely struggle with it.

I don't agree because we've been building towards the arrival of the season big bad for a long stretch of episodes, with this whole week dedicated to dealing with the threat more imminently. So their specter has been hanging over the show for awhile, which is a kind of symbolic protracted battle.

I don't know if this has been said before but I loved how Peridot and Jasper represented the two faces of modern military conquest. One cold, bloodless, and vaguely bored and the other brutal, cruel, and violent. In that sense, I think Jasper's militarism is a solid character trait. Jasper is the muscle whose savagery allows bureaucrats like Peridot to get their own cruel work done.

no. NO more Ronaldo. Are you fuckingkidding me??

Someone has to be there to KEEP BEACH CITY WEIRD.


Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse have created the most aspiring and visionary cartoon of the last ten years. I really have to applaud their attention to character and story that, I think, surpasses their peers. (As much as I love Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, I just don't think they ascend to the heights of Steven Universe. Controversial opinion?) Absolutely extraordinary what they've been able to achieve in some 50 episodes and to think that we have two more seasons to come!

I'm just gonna copy/paste from my tumblr: Since gems seem to need to be in agreement or be in harmony to stay fused it obviously means that Lapis feels that their mission is evil -or at least very wrong-, and that Jasper could subconsciously agree and overcompensates by being extremely unrelenting in their goal to conquer.

I actually wonder if their agreement/harmony is mutual loathing of each other. That's why they stay together but are unhealthy.

I have to be honest, Garnet being a fusion was a surprise to me. Though it all makes complete since when I think about it. (Having two gems, a split outfit, 3 eyes, Suglites extremely aggressive nature, and her excitement at Stevonni.) This show is really willing to set up stories and let the develop. They are doing amazing work.
That being said, I love the murkiness of it all. They show just enough and aren't tempted to blow their load in one special (ala Adventure Time.)

Last episode of Adventure Time I truly enjoyed was Pajama Wars since it balanced the quieter moments (Finn and PB) with the hilarious anarchy of the candy people. I've also been losing interest in Regular Show, especially after last night's dumb episode.
So I'm glad I got into this.

Steven Universe Season 1 Scorecard
Beach episode: ☑
Hot springs episode: ☐
Bath house episode: ☐
Total score: 1 out of 3 (33%): F-

Hey guys, here's the straight audio of "Stronger Than You" for those who want it:

Maybe I should have kept watching this show!

Yeah, probably. Well, no time like the present to start catching up?

So, Ruby and Sapphire, Gem love huh?
I keep thinking of what Garnet said to Stevonnie "You are an experience" so Garnet is Ruby and Sapphire choosing to have this shared experience permanently, in love! Because she's made of love!
The other thing I'm wondering is about the corrupted gems that they fought earlier in the season. Are they kindergarten gems like Amethyst? Remnants of Rose's army, or the other side? or all 3?

I think homeworld set off a "Gem Doomsday Device" that corrupted the Gems that made up Rose's army, except for the ones she could protect with her shield.
So the corrupted gems the Crystal Gems are collecting (not destroying) are their old comrades.

Good theory.

Cuz Ya Know, Episodes 51 And 52 Don't Count Towards A Season Finale Even Tho Each Season Consists Of 52 Episodes...

Friends are coming over for day drinking shenanigans tomorrow. Last time we did this, I showed them all of Over The Garden Wall. Tomorrow I'm showing them this.

I'm glad they finally gave an origin for Garnets curvacious thighs. Seems like Ruby can be thanked for that.

So is Sapphire blind? We never see her eyes, she doesn't respond to anyone unless she hears them first, and when she moves it's so precise it's like she's relying on future vision instead of visual information.

She's a cyclops. Or more specifically, her gem may be in place of her eye. hence Garnet having three.

I thought her gem was on the palm of her hand like Ruby's?

Ocean City: What's the deal there?

Best new fan theory: Greg is a 5,000 year old caveman kept alive by Rose's healing magic.

Vandal Savage minus the savage.

These episodes are dangerously re-watchable

How did Noah get that job? Others in the group are way more capable for that. Wouldn't make a lot more sense to have Noah in a health care setting.. or something??

Yeah, it's probably not a good idea to give the mobile mission to the guy who limps.

But he still runs faster than everyone on that gimp leg

RIP, Tyreese.

How did everyone not get that job? Every one of them except FG, Eugene, and Noah is more competent outside than the Alexandria people.

It does seem a little ridiculous that she assigns Noah to that job and somehow has not the foggiest idea what to do with Daryl.

Didn't Noah work as a nurse in the hospital? Would it be reopening old wounds to give him the same job?

More of an orderly than a nurse.

Noah's there to be easily killed off when the next African American character shows up

Who's next on the Wire Checklist? We've had D'Angelo, so Avon?
Or Stringer? Please please please let it be Stringer.
I would watch 12 seasons of Idris Elba stomping walkers.

I think part of the Daryl thing is his clear resistance, not really that she has no clue what to do with him. She has no buy-in at all from him (unlike a Rick or Glenn, who are just a little leery and reticent).

That's a fair point. But if she's as good a judge of character as she thinks, she wouldn't waste energy trying to domesticate a feral cat, and she'd just let him do his hunter/gatherer thing.

Using your example though, if you're planning to bring said cat into your house, you are going to need to figure out what to do with him. You do need to find out if he's house-broken. It can't be a free-for-all. She has to figure Daryl out and find some way to integrate him into the society she's trying to create (or helping to foster) that he'll go along with. As it stands, all she knows definitely is that the people she wants to integrate value him, so she has to sort out in what way she can get him to cooperate and make everyone happy.

Also Tara hasn't been on the outside all that long either.

No, but her ten-day crash-course with Glenn plus whatever else she's been doing since she hooked up with the rest of Rick's group really seems to have brought her along.

Plus, wasn't she in police academy or something prior to the ZA?

Yeah, but she didn't learn much because she was constantly distacted by Mahoney's hi-jinks.

somebody's got to make jokes about how ridiculous this all is

That was fantastic. Little Steven has come a long way. Please let Lapis come back at some point. She deserves some good things in her life.
Garnet song has been running through my head for 3 hours now. I may have to except that this I'd my existence now. Well there are worse ways to live.

Who's in favor of Lapis in joining the Crystal Gems?


I feel pretty terrible for Lapis. In two appearances she went from "you can't keep me trapped anymore!" to "let's stay on this miserable planet forever!"

Her situation is really tragic. Thousands of years of imprisonment by the Crystal Gems has alienated her from the Homeworld. With nowhere to call home, she decides to exile herself to the bottom of the ocean, where presumably she's most comfortable..
I really hope (and expect) there's a future episode where Steven tries to free Lapis (or convince her to free herself).

no. For the obvious reason she is too strong. Lapis and Jasper are incredibly powerful. If they has sent down 3 gems to face steven and co they would have lost. That fight between jasper and garnet was closer then it appered

Nah, I think it would work out okay. There's a grand tradition of high-powered villains and antiheroes getting a good solid debuff when they join the Good Guys. (See also: any fighter-game boss ever. :) ) I can't recall the name of the trope off the top of my head, but I know it's on the TV Tropes Wiki somewhere!

I think I have a pretty good idea of how they could do it, too: a lot of Lapis's badassery comes from the fact she hasn't had any motive to care about collateral damage. Perhaps the Crystal Gems can't do things like steal an entire ocean mainly because they're always holding back for the sake of us fragile little Earthlings? If Lapis learned to care for our planet, she'd have to learn to hold herself back as well, and that could really screw with her power level for a while...

Lapis also seems to be highly dependent on having a source of water nearby. On the beach she's nigh-unbeatable with the entire ocean to call upon. On Peridot's ship, however, she'd be nearly helpless. They could easily limit how powerful she is by how much water is present on the missions they undertake.

Lapis is super powerful, but she also seems to be really non-confrontational. I think having a character who is completely averse to fighting would add an interesting dimension to the Gems.

While the exposition Greg gave was pointless for the audience, I do wonder what did Steven thought the Gems war was about anyway

what if greg was there? When he said "if it wasnt for roses shield" it sounded like he was remembering something

I doubt it. He's probably just recalling stories Rose and the other Gems told him.
I just find it both hilarious and touching that a powerful being from an advanced, alien civilization, having spent thousands of years on Earth, chose a beach bum to settle down with.

Regular Show Thread
Think CJ deserves the freakout given what happened before, but things aren't looking good Mordo...

I was happy to see CJ's temper visited upon again as a character flaw. Mordecai's had his chance to screw up their relationship, CJ being the one to do it now is a good perspective shift. It helps that both sides are sympathetic in this instance, no doubt a result of Minty Lewis (Eileen herself) single-handedly writing and storyboarding the whole episode.

It would appear that parties are just bad news for Mordecai and CJ. Good voice acting from Linda Cardellini when CJ realizes she messed up.
And while Rigby did have his immature moments, I liked him knowing to follow Mordecai when the latter fled to the bathroom so he could talk him out. Also the early implication that the whole avoiding-Margaret plan wasn't just silly, it was hurting the rest of the party - Eileen takes off her blindfold only to find she's left alone.
Also also - Margaret's new boyfriend was amusing.

At some point I will stop crying watching Steven Universe. Tonight was not that night. Bravo, that was a wonderful ride.
Since everything I've wanted to say has already been said here, I will just add: It's great to see both Onion and his dad are still around. I kind of miss that crazy, thieving mute.

Placeholder for SU Observations.
For now, all I will say is that this was the distillation of everything that makes Steven Universe great, the Crewniverse did an amazing job. The first few episodes of season 1, I wasn't sure if this show was gonna make it, but it just kept getting better, and better, and better. I have no idea how they're going to keep up this level of quality but man, they have something magical going in that studio. Crewniverse, if you're listening, if you could keep making me cry that'd be great, it's been very therapeutic. Estelle's funky flow blew my gosh-darned MIND.

Damn, these episodes were great!
I heard the next two episodes aren't after this one but take place before these ones, like what Adventure Time did a couple times.

I believe this was written with the intent of being the season finale.

Yeah, they shuffled a few around so they could have these bunched together for a whole week, and moved the other ones till alter since they were stand alones that didn't quite play into the larger arc. Though one of those has to with Connie and a book series, so I wonder if "The Unfamiliar Familiar" will show up again.

To be pedantic, today's episode is the season 2 premiere, but there's three season 1 episodes still to air (including one next week!)

I've only seen a few episodes of this show previously and I didnt really enjoy it as much as CN other shows. After these two episodes though, I think ill start watching this regularly. I feel like I missed a lot more of the finer plot details since I only know the basic premises of this show but damn am I really excited to go back and watch the rest of the episodes

I like that the show didn't even bother to explicitly explain why Steven could force his way through the Gem barriers. They just trusted their audience to be able to figure it out. It's nice that they have faith in our intelligence.

Just an observation, I was rewatching the episode and at the end, notice how Pearl intermingles her arm with Garnet and leans on her
Seeing that Gems are genderless titles such as hetero and homo don't really apply to them though

Anything that involves non-binary people is automatically *****. If you've gone to church enough times you know that (one MAN and one WOMAN)


After watching this 2 parter...
Me: "Wow... that was a lot of crazy Wiz Biz"
My 5 year old daughter: *nods slowly in agreement*

If these episodes doesn't get a larger audience to take notice of this show, I don't think anything will.

Actually kind of disappointed that we didn't get a four(five)-way fusion at the end. I would bet that if all the Gems and Steven fuse, it will look like that carving on the hill they live in/on.

Right? Should Lapis have not been so kind, what were the gems gonna do?
But it would have made Lapis's plan look a bit shady, to suddenly sacrifice herself after knowing she's be overpowered anyway.

The Crewniverse seriously outdid themselves on this one. The staggering amount of callbacks made this episode feel not only like a culmination of the storyline since "Marble Madness", but all of season 1 as a whole. I'm a bit of an action junkie, and there's nothing I like better in my entertainment than seeing a good buildup lead to an amazing payoff. Garnet vs Jaspar could easily be the best fight scene of the series so far, even without Estelle's amazing song.
The way the force fields on the ship seemed to work was to disrupt the physical projections of Gems. When Ruby touched her field, her hand deformed and phased out like Amethyst did when her gem was cracked. Since Steven doesn't have a gem-projected form, it's little more than a static charge to him. The trade-off is that he probably can't retreat into his gem to heal if he's badly injured. I can't think of anything more to say that's not incoherent gushing. Suffice to say, this has been a great week for animation.

"Go to Earth they said. It'll be easy they said..."
If aliens ever come here and decide to take over I'm going to be real disappointed if we turn out to be highly invadable.

"Of Men and Monsters" posited an invasion where the aliens barely registered that we existed at all. Essentially, we were termites or ants. A possibility if they really are advanced enough to invade from space.

Also Roadside Picnic.

Something interesting has just occurred to me.
Sugilite's chaotic, violent nature is probably a result of Sapphire being overpowered by Amethyst's rowdiness and Ruby's aggressive, emotional nature.

My theory is that any fusion involving a Gem that's already a fusion (in this case, Garnet) is bound to be inherently unstable regardless of how well their constituent parts get along together. That's why Sugilite was so difficult to deal with, and why Alexandrite could barely keep it together.

its harder to keep larger groups all focused on the same task but when you do their strength is immeasurable

Unless you have some one like steven who could keep them all together LIKE HES BEEN DOING RECENTLY AND OH MY GOD WHEN THEY FUSE ITLL BE PERFECT

They're probably reserving the all-Crystal Gems fusion (including Steven) for the final battle of the series.

Could Connie and Greg theoretically add into that fusion? Since Steven is half-human, does that open humans up for three-person (or more) fusions as long as Steven is involved?

I LOVE the theory that the more "normal" (two hands, two legs, two eyes, etc) a fused Gem looks, the more stable/healthy (or at the least, promising) the relationship between the two fused gems is. Which is why Garnet has three eyes--Ruby and Sapphire's relationship is almost perfect, but it isn't quite.
Does that mean that Connie and Steven's relationship is perfect? I think it might have something to do with their pure love for each other, being kids, but it could also have something to do with the whole human/half-human thing...
This show is just so incredible.

Right on it.
Also, I think it's cool how all the skin tones combine logically, save for maybe Alexandrite.
Was it just me or was Garnet's color scheme on the ship kinda weird?

It did look different. I was wondering whether those are just going to be her colors from now on. , she was fused for so long, but then was forcibly defused, and now she needs to start over?
I dunno, if Pearl can have a major wardrobe change...

I'm surprised that Jasper and Lapis were able to remain fused despite being at odds with each other. I wonder how long it can last. I hope not long, because I want Lapis to be free and the Crystal Gems to have to find another way of dealing with Jasper.

Well there seem to be different kinds of fusions. Some stickier than others. It's possible to imagine one where the connection is toxic and awful but strong. a horrible relationship.

If I had any quibble with the episodes, it's that Lapis fusing with Jaspar to contain her seemed unnecessary. Garnet already proved that she was more than capable of beating her, and her logic of not wanting to be a prisoner doesn't add up when she's essentially chaining herself up too. Perhaps her plan is to defuse once she's underwater and Jaspar is essentially helpless before Lapis' power. I too want Lapis to be free, even if she still doesn't trust the Crystal Gems entirely.

guys that fight was still pretty close. Jasper is too powerful, reminding me of a mature and fully realized future amethyst.

It seemed to me like Lapis was wanting to punish herself for some reason, e.g. staying in her cell. I don't know if it was guilt over her involvement in leading them back to Steven, or hopelessness of the situation back on the homeworld or what. I hope we haven't seen the last of them, because that's a pretty sad fate.

Okay, that was admittedly very awesome.

Rebecca Sugar made a show that surpass Adventure Time. Steven Universe is a classic for me along with Justice League, Samurai Jack, and Airbender.

I remember you says hi and bye
Left give the show some more time.How steven at this age cannot understand that just as there are good and bad people thier are good and bad gems. Does he not watch tv/movies about aliens????

I think its because they've made an effort to make Steven, believe the best in people, like how he always tries to hang out with Lars or keep Amethyst and Pearl from fighting. I think that's a quality he gets from Rose, seeing the beauty in everything.

Thats fine for now, again like I said its early, But nothing stays gold. I await for his loss of innocence. Seeing Finn the boy mature into Finn the man, a character that can learn lessons and retain them has been quite a thrill

Doesn't really surpass Adventure Time for me, but still it is a high quality cartoon with that and Gravity Falls that keeps on surprising me how much they can retain it and manage to 1Up themselves most of the time and all surpass MLPFiM for me at the moment.

Adventure Time narrative doesn't engage me as well, Rebecca Sugar has a better sense of setting building unlike Adventure Time where it's mostly on the fly and not as thought out as people think. Considering the several plotlines that are dropped, and not a strong sense of progression, the strength of the shows was mostly the retcons from Rebbecca Sugar

A note on harmony: all of the fusions have comments on harmony inherently within themselves.
Malachite: a fusion with zero harmony, that are actively fighting against each other.
Alexandrite: a fusion who has no harmony while trying to eat dinner, but can reform to catch Steven and Connie trying to leave town.
Opal: a fusion who tends not to exist because of the disharmony between Amethyst and Pearl, but always gets together whenever the stakes are high (like gems invading the Earth again or Steven being eaten by a giant worm thing)
Stevonnie: a fusion who is whole until the social anxiety (plus the prodding of Kevin) causes them to break apart
Garnet: a fusion of two gems who very clearly love each other and can stay whole for extended periods of time (years?)
Another note: Sapphire is the one with Future Vision while Ruby does not, a fact that visibly frustrates her throughout the episode. Although somehow Sapphire didn't expect Steven to break out.
Note two: if I remember correctly, Steven started living with the gems when he hit a certain age in episode one? Which means that a year hasn't passed since the first episode and the second.

"Another note: Sapphire is the one with Future Vision while Ruby does not, a fact that visibly frustrates her throughout the episode. Although somehow Sapphire didn't expect Steven to break out."
I interpret this as Ruby being the one who has Future Vision but she wasn't able to use it because she was too distressed from being separated from Sapphire.

I don't think so. Whenever Garnet uses Future Vision she puts her hands near her eyes, and that was what Ruby was doing when she was saying that she was "blind"

Maybe they each have some similar but lesser powers that combine into future vision when they fuse? Thus Ruby was trying to use the power, but she didn't quite have it. Just guessing, of course.

Don't think that's it, either. Think of Pearl and Amethyst arguing about eating while fused as Alexandrite or Connie's social anxiety manifesting in Stevonnie.

I was thinking more Amethyst's whip + Pearl's Spear = Bow and Arrow that shoots multiple arrow thing.

I interpreted it as a power they only have when fused.

One thing I loved was the explanation for why Steven hadn't been told that Garnet was a fusion. I had thought there would be some sort of upsetting secret behind it, but then Garnet just says "We were waiting for your birthday", and I realized that more than anything the reason they hadn't told him was just because it was awkward.

I was really hoping to see what the Gemworld actually looked like. Looks like we'll have to week for another long season for that to happen.
Also hearing Garnet sing makes me want to look up more music by Estelle other than American Boy. BTW, Rebecca Sugar did do the album art for her new album that came out last month.

I actually really love how much they've left hanging. This show has left so many fertile plot threads open: Lapis and Malachite, Steven's relationship with Connie, Homeworld, the Crystal Gems' long history...

Speaking of that, Steven's friendship with Connie might be in limbo tommorow because the plot involves not wanting to talk about the what happened tonight's episode.

And Peridot! Don't forget about Peridot!

Not to mention some smaller things that could come up too, maybe (super hopefully) more about Ruby and Sapphire, why Jasper called Pearl defective, I even think Pearl interacting with the ship briefly and it sitting right next to the temple might have some consequences too, especially since she's reviled herself as the mechanically inclined one of the Crystal Gems.

Wait, she sang that?


I just realized that this explains why Garnet looked so thrilled when she saw Stevonnie for the first time. Garnet is a fusion composed of two gems who, presumably, are in love. Thereby making Stevonnie reminiscent of Garnet's fusion.

I still think describing Steven and Connie's relationship in romantic terms doesn't fit it well.

In "The Indirect Kiss", Steven and Connie appear to come close to kissing each other, before Connie realizes that she can see due to the magic of backwash. Hence the title of the episode (also implying that Steven may eventually use kissing to deliver his healing spit in the future). The dance they share in "Alone Together" also has quite a bit of blushing and appears romantic. The only reason that it's not full-blown is because they're young, and Steven is too innocent/oblivious.

Sure. But I think it... transcends that. To call it romance is to diminish it.

I think I get what you mean, so many shows or movies or anything have romantic subplots, just because that's what always happens. It's that kind of thing that made the love triangle in the first season of Korra drag those first episodes down a bit. Steven and Connie on the other hand are...I'm not exactly sure if there's a word for it, but the two of them are something different and perhaps more than that. Or am I misinterpreting what you mean?

I hated that love triangle lol. Either way, I guess Steven and Connie share a unique bond, similar to Rose/Sapphire. It's clear that Greg and Rose never fused, despite being in love, so Stevonnie is very unique.

Yeah, sort of like that. I see their relationship as something very special and unique. It's hard to find a word for it, but maybe it doesn't have a name because it doesn't need a name. They are just... People that share such an intimate trusting bond-- a bond that doesn't need to be pinned down to being romantic or platonic or familial or devotional or any other one type of love, it is simply love, without adjective nor expectation-- that they could almost be one person (and because it's Steven Universe, they literally can be sometimes.)

The last human he spoke with/left a message to was connie. Its anng and katara all over again. Old love reborn as new love

There are plenty of types of love besides the romantic/relationship kind!
I totally agree with you, though. It'd be kind of disappointing if Connie and Steven ended up being a traditional boy/girl romanitic "item". They're magical adventurer kids who can merge identities, they could have something so much more interesting! I'm reminded of the deep spiritual connections the characters had to each other in juvenile fantasy like A Wrinkle In Time and The Unfamiliar Famil... uh, I mean the Golden Compass. :)

The Walking Dead Season 5 x EP.13 "Forget"

Jessie's husband doesn't seem like quite the ***** that he did last week, sitting on his porch in the dark. Was that just a dream sequence?
The "W" forehead thing is obvious comic foreshadowing (not a reader, I just spoil myself just a bit) and looking forward to that.
Looking forward to some actual ***** to be going on soon. With 3 episodes left, it's gonna be a big ole tease at the end of the season.

Well he was out in public this time, so he probably put on his "friendly" face to talk to the locals.

I got the impression he was boozing when he addressed Rick last week. Maybe he's friendlier sober?

Sniper Sasha in the bell tower picking off weakies while Steely Dan plays Don't Take Me Alive.

What will it take to give this show a bad review? Plot? Progress?

They just made it to an oasis of civilization after a year on the road. That's not progress?

It was recently brought to my attention that AV Club's policy is to rate the show against itself - IE the review is more of this episode against TWD than it is as an hour of television.
So in a way, if you don't like the show it's almost like high reviews are bad reviews anyways because the critic is saying "this is as good as it gets."

Two thoughts: Carol is scary as hell, and damn is Rick hot all scrubbed up.
I like this kind of character development in a show.

I interpreted Michonne's mounting of her katana over the mantle to be an unconvincing nod to domestication. That she's making the pretense of settling in, while keeping her weapon ready at a moment's notice for the inevitable time when she will need to bug out. That what separates our group of survivors from the people of this town is that they realize that their fate, whatever it is, will ultimately be decided by violence, not civilization.

It's only ready for her if she is in her house. If she's on the other side of the compound, she ain't getting that blade back.

True, but presumably if they're taken by surprise it will be at night. Also, if she ever decides to secretly bug out on her own, she can take it with her.

But she's the police now. She might and probably does have to patrol the streets at night.

Sorry, I don't agree about Sasha at all. I don't have any problem describing her - she's lived her life always trying to be strong, stronger than her brother, than her family. She's been closed-off. When she tried to open up to emotions and feelings, Tyreese and Bob were ripped away from her. She can't go back to the way she was, she can't even begin to try, and she's breaking down because of the grief she can't push away or process.
I think Sasha has been an underrated character from the start, by far the strongest of anyone brought in in season 3 besides Michonne. Sonequa has always made any material that gives her anything to do stronger, like her time in the prison quarantine area with Hershel and Glenn.
For me she is the least of this show's problems, and her being singled out, along with the idea that viewers would know her as that "black woman who lost her brother and boyfriend" baffles me. Why is she "that black woman"? Why not just "that woman"? Does anyone call Abraham (a truly horribly written character much of the time) "that white man who lost his wife and kids"? I doubt it.
I love the show having an ensemble cast. It's one of the reasons I stay invested. If I had to put up with an hour of that rushed, OTT melodramatic trash with Rick getting crazy eyes over cipher Jessie and pawing at her as she looks bewildered and disturbed (which is, according to the actress, apparently a great love connection, so I don't know what that says about this show's idea of relationships or women), I would be long gone.

I agree with everything you said, emphatically, except for your last paragraph. There was a spark between the two characters, starting from when she showed up when he was shirtless; the script makes it clear; the characters obviously feel it, and the actors are doing what they can to convey it. What's your objection exactly?

My objection is that I want to know more about her than just a generic woman Rick is obsessed with. I don't really see any chemistry between the actors, and if she is there solely to be an object to show us Rick's increasing mental decay, it reminds me too much of the writing for women in the first few seasons, where women were there almost solely to move story for Rick or Shane.
I also keep seeing the actress and Talking Dead and various articles selling this as some type of love story, not as what I saw (which is Rick being creepy as *****), and if that's what the show has in mind, I don't know what I'm missing.
I just wish they had built this up for at least another episode between him meeting her and what went on last night.

She's not "generic" (she's just a new character we haven't met yet) and Rick's not "obsessed"; he's just, you know, into her. Again, respectfully, I'm not sure what you're objecting to. What "type" of love story? They dig each other, full stop.

He was tempted to shoot her husband at the end of the episode. Or at least that's how I interpreted the scene. It's difficult for me to see him as just being into her. He looked to me like he was about to have a psychotic episode.
We've known her for two episodes, which isn't a lot, admittedly, but in those two episodes we got some character-building moments for many others at Alexandria. All we know about her is that Rick likes her and she has a husband and scissors.
I just think this is all too fast.

All right; put that way, I can see your point. Thanks for elaborating.

Sorry if I seem too aggressive in my opinion - I do see what you're saying. I think the review just annoyed me and I am taking it out on my keyboard.

I don't think he was that tempted to shoot him. His hand instinctively went for his gun, showing that his instincts are turning more toward the animalistic side. That's my interpretation.

Even if she was "generic", Rick and Co. have been on the road for a long time and Rick hasn't been with anyone since Lori died (and probably a significant amount of time before then).

I agree, but if that was the route the show was taking then I wish they'd explored this during the few months of peace at the prison. At this point, the way it's being presented, he comes across to me like a headcase.

He is a headcase — that's the point. The writers are trying to draw obvious parallels to him and Shane, whom I'm sure you remember Rick killed partly because he was obsessed with Lori. Now the shoe's on the other foot, and as a reader of TWD comics, I'm personally intrigued by this parallel, since it was absent in the comics. (Especially since Shane's storyline wasn't nearly as drawn out in the comics; and thus, he's left a far more lasting impression on the show, especially with Rick's descent into anti-hero status.)
I can concede your point that they probably should have drawn it out at least another episode before he made that kind of advance, but I still feel there's obvious attraction there.
I completely agree with your earlier post on Sasha, BTW. The reviewer's point in regard to her wasn't a very good one.

While they were at the prison, Rick was still reeling over Lori's death. It makes sense to me.

So you and the reviewer are both annoyed, just about different things.

They had to have a second beautiful horse gruesomely murdered by zombies? Really, that is just overkill--literally.
The only good thing that came out of that was how nice Darryl was to Aaron about it.

I think this is the THIRD zombie-shredded horse. I think Michonne´s got taken down at the prison too.

What about Maggie's old horse? I think we may be at 4.

I´d forgotten about that. You may be right.

What was up with Deanna's son? I had no idea what I was supposed to think about him. He seemed incredibly bizarre, just not in any particular direction.

I think he was supposed to show a "normal" guy and a "normal" life for someone like Sasha (an attractive guy showing interest in her), which she couldn't stomach at that moment.
I kind of thought he was ***** up to the point where he started flirting with her...

I feel like the actor made some weird choices. His lines came out as oddly aggressive, but not necessarily towards her, if that makes any sense. I don't know - maybe it was just part of the sense of alienation of our heroes that they're trying to show.

Everyone at Alexandria is overly chipper and forced, which may be intentional, I don't know.
I do hope he stays around long enough for her to have someone to talk to about her loss, because the group, and Deanna, aren't cutting it.

For anyone who doesn't believe an adult, like Carol, can scare a kid into silence, think about all those children who were abused by coaches or priests and never said anything for years because of what those guys threatened would happen to them if they did.

True, but some adults are just good at being stern and terrifying and putting the fear of god into kids, without being monsters. I had a few teachers like that, and now that I'm over my fear (for the most part) I realize they were actually good teachers. It got to the point they didn't have to say a word - a look would do it.

I'll bet there's a ton of fan-fic coming out (pun intended) over the next few weeks that starts with Aaron asking Daryl in for "dinner".

And the second meal... will it be sausage?

Most likely the stories will be Aaron and Eric helping Daryl realize he's in love with Rick.

The horse metaphor: I think the horse dies because it was slowly getting used to the presence of humans ("It usually runs away"). Rick's group is this wild horse, and they are being domesticated.

See...that´s what I got too. But the show can´t be saying that. So I thought about it some more and decided what they meant was, the horse took TOO LONG to get used to people, and that waiting to accept that he was be helped was what go him killed. Because the other metaphor would mean that Daryl is a simp.

It was saying that the horse shouldn't have kept running away. As Daryl helpfully pointed out "You were only trying to help." The horse ran away from the people who would have made it safe. After saying that, Daryl throws his lot in with Aaron.

Considering that in the comics, Sasha died back at the prison before Tyrese or Carol did, I don't think she is long for this world on the TV show. It does appear that she will at least temporiarly filling Andrea's role as lookout/snipper in the clocktower, but I can't see her sticking around given how little her character does or means to the show.

It's tough for me to ever see her as that character. The only thing they've ever had in common is both being related to Tyreese.
I feel like they chose to write out Tyreese and Bob in part to build up her character, so I'm not sure they're getting rid of her right now (especially since there are only a few other women on the show who have anything to do), but who knows.

I hope she'll stick around and fulfill the soldier/general badass role that comics Andrea did. She'll certainly be needed once you-know-who comes around.

Sasha is Andrea. I did it.

So, we all saw the street sign that was looming over Rick;s head in that final sequence, yes?
Unsubtle foreshadowing for who's about to show up and start throwing spanners into the works, no doubt.
If Rick and co are having trouble adapting...

I didn't notice - what was it?


Morgan Street.

I assume that's a cool character from the comics? Nice! Getting excited. Michonne ended up being awesome.
Does every sci-fi and fantasy world need an evil character named Morgan, though?

Morgan and his son saved Rick in the first episode.
They re-encountered him in season 3, holed up in Rick's hometown, having gone off the deep end after his son died.
He's been following Ricks group for 2 half seasons now, we see him post credited every now and then.

As a Morgan. I'm just glad there's a fellow Morgan on this show and that the character isn't a girl. Little victories.

I was wondering about that! I mentioned it to everyone I was watching it with, but apparently they didn't notice it .

I get tired of reading how tiresome Zachary Handlen finds parts of this show. I get it, it's clunky, it could be better. How about mentioning the W / Wolves theme that's been planted in this series, or examine how Sasha is taking part of Michonne's comic counterpart storylines, alongside Andrea's? Maybe even look at the Rick storyline in more detail. Yes he fondled his gun and strutted like Bart Simpson after a kiss, but how childlike, how far deep from within him was that stolen peck? The townsfolk may be wet behind the ears, but watching our group grapple with some type of normality will allow the writers to develop them in a way that they have, as you say every week, found hard to do.

I was mostly confused with the grade. So much of it was so negative I thought it would be getting a C at the highest.

Welcome to the club. It's a constant source of amusement for me. To take it otherwise would be like pulling your hair out after each review.
"Why do you do nothing but gripe about a show, yet give it a B+???!"
RWG ("Welcome to the AV Club")

Maybe he hasn't read the comics – many of us haven't (and shouldn't have to in order to appreciate and evaluate the show).

Of course not, that's just one suggestion.
I know that GOT gets a different review for book readers, maybe that would work for TWD too.

That would require he actually read the comics, which I'm not sure whether he does or doesn't.
To add to your point, maybe talk about how, in just two episodes (he was largely an afterthought in 5:11), Aaron has established himself as a valuable addition to the cast already.

I am getting a big Kevin Spacey vibe from Aaron, and I think the character is already well established, as you say.

Ross Marquand is doing an excellent job portraying him. Hope his character sticks around awhile.

He's certainly one of my favorites. And it really didn't even take that long. Dude gives them water, approaches them with arms up, gets tied to a chair for an episode and punched in the face, gives baby applesauce...and still doesn't seem to harbor any ill feelings.
RWG (in the world of TWD, I think that qualifies him for Sainthood)

It's one of the best character introductions they've done in a very long time - probably one of their best ever. I thought they would just bring him in for tokenism purposes so I was pleasantly surprised. He even made me care about Daryl again.

Question to people who have read the comics:
I have seen a lot of comments about how the TV show diverges from the comics, and with this episode, how "Sasha is Andrea" etc. (I assume you know what I mean).
My question: why would the writers merge characters and mess with the plot? Was the plot not good enough (confusing, narrative cul de sacs, etc)? The characters flawed, etc.
Or maybe there were practical considerations like the "Andrea" actress wasn't available for a longer commitment and so forth?

I think Andrea in the TV show was unpopular because she didn't follow the arc of her comic counterpart. The merging and splicing of characters is necessary for several reasons and it's not an issue, not for me, but I do find the choices interesting.
Daryl and Carol are examples of creations, or enhancements, of the comic version, whereas Andrea, Tyreese and to an extent Rick are examples of characters the TV show has failed to properly grasp.

It's not so much that she didn't follow her arc as much as it was her TV show arc just made her into an awful character. As others have said so many times, her only purpose seemed to be making bad decisions, sleeping with the psychos and treating Dale like garbage while he was still alive. (Oh gee, you mean your friend stopped you from making an emotional decision to commit suicide without taking time to think it through? When you could have easily killed yourself later anyway if you decided that's what you really wanted? The nerve!)
One of the reasons the Season 3 finale was lame was because they tried to make the audience cry over her loss, but no one gave a ***** about her because she was so awful by the end. Sad, because I actually felt she showed promise in Season 1.

Thanks. Do you have any thoughts or insight as to the reasons for the merging and splicing? Since I haven't read the comics and don't plan to, it doesn't matter to me but my curiosity has been stirred by the various comments people have made.
There are often many reasons, of course but from the comments I have read, it sounds rather arbitrary (or. . . "creative freedom")

As said by MDK714 they royally messed up Andrea and she got v unpopular. Herschell died in Tyresse's place as he was good buddies with the sacked show runner - name escapes me. I think 2/3 bad writing and planning and 1/3 uncontrollable stuff like actors moving on or budget constraints.
I think this is the first season that they've gotten close to a 50% hit rate of well written episodes with good character work, that's key.

I thought Dale was the actor who was friends with the show runner (Frank Darabont?). Herschell was too?
I liked Dale – brought some comic relief. Don't miss Herschell.
Anyway. . .

I'm getting mixed up, you are right.

Yeah, IIRC, much of what Dale went through in the comics was divided between Hershel and Bob on TV. Jeffrey DeMunn, who played Dale was one of Darabont's "stock" actors, didn't like the direction the new producers were going in, and asked to be released.
I still miss both Scott Wilson and Jeffrey DeMunn, if not their characters, mainly because they both brought a grounded sense of gravitas to a show full of young pups.
RWG (but, hey, you have to learn to adapt to losing actors on a show like this)

Um, no. Andrea was just plain annoying. Even those who never read any of the comics thought she was an awful character.

Um, yes. That too.

That's a very interesting question.
I think the answer involves a blend of reasons: first, because a cookie-cutter reproduction of the comic book plotline would be dull and (both literally and figuratively) predictable; second, because certain elements in the comics were so dark and/or extreme that they had to be changed for television (I won't elaborate here); third, because, as with LOST and other shows, the likes and dislikes of the viewing audience regarding the characters, the casting, the plot points etc. seem to have guided their hand somewhat in determining what to focus on and where to take the story.
(I think a minor fourth reason is just budgetary -- there are several important "set piece" sequences from the comics that probably would have been way too expensive to film.)
As it stands, they're doing a very interesting dance around the other story (and vice versa; the comic books currently show some influence from the show). I like that there are two Walking Dead narratives; it's interesting and fun.

I agree with everything you said...but I can´t think of a set piece scene that we DIDN´T see from the comics because of budget. I don´t think it´s a spoiler to say that up to this point, the biggest moment from the books was the prison blowout with the tank, and we sort of got that TWICE on the show.

The tank blowout at Terminus in the first episode of this season was AWESOME.

That's an interesting answer.
I haven't read the comics, but with Game of Thrones I've read the books before the series and found that I got slightly annoyed when the storyline DIDN'T always follow the source material - and GoT follows the source material much, much more faithfully than TWD from what I've heard. e.g. Cersei's character is different - I envisaged someone much more evil, more insane, more drunk, straight-up nasty and cruel, like in the books... but in the show she is much more sympathetic, and a lot of the awful things she does in the books are handed over to Joffrey instead.
After a while I got used to it, though, and actually love Lena Headey's portrayal of Cersei.
You can also see in GoT that a lot of characters that were important in the books haven't taken off in the show. I loved Dany's adviser Ser Barristan in the books (he has his own POV chapters even) but it doesn't translate well to the screen. wise, Bran's story hasn't translated as well and I think that's why he's not appearing this season. People found him boring. (People also found Daario unappealing, they changed the actor, and he's still boring on-screen.)
There's a massive naval battle scene in the books (Battle of Blackwater) that they were going to basically scrap because of budget reasons. Then they thought of just including the second part of the battle on land to save money. Then they thought that would look too much like LOTR (ladders being thrown up against high walls and being climbed as people above shoot arrows) and decided to do the full naval scene too. Thank God.

Andrea is the main female in the comics. That means she's had a lot of different stories. So they seemed to decide to give her stories to various women on the show, especially as I think some of those characters, like Sasha and Carol, they likely never intended to keep around this long.
Laurie Holden likely would have stayed with the show to the end. She loved Andrea and was very upset with the character's death (it was handled so badly they actually had to have her and some of the other actors return to refilm some scenes). I think they never knew how to handle Andrea (they mistook independence and strength for being an *****, and they undercut her with silly storylines like shooting Daryl), and she looked so stupid and disloyal in The Governor story that Glen Mazzarra, who was showrunner at the time and killed a lot of characters, decided to sacrifice her. And it also ended up sacrificing his job...

That's interesting to know. I actually liked Andrea's character until the Governor era. I always remember how Dale (who I loved) denied her of the opportunity to opt out, and how it was sad but honest when after Dale's death she hints she never did forgive him.

The pure plot is so shredded now that it doesn´t matter...It is no spoiler to say that Andred remains strong in the comic...But show Andrea is long dead and despised...but the actions of her character are pretty pivotal to the story coming up, so they need to fill in that blank. Lots of characters don´t exist in the books, and lots of characters that DO exist in the books are gone, so if they want to keep that story line from the books they have to fill in those blanks too. And no one in tv wants to just transpose the comic onto the screen, so they´ve fiddled with things, and that has fucked up the timeline a little bit....and Kirkman wants to still have fun, so he can re invent things for his own pleasure, getting a chance to go a different way that he debated about when he wrote the books. I can´t think of too many over the top ridiculous moments that were edited out of the books....I would have liked to see Otis in the buckboard, I guess...and the actual prison battle, that was crazy.

Not to mention Rick only having one hand! :-)
RWG (it's great to be the boss)

I was FAIRLY confident that the hand thing would never happen. Kirkman went on record BEFORE the show that he wish he hadn´t done that to the character. And when Merle lost HIS hand, I knew that Rick was safe.

Yeah, it's great to be able to correct flaws in hindsight. I haven't read a whole lot of the comics, but just enough to wonder why in the hell he did that in the first place.
RWG (it's not like it's a superhero story and he can have a super duper hand grafted in its place :-)

Also, since Rick would be the fourth character to lose a limb at this point, it would be a bit less dramatic.

The comics are great, hope you'll check them out. I hadn't read them but loved the first season of WD so much I burned through the comic compendiums during the break, and now I actually kind of prefer certain elements over the tv show. In some ways the characters in the comics ring more true as people under stress, oddly enough, than the tv show. At least, to me. The story is also unhinged! lol
While I understand why the show would not translate the comics literally, still I think they could have trusted the source material more than it has.

thanks! I'm persuaded – will check them out!

like Sasha, I'm creeped out by the 'safety' offered in the Alexandria enclave because people worry about what's served for a special dinner which obviously is not high on Sasha's list of worries AND I refuse to discount that her personal losses has on her - - when one is in the midst of an on-going war with constant fatalities, one would behave much like Sasha

It shows how much we identify with the main gang and living outside for the last few years. I remember being shocked by the hospital scene where Beth first enters the cafeteria. I was like, "woah, there's food servers here and regular people... trippy!" though this is closer to my daily reality than slaying zombies in the woods.

Aaron uses his and Eric’s status as ***** men in a largely heterosexual group to try and win Daryl over. It works surprisingly well, but also reinforces the feeling I sometimes get that this show was written in 1987.
Yeah because in this modern world, ***** are definitely not considered outsiders at all. Yep. And this from the reviewer who forgot a couple weeks back that the show already had a ***** (*****) character prior to Aaron.
Maybe just leave off commenting on any of the ***** characters from now on because you are coming across as a little clueless, Zack.

No apologies to Red Letter Media for the thought experiment at the beginning of this article? For shame.

Yeah I'm sure they're the only people to ever do something similar.

RLM did not invent this critical trope. It was old hat in the English-speaking world by the 1700s, and elsewhere probably much earlier.

Well, *****. For shame on me!

Ahh i see the author used the same tools as RLM when they compared the characters from the original SW flicks vs the characters in the prequels. it's a useful way of looking at things.

It looks as if Utopia might be under threat from the walking dead in the form of Rick and co - but I still don't trust the leader (who seems intent on creating a new world order in her image).
That stamp isn't a good sign, although I do like the idea that our leads might me the real enemy now (killing the congress woman seems like progress, but her constituency seem to prefer an agreed upon lie).
Rick, though, clearly longs for some hard earned truth in the form of zombie killing - at least he knows where he really stands or what to feel).

Well, some people just have to cling on to what has come before, otherwise they just give up on living. We saw it with Dale, we saw it with Herschel, we're starting to see it with Glenn and's not like she's the first (nor hopefully, the last) human being we see on this show who holds out for "the way civilized mankind used to be." If nothing else, it makes for a great dynamic that goes somewhere beyond "How to Survive and Kill Zombies 101." Which is where this show is about 80% of the time IMO.
And, unlike a lot of the commenters here, I don't think the dynamic in question is something to be mocked. At least they're trying something different. Yeah, it's a bit simplistic. But before the last few episodes, just about every character on the show was resigned to a life of running around and avoiding death and pretty much nothing else.
RWG (this is the first time in a year or two that I think this show is actually making good things happen)

You know what Walking Dead? I'm not gonna nitpick this week. You earned it.

I'm really glad that comics Andrea gets to live on through TV Sasha. It would have bugged the ***** out of me if they didn't include comics Andrea's storylines from Alexandria and onwards in the TV show in some form or another.

For a person whose strength is invisibility Carol sure seems intent on drawing attention to herself by meeting Rick and Darryl outside the wall. I don't think their splitting up after re-entering the compound will fool anyone. Then again, maybe she has a plausible cover story - searching for chocolate, perhaps? - for being outside the wall rather than staying safe and sound in a kitchen baking pies.
Has Darryl been bamboozled? Aaron successfully tracked, observed, and even got close enough to listen to the survivors' conversations without being detected - even when he left water in the road Darryl didn't find him. Now he's easily caught in the woods?

Do you think Sasha will continue to have Andrea's storylines? If so, do you think they'll actually have Rick and Sasha hook up?

Pretty good episode, even if the last 15 minutes or so were classic TWD in what it was doing. Sasha's whole thing, yawn, cliched and boring.
I love Melissa McBride in this show, easily the MVP and she was so delicious in her scene with the boy... even if from a writing standpoint I don't buy it, both because I don't believe she'd do that and also because it was completely stupid. Surely there's a better way to go about keeping him quiet, even more ridiculous considering that it wasn't even that huge of a deal, her trying to get guns.
BUT, again, mcBride was so wicked in that scene that if her arc is going that way, fine. I just hope she never dies

"Oh! You caught me. I was just getting more chocolate for the cookies. I couldn't help myself. Want some?"

Nope, then the kid would tell his mom, which would lead to her being questioned and the gun stash possibly being examined and the Alexandrians noting that several guns are missing.
She needed to keep that kid quiet.

The kid is a loose and very annoying end that needs meticulously snuffed out. They should feed him to Morgan...who needs to turn up already!

Morgan is busy on a UK show called "Critical"

Here's the deal: The group is being played. The New Beth was sent to seduce Rick....this is all planned out. Have you seen the looks that the leader gives Sasha and others when they do not please her? Sociopath.

Don't fret over Sasha's lack of character development. Her sudden onset of screen time is symptomatic of incurable soon-to-die-itis. For reference, view the case files of dog, t-; dog, o-; whatshername, beth

What? She's going to be the Andrea from the comics.

That seems sensible. She's suddenly become 'one of our best shots,' has a cowardly suitor, and has a predilection for sniper nests. This may all mean I have mis-diagnosed 'soon-to-die-itis' with 'comic-book-Andrea-by-default-olosis.'

"Sasha uses a silencer while shooting up pictures. Wouldn’t you want to conserve those? Does someone in town know how to make them?"
I believe you meant bullets.

the bullets thing is going to work itself out. Silencers aren´t inexhaustible, are they? Which reminds me that I miss >Korl´s baseball bat silencer

From what i understand silencers (at least military grade sasha is using) should last 10k rounds or so.

Durability depends on the type, the design, and the materials used in the suppressor's components. Aluminium baffles are seldom used with fully automatic weapons because service life is unacceptably short. Some modern suppressors using steel or high-temperature alloy baffles can endure extended periods of fully automatic fire without damage. The highest-quality rifle suppressors available today have a claimed service life of greater than 30,000 rounds. Packing materials such as metal mesh, steel wool, or metal washers may be used to fill the chambers and further dissipate and cool the gases. These are somewhat more effective than empty chambers, but less effective than wet-design suppressors which use water, oil, grease or gel. Metal mesh, if properly used, may last for hundreds or thousands of shots of spaced semi-automatic fire, however steel wool usually degrades within ten shots with stainless wool lasting longer than regular steel wool. Packing materials are rarely found in modern suppressors.


. . .and there you have it folks.

Sasha is kinda boring but has potential if her character development is handled well and she's given an identity.
Rick is awesome now with his slow burning half psycho routine and interest in married blondes, fun to see where that goes.
Daryll continues to be the most interesting, complex character with his new budding friendship with Aaron and how they identify in this group as outsiders coming from different backrounds, Daryll as a redneck and Aaron as a gayman, also the motorcycle gift makes that easier to deal with.
The town has an interesting dynamic that still needs to be fleshed out and the potential class system needs to be explained better,
Also when it c ones to security, combat and survival the Alexandrans continue to be completely ignorant and shockingly naive, they are spoiled and weak and really need ricks groups help to survive, they are an example of its better to be lucky than smart.
The music at the end was great.

"... the Alexandrans continue to be completely ignorant and shockingly naive..." I've thought about this and I think they are duping team Rick; the ignorant and naive don't survive let along thrive. We know Aaron was able to stalk the castaways for some time undetected, so we know they are skilled. The town is quite well provisioned, and this tells me they successfully scavenge further and further from their haven. They have an almost cavalier attitude toward perimetre security, yet why did Deanna immediately reject Sasha's offer to go the to bell tower? Deanna appoints Rick sheriff because of his expertise yet vetoes one of his first better-defend-the-town decisions. Moreover, the Alexandrians have long survived despite the wall's obvious design flaws. I have to wonder how that wall was built; looking at the number of residents there that feat seems beyond their capabilities. In the event of a non-nuclear apocalypse I think we'd see many groups moving to DC thinking it may be a place that could defend itself well (enough); some of these groups would come across the Alexandria community. I reckon the Alexandrians thwarted these probes or attacks; they themselves may be conquering marauders who despatched or enslaved the founders. Most frightening of all, it's led by Beltway politician.

I thought it was again a pretty good episode. This season of The Walking Dead is, to me at least, shaping up to be consistently good television and not in the "it's exciting to watch people get torn to pieces after running for their lives" kind of way.
Carol's ability to effectively be invisible and hide behind the camouflage she taught herself is well done and both a nice reminder of what she used to be like (especially in the scene where the one guy proposes teaching her how to use a rifle) but also a huge contrast with the, what I thought was a bone-chilling speech that she gave the kid. Carol's thriving in this new environment, just not in the way the residents imagined.
Daryll's arc was nice for all of the reasons the reviewer mentioned and I was legitimately touched by the guy offering Daryll a job.
I feel like Rick's character development over the past doesn't quite support what he's portrayed as in this episode, because most of the horrors he was willing to commit in the past were purely about things like an us and them mentality and a ruthless drive to survive, while this finaly image seemed to be far more about simply using violence to get what he desires. It is interesting regardless though, especially considering that he's once again taken up the drappings of a police officer, but with a slowly crumbling inside. Also, regardless of how plausible it is character-wise the ending with the song and his miniature breakdown was effectively unsettling, especially considering how the group's integration into Alexandria is still in a vulnerable place.
I feel like for what it was things like Michonne's integration were good enough, though I agree that Sasha's kind of a cipher and the whole arc felt a bit on the nose.

I have a feeling Sasha might hole up in that clock tower and go all Charles Whitman and start picking off random Alexandrians, thinking they're walkers.

It astonishes me how little you have to know about a show to write a story about it.

. . .or how poor a writer one can (apparently) be to score a gig on TWD.

Shouldn't one of the benefits of the ZA actually occurring be that you DONT HAVE TO GO TO INANE COCKTAIL PARTIES and make chit chat with insipid people you don't know or give a damn about.
I find myself already deeply hating the new people.
Please, dear God, let them all die soon before this show turns into Peyton Place (with zombies) yet again, a la the Season 2 farm dreck.
And so we can concentrate on what actually makes this show work: meaningful interaction between the principles, *not* who's-*****-who Hollywood melodrama. Bleh.

I don't get the comment about this show being written in 1987. Because people aren't as welcoming to Aaron and Eric because they're *****? Because ***** people are universally accepted and welcomed in every community and home in real life? It's totally understandable that they might want to keep to themselves. Or hey, maybe they're lying to the weird southerner?

I think the reviewer's complaint was, the show using their sexual orientation as a plot point. If The Walking Dead wanted to be progressive by including a ***** couple, they'd just let them be, like it wasn't exceptional in any way.
Making them (relative) social outcasts because of their homosexuality? A little on the nose, don't ya think?

It's barely a plot point. More like a conversation point.
And I thought it was well observed; it makes sense to me that this group of liberal-elite sophisticated types would be the ones who would make completely offensive remarks without having the slightest idea they were doing it; that's what happens in real life.

EVERYONE makes offensive remarks without the slightest idea.

Rick's going old-school bananas, and Carol's a stone-cold badass. I was a little worried she was just going to off that little butterball.

So, wait. Sasha is Qui Gon?

"She's... Stoic...?"

Damn this episode was a solid A+ for me. I laughed out loud like, 6 times - and only one laugh was in response to something archly macabre ("Cookies... lots of cookies"). Sure it had a lot of the stilted dialogue and wooden character problems the show always has, but it dealt well with its biggest problem - a total lack of levity - in great ways. I actually liked Sasha's scenes because they served as a great juxtaposition of the show's All Somber All the Time vibe with the unconventionally blithe tone of this episode. The thing keeping this show from being great is its failure to produce contrast in theme, character, mise en scene, and ideology, and I think we got a whole bunch of contrast from this episode. It was like an hour-long version of eatin' a whole thing of puddin' on a rooftop.

Rick approached that kiss with all the finesse of a 13 year old at school dance. Amateur hour.

He awkwardly changed directions at the last second. Classic.

Rick hasn't had a woman in a very long time. Give him a break. He is overdue.

Carol should tell the kid, 'Instead of cookies you want to look at some flowers?'

So...the A and the W symbolism. Any theories from the folks that haven't read the comic?

Root beer?

I assume "A" stands for Alexandria, and "W" might tie back in to the "Wolves" graffiti that we saw in Noah's ravaged old camp.

Nice tie back. I hadn't remembered that detail.

As someone else said, the "A" could absolutely stand for Alexandria, but it could also be the writers making a not-so-subtle callback to the people of Terminus. Rick and the rest were locked in train car "A", the Terminus people wrote "A" on the church when they returned Bob, etc., so they could be trying to imply that Rick is starting to "head down that road" what with the kissing a married woman / talking about possibly taking Alexandria.
The "W" almost certainly stands for Wolves. When the group visited Noah's neighborhood in 509, it was broken and looted to *****. While they're there, we see "Wolves Not Far" written on the wall and we get our first look at the "W" head zombies. "Wolves Not Far" was also apparently written on the barn they took shelter in, in 510.
Most notably, though, is what we see written on - what turns out to be - Enid's (little girl version of Carl) magazine. On the back, we see "Wolf Fight" before we find out it's hers. My guess is that she has some sort of connection to them what with the sneaking out and most likely being the person to take Rick's gun stuff. Either way, yeah, the "W" probably stands for Wolves...

I really need to pay more attention. Great recap.

As a comics reader, I have no idea.

It's going to turn out that the ZA was triggered by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, who were trying to create a bleeding-edge root beer with some stuff that they found in the core of a meteor. Morgan was their CFO, and has quite a story to tell any ol' grand jury he can find.

Preserving meat would be a good skill to have in a world without refrigeration honestly.
I find it a little hard to believe that in almost 2 years since the outbreak Happytown never ran into any hostile people. Also that the scavenger guy in the last episode would have so little respect for walkers that he'd think tying one up was anything but a terrible, terrible idea. Also really? No lookout?

I don't think it's that hard to believe. I'm not familiar with Washington, but I assume it's a big state. Factor in the amount of people who've already died, been evacuated (also remember Deanna mentioned that the majority of residents in that area were evacuated by the army) or just moved on in another direction and one could reasonably assume that there's not that much survivor traffic going through that specific area.
Also remember that Rick's group has phenomenally bad luck. The fact that almost everyone they've run into has been crazy/cannibals/***** doesn't mean that everyone else has the same experience.
And the Alexandrians aren't completely naive about untrustworthy people.They have their scout system, I think Andrew mentioned that he'd had to kill two people and Deanna told Rick she'd exiled some others.

They're in Washington, D.C., not Washington state. D.C. is very small, but has a high population density, especially with the commuter suburbs in Virginia and Maryland. Hard to believe they could have evacuated all those people.

I think there's something going on that hasn't been revealed yet. (Yes, I have a specific idea in mind, but I'm not going to give it away.)

Yep, it's actually a great skill to have. Preserving meat goes back centuries in NA, though I dunno if any of the dingies in "Happytown" might know about it. It mainly involves drying and salting. Not exactly the best way to preserve meat (especially if your teeth are bad), but at least you don't need to keep it cold.
Sadly, in my experience, it doesn't take long for a group of people to get complacent. Especially if their metal walls are such that walkers can't gain access or see through them.
RWG (certainly better than chain fencing, as our bunch found out a couple of seasons ago)

I smell a spinoff much like Better Call Saul in 2016: Storytime with Carol coming next on AMC

Okay, here's my prediction for how the remainder of the season will go: tensions will escalate between the two groups, including a big showdown involving Rick, Tobin and Jesse and another one involving the ROTC guys. (And a big drunken freakout from Abraham at some point.)
Everything will get really dark and confrontational and ugly, building up to Rick et al. being on the point of getting kicked out of Alexandria ("This was a mistake" etc.)...and then, at that moment, the real external threat will arrive. Cliffhanger. (Michonne takes the sword down off the wall.)
EDIT: And Daryl's out on a recruiting run when the actual villains show up, so that he can be the wild card.

Carol IS the danger.

I thought Walter White/Heisenburg was the Danger?

Rick lets the Walkers in so he and his group can slaughter them, thus proving to the Alexandrians how much they need Rick and co. and convincing Whatsherface to hand leadership over to him. As part of the Walker attack, Married Hairstylist Lady's husband dies, and it'll be ambiguous as to whether Rick engineered/allowed that particular kill to happen or not.

Damn. And I thought I was a cynic. I'd hope Rick's not THAT far gone. Though I think Carol might be. If anyone opens the wall, it's going to be her.
RWG (if Rick did it and any innocents get hurt, he'd destroy any credibility with the audience he's earned so far)

That's some real David and Bathsheba ***** there. I like it.

that's exactly what i was thinking

I said that exact same thing last week.

"...a sign of how much she’s changed, and how far she’s now willing to go."
Nope. Same old Carol.
We've seen her kill innocent people for the greater good. We've seen her delivering brutal truths (and brutal bullets) to children. There's nothing new here; nothing at all.

It was almost merciful in its efficiency. She didn't allow the kid to run away and force a chase, she advanced immediately and warned the kid of the danger he was in.

Yeah, when he first caught her, I thought, "aw, *****, Carol's gonna murder a kid and throw him over the wall."

If only she had! Annoying little *****...

Tovah Feldshuh is fabulous playing deanna. I wonder if she ever thought when she was the star of GOLDA on Broadway she was going to be in TWD. I am enjoying her immensely. Maybe they will stay for Passover.

hah. Mentioned this last week, but as a character who believes in Law And Order, I don't have any problems believing Feldshuh in this role :-)
RWG (next to Shambala Green, she was probably my favorite non-regular defense attorney on that show)

I think she is one of the most passionate actresses I know. She embraces so many roles. Law and Order, broadway. Incredible in TWD. If they run away I hope she wants to go as the Jewish mother. She gotta be bored. I have a super renewed interest in her appearances onTWD. Hew agent must be busy.

Just started watching this show. I guess the big question is are these walled in suburbanites for real or up to something.

My take? They are just incredibly naïve. Either the bad "humans" in the surrounding areas have been busy with other matters, or have other things to deal with rather than attacking a fairly well defended group of people with plenty of guns and ammo, surrounded by fifteen foot tall metal walls. Plenty lots of easier targets out there.
The ones that do object to the status quo are exiled and probably don't live long enough to live to tell anyone else about Alexandria.
Do I totally buy it? Of course not.
RWG (but this show has asked me to believe things far, far less likely and I'm still here)

It would be a refreshing change if the Alexandrites turn out to be exactly what they present themselves as being. Not every community out there needs to be cannibals or run by a psychopath.

lol, just noticed Erik Satie's 'Gymnopedie' in the background at the party. Interesting choice by the music supervisor. It's like something you would play if you wanted to give off the vibe that you're seasoned in the classics when you're not. I know it probably doesn't mean anything, but if Alexandria is misrepresenting who they are it'd make perfect sense.

"Misrepresenting" in an awfully subtle way. But it's a good point. It could simply be that you're seeing a weakness in the show creators' musical taste rather than the Alexandrians.


I hear what you mean. Satie has been everywhere in film/tv the past decade or so. It sounds good and it's most likely free, so it's a win/win to use. This show is just so inconsistant with it's subtleties sometimes. One week they'll blow you away with subtext and the next will just be 'throwin' stuff against the wall', lol. So it's hard to tell.

Brian Eno brought Satie to the masses in the 70s, and Aphex did again in the 90s. Neither was very successful.
In any case, let's not cheapen the Gymnopedies. They're deathless classics and useful to convey both archness and unease. If the producers wanted to signal artifice or tackiness, that's what something like Bolero or Water Music are for.


Carol ruled as Mommie dearest tonight. Never stopped smiling. I hope she baked those cookies.


Nope, couldn't ration enough blood. But she'll make it work.

and applesauce...

World ending: Women and minorities hardest hit.
TWD finally gets to its point!

Spooky how Aaron managed to fire that rifle so many times without once working the bolt.

hahahaha, I feel ya. He snuck one in right before capping the horse, oddly enough.

He got it from that same store as The Unlimited Ammo Shotgun of Hershel´s

So who cares about Sasha, but Rosita is one of the most memorable characters of the group? 0_o
What show are you watching?
Your review is actually a good explanation for why the cast is so large, because clearly we all care about and are invested in different characters.
And while the writing unfortunately is not up to snuff outside of the main 3 or 4 characters, I'd rather watch Sasha tell off a bunch of people having a frigging cocktail party then watch Rick do whatever the hell he was doing in this episode.
Also that "cooking thing" Olivia mentioned was proscuitto, which despite what Seinfeld would have you believe* is actually "the most sensual of all the salted cured meats".
*Not pastrami

Prosciutto is great. Olivia's my favourite Alexandria character already, simply because she can make it. That's an important zombie apocalypse skill.

I actually wished that Sasha scene had lasted longer and she had told them off in an even more clear way by outlining just how sheltered and out of touch with the real world these people were. Tell these guys there's no such thing as favorite food for folks who have been living outside cuz they're lucky if they even get food. "Proscuitto?? We're lucky to just gag on tree bark!"

I'm glad she didn't. This show overplays its hand a lot when it could trust its audience to read the subtext.

It's either prosciutto or Iberian ham. So good.

Prosciutto is so good, so much better than bacon (and have you ever cooked thin slices of it like bacon, until it's crackly?) ..If I could have ***** with any pork product, it would be prosciutto. lol

I was shocked that Zack never had or even knows what prosciutto is. He needs to remedy that as soon as possible!

***** those two for not shooting the horse in its head as soon as it was mobbed.
Anyway, the damned animal was another heavy-handed metaphor. "He always ran [before I tried to domesticate it]." Yeah, yeah.
Complaints aside, I do think that this storyline in which our protagonists are the scary villains-waiting-to-happen of their new community is the most interesting that The Walking Dead has been in forever.

I agree. I love this storyline. I hope it continues past the end of this season because three more episodes in Alexandria just isn't enough.

man black on black crime is ugly

Black woman shooting pictures of white families? Did that seem off?

heh, if there were more black families in Alexandria, she'd have probably shot them too :-) But have we seen more than one black denizen?
RWG (and wasn't that the one no one wants to talk to because she bugs them about pasta makers?)

If you look at pictures of black families the kids that turned into Zombies run in and bite you. ***** looking at those pictures!

Could be, but of course the other black lady ends talking to Sasha.

Everyone goes out of their way to find some method for critiquing Walking Dead's handling of black characters, which just seems ridiculous to me given the sheer number of black characters and their complexity and diversity all through all five seasons.

I joke about them killing off black characters to make room for new ones, but I know they just like killing off characters to make room for new ones, period. Case in point, we lost Beth but we got a Jessie in her place. Lol.

I was sort of being sarcastic there, since it's not only in reference to all the issues that arise when too many black characters show up at once on the show, but also in reference to IRL, that that does happen, that minorities may go out of their way to talk to other similar minorities.

There are no black regular characters currently on the show that existed prior to season 3, with Noah and Gabriel only being introduced this season.
Really, TWD goes through 2 seasons of token black dude, 1 season of kill the black dudes before you get too many of them, and 1.5 seasons of legitimate character work with its black characters (Michonne, Bob, Gabriel, and Noah in particular, Tyrese and Sasha not so much)

Come on. Now you're just reaching for things to ***** about.
If you and I were on a car trip together, I'd be looking for opportunities to leave you at a gas station. Anything to get away from the constant complaining about everything.

Naw, it happens on every one of these that I follow. Just earlier this week, a guy on the Agents of SHEILD board was wondering why everyone just loves bitching about stuff they don't like on the show. It was really heart-wrenching to have to tell him that if he thought THAT was bad, he ought to try out this section.
"I hated this, that, this, that...what an awful show!"
"Why don't you just stop watching?"
RWG (What? And give up show business?!!!!)

Wow, you must really be after my ***** tonight Jordan – this is the 3rd comment of mine that you just felt compelled to reply to. Not stalking me, are you?
You seem like a very tedious and humorless person – we would never be on a car trip together


Sasha is seen as this badass by her group, but literally anytime she does something on her own it puts everyone's life in danger. To give her traits I would say she is the worst parts of Andrea (endless stupid decisions) and the best parts of TDog (when he spoke).
Seriously they seem to fail the characters a lot, and in simple ways. How is Daryl still getting ambushed by zombies, they aren't quiet? Or why is he letting a man with a gun he doest trust walk behind him?
Rick and Michonne are beginning to have consistency. Which has been extremely enjoyable. Now its time to trim the fat.

I don't know about decisions. She's made some pretty damn good decisions unlike the rest of the group, a big one being Terminus. She wanted to avoid that in season 4, right? She said it was too good to be true. She was like the only character, but Maggie had to stubbornly push forward with her husband-rescue mission.

Cookies. Lots of cookies.

The Bee Gees at the end were certainly unexpected (in a good way).
'Stayin' Alive' would've been apropos as well.

Of course, that's one of the first thing that came to this long-time Brothers Gibb fan. But I'd still love to hear a producers answer to a question specifically why Spicks and Specks was picked here.
Hadn't paid that much attention to a song on a TV show since, uh...hmm...
RWG (an episode of True Detective ended with one of my favorite Townes Van Zand songs)

kind of found it a little scary how carol came off when telling the kid that if he does not reveal she is snatching the guns that he will have all the cookies he wants. almost a soicpathic by telling the kid you talk and you may one day find yourself out side where the walkers will get you for lunch now the kid is going to be shaking with fear every time he runs into carol plus will not be wanting to eat cookies any more. not to mention the whole group is just setting up to wind up being trouble in the end for rick and co like the last group.

I still can't not see Topher Grace whenever Aaron pops up on screen.

Topher Grace with Kevin Spacey's voice and delivery.


Yes, that is Kevin Spacey I hear. Good call.

The Circle is Now Complete. Nobody liked Shane. I loved Shane as a do anything it takes to survive character. Now that Rick has become Shane, complete with the pining for someone else's woman, the reviewer thinks "turning Rick mean could potentially make him far more exciting than just a dude who looks worried a lot".
Rick was always more then that. He's just now finally accepted what Shane accepted before he even woke up from a coma. Even amongst friends, it is the strong that survive.

I LOVED Shane and never understood all of the hate for him; he was just like you said, doing whatever he had to do to survive.

It wasn't that Shane did whatever it took to survive that made Shane detestable. It was that he became completely unhinged over a woman he banged for a few weeks when she went back to her husband.

A woman whom he sexually assaulted after his best friend turned out to be alive. A best friend whom he then attempted to murder twice.
Oh, and he also murdered two people -- Otis and the kid who went to high school with Maggie. Yeah, I have no compunctions about hating Shane, even though he was an interesting character.

Not to mention that the situation they were in was like kindergarten compared to what was coming up.


Poor Ortuss.. him n Shane was jist down'a pissels.. We gotta save da boiy..thas wha Ortuss sayd

Daryl and Aaron are gonna makeout hardcore

He is a wild stallion....if only I could tame him!

I read your name as Rogue Topper. It was perfect. Why did you ruin it by not being that name?

Btw, Aaron thinks Daryl would be a good recruiter cuz he could tell good people from bad? Maybe Daryl should tell him about Joe and his merry band of Claimers.

I think the pitch from Aaron was half truth and half buttering him up by telling him things he wanted to hear. Aaron seems a pretty savvy judge of character and he realizes that no one else in Alexandria would be fit to take Eric's place.
And since Daryl seems the most comfortable outside the walls, yet still so connected to the rest of his group to leave forever...
RWG (he just seemed like the natural choice)

I disagree. I think Aaron is magical. He is telling us, the viewers, what we are now supposed to understand about Daryl. Daryl is a good judge of character.

Daryl stayed with those guys out of necessity; he knew they were trouble.

Scarlet Letter reference?

why are the supports on the outside of the wall

The Walkers built the wall to trap the intellectual liberals and *****.

They got me!

Because that's actually the way you build a wall like that to keep out an enemy that can't scale them. The ground acts like an anchor that makes the walls harder to push down from the outside. They should still have razor wire and a second fence but they way the one wall is built works from a practical standpoint.

Carol is the one who knocks!

How about Sasha channeling her inner-Bjork:
"We live on a mountain
Right at the top
There's a beautiful view
From the top of the mountain
Every morning I walk towards the edge
And throw little things off
car-parts, bottles and cutlery
Or whatever I find lying around
It's become a habit
A way to start the day
I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you"

Sasha is an angry person. Tyrese said he was worried about her anger taking control of her and she said she is nothing like her brother, who was very nice. Tyrese cared about what others thought of him but Sasha has always seemed indifferent toward other peoples feelings. I thought that scene with her in the party was absolutely thrilling because she is pissed off and sees little value from the Alexandria party crowd and knows they are all going to get eaten and she's not going down with those fools.

. . . there’s a clunkiness to some of the dialogue scenes that’s probably
always going to be a part of the series, for better or worse. (Wait,
it’s for worse, why did I even act like that’s a question.)
Yeah, really. And poor Michael Cudlitz had some of the worst dialogue in recent memory
It was frustrating to see Beth and Tyreese die in such rapid succession, but it’s clear that there needs to be some kind of winnowing going on.
They should first "winnow" some of the writers. How can they serve up such wooden dialogue week after week?
Where was Seth? I've been told he isn't dead but this is the second week he hasn't appeared at all. And no "Cut the Mullet" Man? (Wesley Willis) – not that I really care.
But. . .an ok episode I guess. . .for TWD. And yeah, Sasha is a blank.

(which one is Seth?)

Seth Gilliam, Father Gabriel.

Describe Sasha: Hot
Joking aside, though, I think it's an astute observation that Sasha "has no true self outside of her immediate context." Something that could probably be said about half the cast on The Walking Dead, which might be why some of these uneventful character-focused episodes can fall flat so often, for some viewers. They keep trying to force it.
I feel another thing that's been forced is the change of Carol. It's great that she's come a long way from the timid wife and scared mom, but I think there are ways to make her stronger without sacrificing the good qualities of who she used to be. I know I'm in the minority on this opinion, but she's something of a *****, now. I guess that's cool to most people, but for me, her drastic transformation has been a turnoff.

Yea that scene with carol was absurd. A simple "I just wanted to grab more chocolate to make you cookies. Don't tell" would have worked.

No, it was great, because it's building this fantastic new vibe where we, the viewers, are suddenly realizing that we're so complicit with "our" characters that we may not be seeing them clearly at all; maybe they're the bad guys.
I mean, you could say it's a cheap trick, but then again, it worked for Camus (and for Paul Schrader when he essentially re-told The Stranger as Taxi Driver). It's one of the more sophisticated things this show has done.

There are definitely better ways to handle that situation. Once someone that brought something different to the group, Carol has
just become one more hardened bad ***** in a group full of too many
hardened badasses. I swear,
sometimes it seems like half the cast of The Walking Dead is in a
*****-measuring contest for "Coolest Character"

You aren't alone on Carol. I'm all for reclaiming one's strength, but she's gone overboard. And I don't even think she cares about the group at her core - she'd kill any one of them if she thought it might be required. That's not bad-*****, that's something unhealthy.

Sasha: cool headed. That's what came to mind when she was first introduced. Now I dunno what the hell they're doing with her.
Overall, pretty good episode, but a few caveats.
Rick kissing that woman. I dunno if I buy him doing that. Plus is seems a little rushed.
Daryl already buying into Alexandria. Thought that was a little quick too.
Lastly, hated the Carol and kid scene. Forced way to get Carol to give a child abuser type threat to get the kid to keep his mouth shut imo. I think Carol is hardcore now, but this may be a little too much. Plus she's not that careless.
So no Gabriel or Eugene. That's ok. They could've left out Noah too. (ETA: or Tara, *****, forgot about her!)
I see Beth and Tyreese are still credited. Ouch.

I imagine the credits thing is contractual. Then, again, it leaves them open to appearing in "nightmare flashbacks" or whatever. Who knows?
I think Daryl sees this as a win/win situation, especially if he ends up being a "recruiter," who spends as much time, or more, scouting outside than he does inside the walls. It's not like anyone's actually stopping him from going outside or taking his crossbow away from him.
I find the Carol not accepting part - even to go so far as threatening a child with a gruesome death - is harder to take. But, sadly, not hard to believe.
Having read the bulk of the comments here, I'm pondering what percentage of the crowd thought, and were hoping, right up to the end of the dinner party from hell, that it was going to be the Red Wedding, Part 2 and end up in a shootout between the wicked Alexandria residents and Carol and Rick, who survive only because they stole a bunch of guns.
It's just the kind of Pavlovian response that the producers of this one have nurtured in their audience through pretty much the entire show. Not saying that the season will NOT end in a hail of bullets being exchanged between the two, only that the show has constantly pushed this whole "anyone who is not US is EVIL!!!!" theme so damned hard, that I'm beginning to wonder if the TWD hasn't drawn the audience it rightly deserves over five seasons
RWG (in any case, while I find the townfolk incredibly naïve, I do find the current storyline refreshing)

I'm guessing I'm in the minority about Carol. Maybe if she didn't use child abuser manipulating tactics I wouldn't have the same issue with it perhaps?
I just wish they made Daryl's arc a little more gradual rather than one hunting party and a dinner later...
The townfolk are def incredibly naive, Deanna too. I wonder how realistic that'd be in a world like that. It'd be one thing if they were cutoff from any idea of what was happening, but since they know what's out there, it makes it either completely delusional, or poorly written. Deanna wants a flourishing community with a government and stuff! Maybe she should concentrate on getting a lot more people in and beefing up security first?
And I agree, there's no way this is ending on good terms. That just wouldn't be very exciting either.

It's contractual. They were signed up for a full season, deliberately. The actress who played Lori had her name throughout season three for the same reason.

What's weird is that I swear they removed Beth and Tyreese in other episodes.
They're probably credited now because of their flashback appearances.

I sorta meant that in reference to the audience seeing their names and being still choked up/pissed about their deaths. Adding insult to injury, thanks writers!

I think part of the point they may be trying to make is that the Rick crew is so hard-bitten they're like an overactive immune system - they react strongly to anything seen as a possible threat. They've lost most human nuance. Compare them to Aaron, for example - he's capable of defending himself, but hasn't lost the ability to empathize or see things in non-catastrophic terms.

Oh – the "Daryl eats noisy spaghetti and then wipes his mouth on his sleeve" scene was pretty heavy handed – unless Daryl was trying intentionally to play the redneck rube – but I don't give TWD writers that much credit.

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