“Dancing with the Stars” 2012 Cha Cha’d

“Dancing with the Stars” 2012 Cha Cha’d onward on May 5 with another night of hoofing. In addition to the usual individual couple dances, week 8 of the competition featured a little trio action as well. Did Katherine Jenkins re-claim her spot atop the judges’ leaderboard? Did William Levy take off his clothes? Did Maks Chmerkovskiy roll his eyes at the panelists? Read on for a recap.

The Ballroom Round opened with a Tango by NFL star Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd. Peta told Donald that Tuesday’s double elimination made it a “crucial” week for the couple, and Donald seemed ready and rarin’ to go. But when the ‘Oh My Gosh My Choreography Is So Hard’ Blues kicked in, Donald admitted to feeling a lot of “frustration”.

There are two ways to describe Peta’s outfit: S&M-inspired or Cat Woman. That should give a good enough visual to go on. As for the dance, it was good. Not perfect, but good. There’s just something stiff about Donald. I think his shoulders ride up every now and then and it makes him look like a stuffed shirt.

Len Goodman declared “ding dong Donald, a first round knockout” and “you set the standard and you set it high”. Bruno said “beware of the killer stilettos” and loved how he went for it “like there was no tomorrow”. Still, he admonished Donald to watch his shoudlers. Carrie Ann Inaba gushed “you are in the zone” and appreciated his “dynamic” shapes. However, she told him to add “a little bit more drama”, which naturally sent Bruno into a tizzy. Nothing like a catfight to start the evening.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd’s week 8 scores: 9, 9, 9 = 27.

TV personality Maria Menounos and Derek Hough were up next with a Viennese Waltz. Derek remarked during rehearsals that Maria had a hard time with matching the music with the technique. She got frustrated and there was practically a beep-a-thon (nice job, guys), but they kept it going, even if Maria did call their time together a “rollercoaster”. And the segment ended with a “good girl” and an air kiss. Aw, how demeaning. Or maybe just cute. I dunno.

Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” and a bunch of steam served as the backdrops for their dance. It was solid with good doses of emotion sprinkled throughout. She’s good in hold for sure.

Bruno said she had “heavenly fluidity” and appreciated her “total emotional involvement”. Carrie Ann said “I was hearing angels singing while you danced” and praised the couple’s connection. Len scolded Derek for not keeping Maria in hold more often, and another catfight was born. And then there were gasps of shock (Carrie Ann) when he declared “you’d disappointed me”. Oooh.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough’s week 8 scores: 10, 8, 10 = 28.

Keeping the action moving forward were actress Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy with a Foxtrot. Melissa called the competition stressful and noted a considerable “uptick in headbutting” between herself and Maks. And the Ukrainian honey was certainly impatient during their pre-dance segment and cursed at Melissa. He accused Melissa of making him look “like a terrorist”, but Melissa expressed that only Maks can make himself look like a bad guy. Still, she promised to “nail this Foxtrot”. Melissa looked great in a brown striped number that I’d usually find atrocious, but there was, as always, something very forced and unnatural about the dance. She just seemed too tentative and uncertain and rushed.

Carrie Ann praised her for keeping her shoulders down and called it “your best dance ever”. She noted “a few mess-ups” at the beginning, but enjoyed it. Len agreed, but noted the mistakes. Bruno quipped “the cougar got prize in a much smoother ride”. He called the “presentation the best you’ve done to date”. Maks looked… odd as the judges spoke. Dude, make eye contact. You’re a good dancer, but have a little respect.

Melissa made light of the rehearsal segment, calling it a “bad day”. Maks said he loves Melissa “with all my heart” and affirmed to his tearful partner that “I would do anything for her”. He promised to not lose it on her again. Aw.

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s week 8 scores: 8, 8, 8 = 24.

Fourth in line were classical singer Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas with a Viennese Waltz. She worried about her future on the show, noting “I have to come out and give a stellar performance” to survive the double elimination. She insisted on “going for it” even when Mark gave her chances to take breaks.

I didn’t love Katherine’s overly matronly gown, but the dance itself was lovely. She has a floating, ethereal quality about her movements that is unmatched by the other gals in the competition this season.

Len enjoyed “plenty of content” but didn’t like the “spinny thing”. He called the overall effect “terrific”. Bruno called it “a tale of upstairs and downstairs” referring to the choreography, and appreciated her technique, but knocked her for losing it for a moment. Carrie Ann agreed that her technique was “astounding” and nailed her for losing her footing. What? Bruno shook his finger at her aggressively. I agree, Bruno. What the deuce is she talking about? Why is she trying to get rid of Katherine? Insanity. Maybe she’s jealous because Katherine is better-looking? Oh, the mysteries.

Katherine once again thanked everyone who’d voted for her, and said she never thought she’d make it so far.

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas’ week 8 scores: 8, 9, 9 = 26.

Really, Carrie Ann? The same score you gave Melissa? What the heck is wrong with you? Jealous, nasty woman. But moving on.

Disney star Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower, aka the Dance Duel Master, followed with a Foxtrot. He admitted to “feeling very discouraged”, but called the “smiling faces of my grandmothers” his inspiration. He dedicated his performance to his grandmas, too. Aw.

The pair’s “Sweet Pea” performance was all sorts of cute, theatrical and lighthearted. Roshon was a little pancake-handed and stiff-armed at times, but all in all, it was lots of good, squeaked clean fun.

Bruno called them “the sweetest of sweethearts” and appreciated their hold and lines. He likened Roshon to “a young Mickey Rooney”. Carrie Ann first addressed his tearful grandmas, and said “you made your grannies proud and you made us proud”. Len called them “two little dancing munchkins” and “good job, dawg”.

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower’s week 8 scores: 10, 9, 10 = 29.

Last to dance during round one were the chronically overscored (did I say that?) telenovela star William Levy and Cheryl Burke. During rehearsals, William brought Cheryl a big, colorful bunch of flowers for her birthday. He didn’t like all of the rules involved with performing the Foxtrot, but he appreciated Cheryl’s patience.

William was “on” as far as William goes, probably as “on” as he’s been this season. His kid looked bored in the audience. Oooh.

Carrie Ann said “all I can say is meow, meow, meow” and likened it to a “hot sexy Pink Panther”. The she gushed on and on. Len called it “a mix of care and flair”. Bruno growled “you heartbreaker, you couldn’t be more debonair and suave if you tried… I hate you even more”.

William Levy and Cheryl Burke’s week 8 scores: 10, 10, 10 = 30.

He may well be the most overscored contestant in “DWTS” history. It was good, but dude, that dance was not perfection. What an insult to Katherine and Mark’s entire season.

With that nonsensical round one in the rearview, we moved on to the first-ever trio round. Peta and Donald met up with reigning pro champ Karina Smirnoff for their trio Jive. Karina called a three-person Jive “a first for all of us” but was confident in Donald’s ability to “handle three women”. Har de har. Peta called the choreography “absolutely crazy”, but Donald pushed through in good spirits, claiming “I’m not ready to see Jimmy [Kimmel].”

I gotta say, Donald had his Twinkle Toes mojo workin’. And he didn’t take Karina’s head off during his big jump at the end!

Len declared “fun, fun, fun! I liked it!” Bruno thought Donald handled the challenge “beautifully”. Carrie Ann said “you never missed a step!… I loved your three-way!” Man alive, the sex jokes are going to get old fast.

Donald Driver’s round two scores: 10, 9, 9 = 28.

Next up with their trio were Maria, Derek and Troupe member Henry Byalikov, who Maria claimed was picked for his “amazing” abs. Derek then unveiled his plan for the theme: Bollywood. Dum da dum! A first on “DWTS”. Maria noted that it was weird to hold someone else, and planned to use it to her advantage, whatever that means. She hoped the risk would pay off.

Maria started off the trio’s Samba with asome good booty shaking, but i was once again reminded that she’s much better in hold than free willy. It was certainly an innovative and creative performance, but it was a little… weird. Yeah, weird.

Bruno called Maria the “jewel” of the number but noted that she’d lost timing. Carrie Ann agreed that she was well-showcased in a “feast for my Asian senses” but noted some problems. Len called it “false advertising” and missed the actual Samba components.

Maria Menounos’ round two scores: 9, 7, 9 = 25.

It was also trio Samba time for Melissa and Maks, who selected the other Chmerkovskiy brother, Val, to complete their unit. Maks said he wanted the Samba to be “empowering” for Melissa and that he wanted her to “shine” between himself and his bro. Melissa planned to bring the “sizzle” to the stage. Mmm, mmm, and that Samba was hella “Hard to Handle”. In a good way! It was Melissa’s best dance of the season. By a lot. For once, she looked relaxed and confident. Good for Half Pint! Carrie Ann called her “a very good little cream filling” and called it her best by a lot. Len agreed, calling it her best dance, “well done”. Bruno purred “is it Melissa or is it Ms. Rita Hayworth?” and “it takes two to get the best out of you”. Risque!

Melissa Gilbert’s round two scores: 9, 9, 9 = 27.

They were uber pumped.

Cha Cha was the word for the next couple, Katherine and Mark, who opted to invite Tristan MacManus to join them. Oh la la! Katherine hoped to just “let loose” and called the dance “fun”. Sounds fun to me! It was fun, but poor Katherine’s pants got stuck on her foot! She handled it like a pro, though, and kept on going til she managed to shake ‘em off. It was fun, and she was spot-on. This girl is the real deal. Len called the dance “clean, clear and clever”. Bruno called it “sexy and cool” and likened her to Charlize Theron in her “Hitchcock blonde coolness”. Carrie Ann declared “bring on the fire!” and praised her for keeping it together despite the wardrobe issue.

Katherine Jenkins’ round two scores: 10, 9, 10 = 29.

Roshon and Chelsie were up next with their trio Paso Doble. They selected troupe member Sasha Farber as their third party, because, as Roshon said, “he’s really good at being masculine”. Er. Sasha promised him he wouldn’t be in the bottom two because he never loses anything. Uh, okay. Sasha helped Roshon with lots of good Paso moves, but wow, tough beans being right next to a pro of the same gender.

The synchro wasn’t perfect, but that’s what you get when you dance next to a pro! But it was good. Bruno appreciated his “Spanish lines” but said there were “moments” when he couldn’t distinguish between Sasha and Roshon. Still, he noted there were synch problems. Carrie Ann felt conflicted over the performance. Len said “you were like two skinny fries chasing the ketchup”. And he appreciated Roshon’s “tight buttocks”. Uh, Lennie?

Roshon Fegan’s round two scores: 9, 9, 9 = 27.

Closing out the show were William and Cheryl, who worked with Tony Dovolani on a Paso Doble. Cheryl explained the choice, noting that she wanted to show William holding his own by a pro. She admitted it was a risky move, but William said he “likes challenges”.

My initial thought about their little battle of the matadors was that William stuck his butt out too much. My second thought was that there was an awful lot of Cheryl dancing around the guys and not a lot of actual William dancing.

Carrie Ann called William’s lines “incredible” but noted that they went out of synch once. Len saluted all three dancers, calling it a “great mix of steps together and apart”. Bruno praised the performance value, noting that they’d used Cheryl beautifully, but he smacked their wrists for losing synch.

William Levy’s round two scores: 9, 9, 9 = 27.

Tony’s little “please vote! I don’t want to be eliminated twice” schtick was cute.

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So that’s it for week 8. Who gets the boot? That’s a toughie. I’d say Melissa should be a gimme, based on entire-season performance, but it doesn’t always go that way. Anyone at all could be in trouble. I know that’s a lame cop-out, but I have no idea other than guessing that Roshon will finally fall, despite a pair of good dances.

The “Dancing with the Stars” 2012 week 8 results show airs Tuesday at 9 PM on ABC, so tune in. Or you can just check in with me. You know I’ll be watching.

It’s Finally Back! Make it or Break it Season 3 Premiere Recap/Review

Make It Or Break it Season 3!!!

I absolutely love MIOBI! It seems like the show has been gone forever but thankfully it’s finally back; and with a brand new character! I knew she’d be fiesty from the promo’s but there’s a lot more depth to her than I thought. But I’ll get to that in a second. Let’s get to the episode 1 recap. That means Spoilers!

Episode 1 “Smells Like a Winner”

The show opens with the girls arriving at the USA training center. Unnoticed by them, is a mysterious new girl in town named Jordan who is lurking around the center.

The girls take happy group pictures before they move into what is going to be their new home for the next 8 weeks and all seems well but c’mon, this is Make It or Break It so we know better right?

Kaylie is eager to hang out with her boyfriend Austin who is also at the training center. Payson is practically glowing because of her boyfriend Max. They’ve been exchanging hand written letters for a while now (old school, I know right?).

Lauren is the only single lady but of course already has plans to hook up with the every male in at the training center…

Besides having a new training center, they also have a new coach. Before their old coach Sasha leaves them in Coach MacItire’s hands he gives them a pep talk and he gives Payson a special good luck charm, his gold medal.


Upon arriving at the training center the girls notice a statue of some bald guy called Otis. The different teams at the training center all try to dismantle the Otis statue and take it for themselves. Why? Well legend has it that the team who is in possession of the Otis statue at the end of training camp always medals at the Olympics.

That being sad, in this episode the wrestling team is hellbent on securing the Otis statue. One of the wrestlers uses Lauren as a distraction while a bunch of wrestlers steal the Otis statue. This results in some intense banter between Lauren and the wrestler. Do I smell a hook up in the near future…?
As a result of her status boost last season, Lauren now has her own perfume in the works. And she’s spraying it on pretty heavy just to make sure everybody knows it.The problem is, it seems like the fragrance might be making her a bit lightheaded…
Lauren goes to pick up the girls mail and sees that Payson has a letter from her boyfriend. And in true Lauren fashion, she opens it and reads it without Payson’s permission. What a bitch.


After everything that’s happened to Payson, being at the USA training center is like a dream come true; plus she has a boyfriend for the first time! How could life get any more awesome??!!
Well apparently it can’t, sorry to bust your bubble. Payson finds Max’s note. He writes that it’s over. No explanation, just dumpsville party of 1. Jeez you’d think he could have at least waited until oooh I don’t know…after she finished training for the Olympics?!

As if things aren’t bad enough already, she lets the break up get to her and the next day at practice she performs poorly.
On top of that, she gets ranked near the bottom of all of the girls by the Coach MacIntire and she freaks out like a typical teenage girl. We’re talking tears, and a mini meltdown. Wow, what happened to the strong Payson? See what boys can do to you ladies!


Kaylie’s parents are still separated but they were able to at least come together long enough to drop her off at the training center. It doesn’t seem like they are getting back together anytime soon though.
She and Austin (yum) are happy for now and when Kaylie isn’t training she is spending most of her time with him, not with her friends.

The Nitty Gritty

The new girl, Jordan, is seriously determined. All we know about her so far is that she has a background in gymnastics but hasn’t performed for a long time. She is all alone, not affiliated with any gym or coach. But it looks like she’s definitely ready to get back in the game the way she’s hounding the coach.
She lives camped out on the fringes of the training center in a tent…with a bunny. She talks to someone on the phone saying things think “It’s you and me, we’ll be in London soon.” Who is we?
The afternoon before the first day of training, the girls sneak into the training room, little do they know that Jordan was in the room before they got there. She was to filming herself doing some impressive moves that she hopes will impress Coach MacIntire.
Lauren has been feeling strange but she figures that it’s just her perfume making her sick so she stops using it.
Jordan stalks the Coach and demands that he watch the video she made of herself in the gym. The coach tells her to go home but she resists, and then finally leaves but not before leaving her memory stick (with her video) on his car.
Lauren collapses at the first practice. She goes see the nutirionist who thinks her dizzy spells are a result of her bad eating habits. Lauren ends up at the bottom of the scoreboard that day.
None of the girls are performing at their best in the training practices and the coach is not pleased.
As Payson is about to perfom a move Jordan bum rushes practice and tries to “prove” herself, while throwing all of the rest of the girls under the bus. But Coach MacIntire isn’t going for it. He screams at her to get out and threatens to call security. Then she finally leaves but not before loudly reminding him to watch the video on the freakin memory stick!
Austin tells Payson that the reason Max broke up with her is because he’s bisexual. Remember last season when Max kissed Austin? Understandably shocked and upset, she get’s up and walks away.


To make Payson feel better the girls decide to steal the head of Otis from the wrestlers. They think that it’s on a rooftop so Lauren volunteers to go up and get it but while she’s up there she faints again.
The coach finally watches Jordan’s video and he is impressed. He decides to give her a chance. She moves in from the tent to the training center.
In the end Coach Macyntire finds the girls having their own little bonfire. He says that this is a fresh start and tells them to throw their Rock jackets into the fire.
They reluctantly do it, thus marking a new beginning.

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Will We See Jason Lee’s TV Show Shredd on Adult Swim?

When Jason Lee got the green light to start producing his TV series on Adult Swim in November 2010, there was a mad rush in the media to cover the new show. Unfortunately, in the six months afterward, there were no new details on the TV show released to the public. Will Adult Swim be showing Shredd: the Jon Johnsonsen Story for the Fall 2011 lineup? Detailed to be co-produced with Jack Black, while there isn’t much new information about the TV Show from the producers, there is a lot of feedback from the potential audience.
Will 40 year old skaters watch this show?

Among the comments posted to the blogs that originally covered the story are skaters in the age group Jason Lee would be representing. A majority welcome the storyline idea as reflective of modern skateboard lovers that are still skating over the age of 35. In particular, one skater, Brian Hearne, said that the idea of a man in his 40s that skates on a regular basis is legit in 2010.

This comment also deduced that being able to skate for life was made possible by improvements in skateboard engineering, hardware, and apparel. In other words, we are growing out of the idea of skateboarding as a youth trend or fad in American culture and beginning to see its correlation to life-long sports like jogging and biking.

Will Adult Swim actually follow through?

With all of this enthusiasm toward a seemingly underplayed facet of modern American culture, can we expect Adult Swim to follow through with Shredd? In the past, Adult Swim has had a habit of dropping approved series ideas at the last minute. In other words, we won’t know if Adult Swim will decide to produce, air, or continue airing Shredd until we actually see it on the television screen.

In the meantime, you can keep up with the latest news on 2011 Adult Swim new TV shows and Fall Previews by joining their website. The Fall 2011 lineup at Adult Swim will start at 9 p.m. this year instead of 10 p.m.


Homeland, is it Worth Your Time?

The thing about television these days is that there are a zillion channels and yet never anything on that is worth watching. However, I do have a few shows that I watch frequently but even fewer that I consider appointment shows. You know, shows that I make a point to DVR or to sit down and watch on the day it airs. Those shows include Modern Family, The Good Wife, Revenge, Smash, and Homeland.

If you haven’t watched an episode of Homeland, which airs on Showtime, you are really missing out on one of the best shows ever created. It is that good. To call Homeland a drama doesn’t do it any justice and is in fact grossly underselling it. The show really is in a category all its own. Homeland is more of a psychological thriller that plays out like a movie and has you on the edge of your seat for the entire hour. It is the type of show where you don’t want any distraction because if you look away for a nanosecond, you may miss something crucial.

Homeland is about a Marine Sargent, Nicholas Brody, who comes home after 8 years living in captivity in Iraq. A CIA agent, Carrie Mathison, who interviews him upon his return gets suspicious of him and ultimately suspects that he is plotting a terrorist attack against the United States. As season one moves along you are constantly wondering if Mathison is right about Brody or not.

Homeland is not the type of show that you can just tune in without ever having watched it before and understand what is going on. You must watch this show from episode 1. The overall storyline is compelling and the characters are complex but it doesn’t require you to think too much, like LOST did. And, unlike other shows on premium channels the violence and sexual content is minimal. Not to say that there isn’t any of that but it’s just not the focus of the show.

Do yourself a favor and watch Season 1 before Season 2 begins on September 30th. Don’t worry though, because if you have Showtime you can watch episodes on demand, or you could order them on DVD from Netflix.

I just watched a twenty-five minute sneak preview of Homeland online, and think that this season is going to be as mind blowing as season 1. September 30th can’t come fast enough!


Recently Updated News

Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee’s Hollywood TV Appearances

Chinese American martial arts movie star Bruce Lee is most well known for kung fu films. Before his untimely death in1973, he’d starred in three major motion pictures, including the yet to be released classic “Enter The Dragon”. He also had a small role in the James Garner (The Rockford Files) crime flick, “Marlowe”, co-starring Carroll O’Connor of Archie Bunker “All In The Family” fame”. Lee is an unparalleled fight film and a martial arts icon, but it’s often forgotten he got his big break on American television. Hollywood TV shows like his guest starring on “Ironside” with Raymond Burr, “Batman” with Adam West and on his own show “The Green Hornet”, propelled Mr. Lee to big films and helped create a true cinema legend.

The Green Hornet (1966)

When one of the best martial artists on two high kicking feet takes a co-starring role in a comic book based TV show – what happens? Bruce Lee as Kato simply overshadowed his co-star Van Williams who played the title role. The show aired on ABC for only one season, produced by the producer who had created the mega hit “Batman”. Although a failure with audiences in America, the show was so successful in Hong Kong – because of Bruce Lee’s participation – it was renamed “The Kato Show” to highlight Lee’s sidekick character Kato.

Batman (1967)

Who’s the only kung-fu hep cat who can hope to loom larger, punch and kick with more flair than the iconic Batman? When Green Hornet (Van Williams) and Bruce Lee’s Kato guest starred on ABC’s “Batman”, Lee’s physical prowess and undisputed charisma dazzled viewers. Over the years, there’s been a kind of Kato vs Robin myth – wherein Bruce Lee was said to be intent on really beating up actor Burt Ward to show how tough a guy he could be, but the truth is Ward and Lee were friends before he ever guested on the former’s show. They’d hang out together and would eat dinner together with Lee’s wife Linda, and son Brandon.

Longstreet (1971)

This was a short lived ABC crime drama show which had elements of the comic book “Daredevil” – relating the adventures of a blind crime fighter played by actor James Franciscus. Lee played an antiques dealer named Li Tsung and guest starred in four episodes. Tsung not only trained insurance investigator Mike Longstreet in the ways of fighting, but imparted bits of eye opening enlightenment with his life lessons and general philosophy. Writer Stirling Silliphant, an executive producer of the show, studied Jeet Kune Do – Bruce Lee’s fighting style – and the two men were also good friends.

Ironside (1967)

Once again, the dynamic Mr. Lee takes on the role of a martial arts instructor in this classic NBC crime show starring actor Raymond Burr. Lee’s character was named Leon Soo, and he provided details about his deceased father which was connected to one of Ironside’s crime cases. Although he has only a three minute scene, it’s chock full of eye popping fighting fun and that trademark Bruce Lee electricity, which fairly has him sparkle on the screen. Gene LeBell, one of America’s most noted and accomplished jujitsu and judo practitioners, spars with Bruce in the scene.


The Voice coaches – Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera

The Voice coaches – Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera – are set to perform a medley of Queen songs on the live Top 16 show on Tuesday, June 7, 2011.
According to the Hollywood Reporter website, the coaches will be singing “We are the Champions,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You.”

The coaches received good reviews when singing the Gnarles Barkley hit “Crazy” the first episode of Season 1. Blake, Christina, Adam and Cee Lo will kick off the Top 16 (the first live show of the season) before the contestants perform for America’s votes. Reportedly, the coaches will then remove a contestant from their team with the exception of the highest vote getter per team, who gets an instant pass to the next live voting round.

Adam did a solo of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Cee Lo and Blake then did “We Will Rock You” together with Adam doing a guitar solo.

Christina then did “We Are The Champions.” This was pretty good overall. It didn’t seem as good as the “Crazy” performance from before, though.


The Hollywood Reporter Story on The Voice Coaches Singing a Queen Medley

The Voice Season 1 Recaps and Results


Bringing back classic television

In the past six months, many cities across the United States have been getting a new network that shows nothing but classic television series from the 50s through the 80s – Me-TV! Me-TV, owned by Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting, is a free, over-the-air network that airs in select markets on local channels and some cable systems in an area where there is an affiliate. Free television just got a whole lot better!

In most cities, Me-TV is carried on a subchannel of a local broadcast station. Subchannels are “built in” channels on a television station. With digital television, you can have two, three, or sometimes even more channels in one – such as 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4. All it takes to get Me-TV, if it is available in your area, is a digital television or digital converter box and an antenna.

What is Me-TV?

Me-TV stands for Memorable Entertainment television, a reference to classic television. Me-TV is extremely dedicated to classic television, and airs sitcoms and dramas from the 1950s through 1980s. It is very similar to the old format and style of Nick at Nite and TV Land. The network also uses creative promotional ads for its shows, such as “Confessions of a Redhead” (for I Love Lucy) or “Mary Mishaps” (for The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, combining clips of Mary Tyler Moore’s roles on both shows). Me-TV initially began as a classic television block on a local Chicago station in the early 2000s, and became so popular that it became a full time local channel. After expanding in to the Milwaukee, WI and South Bend, IN markets in the latter 2000s, Weigel Broadcasting began offering Me-TV to local channels nationwide in December 2010. Me-TV respects its shows, and only places a small logo in the bottom right corner of the screen. There are no large logos, pop-up ads, or banners across the screen while a program is airing. Me-TV is currently seen in many American cities, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, San Fransisco, and Atlanta. Me-TV is the sister network to another digital network, THIS TV, which airs primarily movies.

What’s on Me-TV?

Me-TV’s programming includes shows from CBS Television Distribution and 20th Century Fox. Me-TV’s current roster of shows during the week includes Petticoat Junction, I Love Lucy, Hogan’s Heroes, The Big Valley, Hawaii Five-O, The Mary Tyer Moore Show, M*A*S*H, The Twilight Zone, Cheers, The Bob Newhart Show, and many more. On the weekends, the network airs some different shows, such as Taxi, The Odd Couple, The Brady Bunch, The Wild Wild West, and Happy Days. Some of the shows air in their original, un-edited form, while others have been edited and are not aired in full. Me-TV only airs one movie a week, and that is the Svengoolie horror movie of the week, which airs on Saturday nights. If an actor passes away, it is common for Me-TV to do a marathon of one of their shows, if possible. The network also has other marathons and special programming blocks from time to time. Most of the shows on Me-TV have been remastered and air in the highest quality possible.

Where can I find Me-TV?

You can find if Me-TV is in or coming to your area by visiting their website and entering your ZIP code. Then, you will be taken to a page that will list if the network is available in your area, and which station it is found on. If it is not currently on the air but coming soon, it may list it as coming soon and reference which station to look for it on. Don’t be discouraged if Me-TV is not on the air in or coming to your area; contact your local television stations and ask them to consider adding it! If Me-TV is on in your area, all you need is a digital television set or digital converter box and antenna. You may need to scan your digital television or box for the channel. In many cities, the local Me-TV affiliate is carried on the local digital cable system. It is currently not carried by satellite providers unless it is on a full-power affiliate, and not a subchannel.


Me-TV is a fantastic new network, and reminds me of what TV Land was until several years ago. There is something for everyone, and always something on. It is yet another addition to the ever-growing digital broadcast landscape, joining other digital broadcast networks that are offered over the air such as Antenna TV and THIS TV. I feel that subchannels and digital broadcasting are the future for classic television (outside of DVD’s), so this is a great network.


Amityville Movie

I’ve just spotted those pictures from the set of Amityville (aka The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes), the upcoming horror movie sequel written and directed by Franck Khalfoun and starring Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Thomas Mann, and Taylor Spreitler:

(Click on a picture to enlarge.)

“The film follows the story of a single mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who moves her three children (Cameron Monaghan, Bella Thorne and McKenna Grace) into the Amityville house where they soon begin to learn of its dark history.”

Are you impatient to revisit the house of horror? Share your thoughts below!

The release date of Amityville is set to January 2, 2015.

Stay tuned with us for more details about the movie Amityville!


Genre: Horror/Thriller
Directed by: Franck Khalfoun
Starring: Bella Thorne, Cameron Monaghan, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Thomas Mann, Taylor Spreitler
Release Date: January 02, 2015

More Information at:Amityville Trailer


‘Seed,’ Episode One of Season Three of ‘The Walking Dead’

Seed,” the first episode of season three of “The Walking Dead,” starts with most of our intrepid heroes moving through an abandoned house with military precision, killing walkers they find, and rifling the place for meager supplies.

Spoilers surely follow.

The party that includes Rick, Lori, Carl, Hershel, T-Dog, Daryl, Glenn, and Maggie seem to have coalesced to a certain degree, working as a team when confronting the walkers. This new found teamwork is noticeable when they begin to clear an abandoned prison, where they hope to find shelter and supplies in order to stay put for a while.

In the meantime, Andrea, still ill and perhaps near death, has been taken under the wing of a woman named Michonne. Michonne wields a katana with ruthless efficiency against the walkers, which is a good thing since she seems to favor Andrea’s well being. But she also leads a pair of armless walkers on leashes, as if they are pets. There is obviously a story behind that and likely a disturbing one.

In the meantime, back at the prison, Hershel is jumped by some walkers who bite hunks of his leg off. Rick thinks he has found a way to prevent this unhappy occurrence from turning Hershel into a walker, which is to hack off the mangled leg below the knee with an ax. Since Rick is not a surgeon, this is a slow, agonizing process. Fortunately Maggie is able to tie off the wound. Was the amputation done in time, before the infection spread? We’ll soon know.

In the meantime, Lori is afraid that her baby is dead, either dead-dead or animated dead. If the latter, she had visions of the creature gnawing its way out of the womb. If the former, the development does not arguer well for the long term survival of the human race that is yet living. Now check out full TV serie trailer.

At the end of the episode, the group comes upon another group of what appears to be former denizens of the prison, yet alive, who have somehow survived being trapped in a stone fortress filled with flesh eating horrors. No doubt their story is going to prove disturbing as well.