Audition and Predictions for the 7th Season of America’s Got Talent: Turf (Alonzo Jones)

Alonzo Jones, who goes by the name “Turf,” has come up as a street performer to gain national exposure through America’s Got Talent. I have seen a few contortionist dancers on various TV programs. But Turf is the one who seems poised to make a deep run on Season 7 of AGT. All three judges put him through to the Las Vegas audition round after his San Francisco audition. Of course, he went and cried in the interview piece after his performance. That is usually got for a lot more votes if he makes the live voting rounds.

The producers also seem to love Turf. He was the last act to perform in the San Francisco episode, which aired on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Based on that and the feedback from his act, I predict that he will easily make the voting rounds. They spent way too much time on his street-performer backstory to not give the public a chance to vote for him.

Winning Predictions:

Even though there are several more initial audition rounds to air, I am confident in predicting that Turf will make a round or two in the live voting rounds if he is selected for that phase of the competition. However, I am also confident in making a prediction that he will not win.

I suppose a dancer will win one day on America’s Got Talent. But until that happens, it is easy to just pick another singer than to make a wild pick on a contortionist dancer such as Turf.

I actually think the contortionist part of his act is not that impressive. Someone being born flexible like that is not really a talent. However, he has obviously worked some on his overall dancing skills. His slow-motion moonwalk,for example, is pretty fantastic. That general talent level plus his backstory should get him enough votes to at least survive one or two live voting rounds.

But dancers all meet the same fate on AGT. To put it bluntly, they lose and often even fail to make the finale. To improve his chances, Turf will have to do a lot more in the area of choreography and telling a story. His audition was just a street-performer-like exhibition. Dance teams that make the finale are far more unique and develop a show instead of just displaying raw dancing skills.

It is certainly possible for Turf to make the Top 10 with more interesting choreography, stage arrangement and other factors. Hairo Torres made it to the Top 10 as a solo dancer. Getting to the finale, though, is a hurdle that will be hard to overcome. Singers are still going to have the advantage, and more unique dancing acts have the edge over raw talent.

Unless he makes

dramatic changes,

my prediction

is that Turf

will not make

the finale of

America’s Got Talent 7.

Tips about Prenuptial Agreements

Nothing can take the heat out of a romance faster than the words, “Prenuptial Agreement.” However, in the long run, there is nothing quite like the comfort of knowing you have planned for the future and are protected. The trouble for most, when it comes to prenuptial agreements, is that there is a lack of understanding as to what they can and cannot do.

It is a commonly held belief that only the fabulously wealthy need a prenuptial agreement; however, that is far from the truth. Sure Donald Trump has millions he may want to protect, but there are plenty of people that have worked for years building a nest egg, a retirement account or purchasing a home that they want to make sure is protected. Perhaps most importantly, a prenuptial does not mean the parties are ever planning to divorce and it may be nice to know before the wedding if your spouse refuses to sign such an agreement.

If you have assets you acquired before your marriage, have children from a prior marriage, expect to acquire any money or property, have a business that is about to take off, own real estate, want to address alimony or are expecting any other kind of financial windfall, you could benefit from a prenuptial agreement. By being aware of a few basic concepts, you can better understand the workings of prenuptial agreements and when you may benefit from one. If you have the protection of a prenuptial agreement, you can control where your property goes and avoid having a judge or court determine how property that may arguably be separate is divided.

First, what can a prenuptial agreement protect? That is largely dependent upon the parties and how they want to structure an agreement. It is quite common for the parties to look at several factors when putting together a prenuptial agreement. Initially, the parties may look at the present time to determine what they each own and, perhaps what, if anything, they may have acquired together during their relationship. Frequently, a prenuptial agreement will identify all of the parties’ separate property and set out that any identified property shall remain separate should the parties divorce. The parties can also take advantage of the process to address how they will treat property acquired after they are married and how it will be treated in the event of a divorce. As the parties work through the agreement process, they largely have the ability to treat property in any fashion upon which they can agree.

A second area that the parties will want to address is how property acquired after the marriage will be treated. A common approach is to set out that any property acquired entirely by one spouse through their own efforts, is their separate property, regardless of use during the marriage. The parties may also set out that any property acquired during the marriage be treated as marital property subject to some sort of division under the applicable laws of the appropriate jurisdiction, or upon a schedule determined by the parties, should they divorce. As prenuptial agreements are very unique to the parties, the specific content of a prenuptial agreement is dependent on the particular assets of the parties and how they determine to address them. On this note, beware of the attorney who offers or suggests a form prenuptial agreement, a “one size fits all.” These can only offer false security and ensure problems down the road.

It is also possible for the parties to address things such as permanent or temporary spousal support following any separation. However the parties cannot waive child support as, regardless of their intent or desires, the state will allow and set a child support obligation to make sure any children are adequately cared for; however, the parties can agree to excess child support or responsibility for college expenses. It is also possible for the parties to agree upon custodial arrangements.

For a prenuptial agreement to be bona fide, there are certain requirements that must be met, though these requirements may vary from state to state. Even still, there are several requirements that are applicable in most states. The first is that the agreement be formally executed. In laymen’s terms, this means that the prenuptial agreement jotted down on the back of a napkin and initialed by the parties is not worth the paper it is written on. In most states, both parties must have separate legal representation to advise them of their rights and to review the agreement. It is also quite common for both parties to be required to make a full and complete financial disclosure so the other party can understand what they may be giving up. Most importantly, the agreement must be signed in a formal fashion with witnesses and perhaps a Notary Public. It is also a good idea to execute more than one copy of the prenuptial agreement with each spouse and a neutral party keeping a copy as well. Many would be surprised at the number of people who go through the emotional rollercoaster ride of executing a prenuptial agreement then over the years, losing the agreement, being unable to locate it when they need it. Keep a copy in a safe place.

Ultimately, the manner that is best suited to starting the process of formulating a prenuptial agreement is to have a meeting with a qualified and experienced divorce attorney. Be prepared to identify the property you hold, property you may be acquiring, you earnings and other issues relevant to your present and potential financial position.

After you have an understanding of the issues relevant to the prenuptial agreement you will want to approach the issue with your future spouse. This is perhaps the most case specific part of the process; however, there is one rule that generally applies. The earlier in your relationship you broach the subject, the better. You do not want to bring up the subject for the first time in the days before your wedding. This can cause a host of problems such as a coercion claim on the part of your future spouse, not to mention that you may suddenly find yourself without a fiancée as your wedding approaches.

Most importantly, be honest and be fair; however, remember, when a prenuptial agreement is being drafted, the majority of the time one party has assets that are being protected and one spouse is giving up a claim to this property. With this being the case, it is frequently a reality that one party has everything to lose and one has everything to gain from a challenge to the agreement. Your attorney can address certain techniques and approaches to protect you from this scenario; however, challenges to prenuptial agreements are something you should be prepared to deal with. You also want to avoid dealing with frivolous issues such as religious preferences or personal issues such as requirements for hair style or weight gain. If such provisions are included in a prenuptial agreement and the agreement is challenged, you run the risk of having the entire agreement voided.

It is common place for the agreement to state that the consideration for the entire agreement is the marriage of the parties, meaning that for the agreement to be valid, you must get married. No marriage, no agreement. As well, after the agreement is signed and you are married, after some time, you may want to consider a review and revision. For instance, if certain a certain amount of alimony was agreed to, or certain property was addressed in a certain manner, after a period of marriage, you may want to revise the agreement to be more generous. As well, it is also common place to put in a “termination clause” or “sunset provision” that calls for the expiration of the agreement if a set amount of time passes without the agreement coming into effect.

This article is not offered as, nor is it to be construed, as legal advice, nor does it create any relationship, attorney/client or other, between the author and the reader. To obtain any legal advice, consult an attorney licensed to practice law in your state.

Stock Performance Review: Capital One Financial Corp. (COF)

With the current economic condition of most U.S. communities, a common category of products consumed is financial products. As a result many financial companies that are traded publicly are experiencing growth. If you are interested in investing in a financial company, then you may want to consider Capital One Financial Corp (COF) as it is one of the most popular financial companies that is traded. However, before you spend your money on this stock you should learn a little but about it.

What Capital One Financial Corp. (COF) Does

Capital One is a financial corporation that offers its customers a wide variety of financial products. They are well known as a credit card company, however, they also offer investment, retirement, small business loans, personal loans, and mortgage products. This is a very well known company, and it has a strong financial history behind it.

52 Week Performance Review

During the 52 week period ending on 08/22/06 COF’s value fluctuated between 71.15 and 90.04. On 08/22/06 the stock ranged from 71.99 and 73.17. The fluctuations of high and lows during this 52 week period were probably influenced by the economic problems faced by the U.S., as well as the increase in the federal interest rates. However, as the economy stabilizes it is projected that COF’s value should increase again, and improve to a value of 100.41 within a year. This means that at a value in the low $70s, this may be the best time to buy this stock.

Historical Performance Review – The Last Five Years

COF saw its last major dip between 2002 and 2003. Then between 2003 and 2005 the stock experienced an increasing trend. Then between 2005 and 2006 the stock stabilized with only moderate fluctuations. In 2006 the stock fluctuated up and down, however, it did not get above the $75 mark as of 08/22/06.

Strengths of COF

COF has several strengths as a stock. First the company is financial secure and stable. They are making a profit consistently and their projected growth potential is promising. Secondly there are a lot of people that use Capital One Financial Products. This company offers a wide selection of financial products that cater to every financial demographic in the United States. Finally, COF products are accepted by most vendors who accept credit cards making the product more valuable to customers and businesses.

Weaknesses of COF

Like most stocks the value of COF shares are vulnerable to current economic conditions. The future of this stock is also troubled by the possibilities of additional dips in its value caused by economic troubles, changing interest rates, and future restrictions created by the federal government.

For More Information

If you would like more information about this stock, or about Capital One Financial Corp., please post your requests below. Also if you are interested in another stock’s performance review you can request that below as well. Links to stock performance reviews, and requested information will be posted on this site when they become available so check back often.

UK Organization Aims to Aid Developing Countries With Your Donations

A unique UK-based organization accepts donations for gifts from registered charities, which in turn go to some very versatile causes world-wide. For instance, for 75 British pounds you can buy a SuperGoat. That’s right. These goats are specially bred for conditions in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. These goats are indeed super because they are more resilient than your average goat and also breed faster, producing more milk than your average goat. GoodGifts has been around for three years and the generosity of donaters is in a word, SUPER!

The options range from one end of the financial spectrum to the other. If you’re looking to make a small donation but still have an impact, how about purchasing a bike for a midwife in a developing country for the low price of 35 British pounds. Having a bike enables midwives to visit more villages and keep the life cycle in motion. On the other hand, The Delivery World Trust can help you when you donate 2500 pounds and buy a 100 acre rainforest, which you get to name.

Here are some of the charities and services they provide:

The World Land Trust and the International Tree Foundation will deliver 2 mangrove seedlings or plant a quarter acre swamp in India and The Philipines.

APT will deliver a Kalashnikov, rocket launcher, small armored vehicle, or a tank for peace efforts in Sierra Leone.

Sight Savers International will set up operations to help restore the gift of sight.

Vetaid provides camels in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Somaliland for food, transport and income.

Friends of Tafo, Africa Now, and Keystone will provide a hive of bees, tools and training, and establish a beekeeping cooperative in Ghana, Kenya, and India.

Blue Cross will pay for an old dog to stay in a retirement rest home in the UK for three months.

Grencoda will use your donation to nurture cocoa plants and invest in cocoa processing in Grenada, West Indies where cocoa is in crisis.

Goats For Peace will provide donkey ploughs and donkeys in rural Africa where they provide basic transport, take the sick to hospital and carry animal fodder and water.

UNICEF provides a School-in-a-Box which contains a blackboard, exercise books, slates, chalk and posters for children caught in emergencies.

Vetaid will also provide a bike for a para-vet, bag of medicines, and para-vet training for rural communities in Somaliland, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique, and Tanzania where communities are dependent on their livestock.

Seeds For Africa furnishes seed kits, fruit trees, tools, and a fresh food garden in South Africa in an effort to better nutrition quantity and quality.

UNICEF will furnish a water pump to provide clean, safe water for the everyday needs of a village.

Help the women of India, through Barsana, India, by ordering saris and shawls to be distributed to widows and other poor women. Your donation will help these women earn a living wage.

Sloths need homes too. The World Land Trust can help us save 250 trees which are home to the Brown-throated three-toed sloth (which is so lazy that algae grows undisturbed on its fur) in the Eastern Brazilian jungle.

These are just a few of the charities and the services GoodGifts provide to countries throughout the world. GoodGifts is quite a unique organization. Be part of the solution. Already in their three-year tenure, 2,000 Rwandan war widows have been given goats. In Africa, 3,000 beekeepers have been equipped with hves.

Jimmy Hoffa: Have They Finally Found Him?

James Riddle Hoffa, more commonly known as Jimmy Hoffa, was born in Indiana to a poor family. From these humble beginnings, he rose to be perhaps the most prominent figure in labor union history. Hoffa’s father died when Hoffa was quite young and this led to Hoffa travel to Michigan where he began working in warehouses as on of the lowest workers in the shop. He got to see first hand how management treated the workers and laborers. Not long after this Hoffa organized a labor strike over the worker mistreatment. Having found his calling, his days as a worker were numbered as his union potential started to unfold. Hoffa rose through the ranks of the Teamster’s Union which was also know as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

By way of review, labor unions had developed in response to the mistreatment of workers and poor working conditions that had long plagued industry in the . The unions gave the common worker a collective voice on issues such as wages, retirement, work schedules and other issues related to the worker’s welfare. However, some would argue that the cure was not much better than the problem. The primary focus of the various unions was to work for and advocate the worker. However, all too often things such as graft, bribery, intimidation, embezzlement, outright violence and ties to organized crime quickly became a reality of the unions.

Hoffa’s Teamsters were ultimately one of the largest unions in the country. The Teamster’s name came from their original work description where a teamster would run a team of oxen to pull a cart. However, the modern day version of the Teamster when Hoffa came to power was in shipping, trucking and the delivery of various goods which included the over-the-road transportation industry. When Hoffa took control of the Teamster’s in 1957, the former president had been sent to prison. Hoffa, however, didn’t let this concern him and he wasted no time in seeking to further the Teamster’s presence and scope. Hoffa saw the Teamster’s expand across the country and by the early 1960’s had succeeded in bringing nearly all of the over-the-road truckers in the country under one national contract. From here Hoffa decided to expand even further to include even airline pilots. However, this raised the concern of governmental regulators out of fear that having virtually all shipping and transportation in the country under the umbrella of one union would create a situation where a strike could potentially cripple the economy of the country. Hoffa’s plan for further expansion ultimately never happened.

However one of the main concerns that many had in regard to Hoffa was his ties to organized crime. It was these very ties to organized crime that allowed Hoffa to assume the control of the Teamsters and in return, Hoffa allowed organized crime to exert control over the union. Essentially this meant that through the Mafia’s control, they could force certain strikes or resort to blackmail to gain profits from different locals and businesses. As well, via kick backs and deals signed by the local unions with the Teamsters, Hoffa and the other union leaders grew rich while the individual workers suffered. However, Hoffa, the master tactician was able to play people against each other and did this to his initial benefit with the mafia.

However, Hoffa’s grasp on the unions started to falter. In 1967, Hoffa was convicted of attempting to bribe a grand juror and was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison; however, his sentence was commuted by President Nixon to time served on the condition that he not be involved in Union activities for a period of 10 years.

Several years later when Hoffa was to meet with some mob leaders in Michigan, he disappeared from the Machus Red Fox restaurant near Detroit. Since his disappearance, the location of his body and his ultimate fate continue to fuel wide speculation and conspiracy theories that persist even today. While Hoffa would have secured his place in history due to his role in expanding the Teamsters; his true place in history has been cemented not because of anything that he did, but by his disappearance, likely murder and the continued search for his body.

Some of the more popular theories are that his body is in the New Jersey Turnpike, was dumped into one of the Great Lakes, buried under Giant’s Stadium, was put in a car that was compacted, was buried in either Michigan, New Jersey or New York or was even buried in Elvis’ grave. Several criminals with Mafia ties have reported that he was placed in the trunk of a car which was then destroyed and likely recycled. They went on to say that Hoffa was now a car bumper.

Since his disappearance in 1975, there have been a number of leads that have been pursued by authorities; however, none have developed to the point of a criminal indictment nor have they revealed the location of Hoffa’s remains. DNA belonging to Hoffa was found in a car whose owner had earlier said that Hoffa had never been in the car, but again, no indictment resulted.

Other leads from people with Mafia ties have recently been explored, but then dismissed without a great deal of attention. However, earlier this month, the FBI began examining a farm known as the Hidden Dreams Farm in Milford Township, Michigan, a community 45 miles northwest of Detroit. The FBI has had more than 40 agents and specialists searching the 85 acre farm and have recently begun taking down a large barn on the site to examine what may be underneath. The FBI is keeping silent on the subject, but aerial photos have shown a great deal of activity on the property.

The Detroit Free Press has reported that a 75 year old federal prisoner supplied information that lead to the search. It appears that the prisoner, who is in jail on marijuana charges, lived on the farm at the time of Hoffa’s disappearance. The farm is also only about 20 miles away from where Hoffa vanished. The Free Press has also reported that the prisoner had, as early as 1976, offered to provide information to the FBI on the location of Hoffa’s remains, but the FBI was not then interested. Even recently, the FBI was initially standoffish according to the paper so much so that the prisoner had to threaten to go to the media with the information. However the FBI ultimately listened and has begun their search. Apparently the prisoner and another man were present around the time of Hoffa’s disappearance when several others, with a backhoe dug a hole and placed a cylinder shaped object covered with plastic in the hole. One of the men present, Rolland McMaster, an associate of Hoffa’s, according to the prisoner, said words to the effect of, “there goes Hoffa.”

The current search has forensic specialists, cadaver sniffing dogs, ground penetrating radar and even a private contractor assisting in the demolition of structures on the property.

While it is impossible to say if Hoffa has finally been found, while the FBI is appears as of May 30th has suspended their search of the property, it is clear they are serious about looking for him when they receive a lead they believe is credible.

Hoffa’s son presently heads the Teamsters and his daughter is a judge in Missouri.

TV discussion: Glee “Child Star” Season 6, Episode 9

With only a few weeks left to go the new kids FINALLY get a personality. They’re not too bad to be honest.

Yeah what a massive shame that we have to wait until episode 9 (well 10 technically, but they’ve move ‘2009’) until we find out ANYTHING about NuNu New Directions.
Never thought I’d find myself defending any episode of this season’s Glee, but I actually think this episode is quite good. Sure there’s the usual stupid ‘this doesn’t make any sense’ stuff, but the characters were engaging and I liked what I saw.
Myron is an awful variation on Becky and we’re sadly saddled with him till the show’s conclusion, but he shouldn’t be too hard to ignore. The Rodderick/Spencer stuff was a bit all over the place and ended far too neatly. Instead of having the godawful ‘Hurt Locker’ stretch over two episodes we could have had the newbies featured in stuff that could have been called back in this episode.
I guess the strongest plot was the Madison/Mason/Jane stuff (even if Jane didn’t contribute much to it). The sad thing is that this season is too short for us to have any follow up to the half decent plot development they got.
Uptown Funk was the best song of the episode, shame they wasted it on a bar mitzvah instead of saving it for competition. Could have done without the annoying cuts to the crowd and the random dancers on stage though.

Yeah, and I have to give them credit for non-traditional casting. I was cracking up re: Spencer’s crush being styled to look like an ultimate frisbee player voted “Most ly To Open an Etsy Shop”.
Original flavor New Directions was like 50% football players and cheerleaders; this group is way tattier (even if the math is similar).

If they really wanted to push it, they’d have Spenser the vain, hot athlete totally fall for Roderick, the portly, prodigious talent, through their joint “climb the rope/mount the hippie hunk” escapade.

Can we get a Kickstarter going to airlift poor Jane Lynch out of this show?

She might Lynch herself before we get enough money to do so.

And then Brian Doyle-Murray will call Mitch Glazer.

I have been pushing the #freeJaneLynch agenda for YEARS!

She’s probably fine with it. She’s the only one who gets nominated for any awards and she’s still making up for the time she let a fugitive escape from her hospital.

It’s not her fault he shaved the beard off…

With the next episode being called “The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester”, I think it’s already happening.

They’ve stopped filming now. She is free.

it’s a job, a well-paid and steady one at that. Jane’s not complaining.

Remember, she had to leave Party Down to do this. Hold onto that anger.

Yes, so she can go and film more Hollywood Game Night?

I think the problem is that the earlier episodes of the season we’re focused on the old characters that with only four episodes left, they’re rushing out on how to develop the New-Newbies.
Don’t mind me, I’m just stewing in rage over Chord Overstreet calling himself part of the original cast.
At least I can enjoy imagining Brittany and Santana in the Bahamas, laughing their heads off that they’re finished with this ***** awful show.

Well he came in during season 2. Its not that big of a stretch to say he’s a glee club alumni.

And he came in the first episode of season two at that.

…..but he didn’t join ND until Duets.
He’s a long term member, but sorry Chord you’re not one of the originals.

Which was only episode four of Season Two…

Not on original cast though. I mean, the show got popular without him and he isn’t one that a random person off the street would be abe to give even a label to (like the wheelchair kid)

Let chord call himself and darren whatever he wants. People who had been watching Glee since pilot will never accept them as original. And their stans can kick and scream all they want but thats a fact, they are not originals and will never be originals :)

I don’t understand why being an original is a triumph. Jenna is a horrible actress and singer, and so was Corey.

Actually, Jenna is really great singer, from the amount of time they let her sing in 1st and 2nd season after that they pretty much p**sed on her. And as for acting, shes good also. Cannot expect an actor to perform well when writing is atrocious. 1st and 2nd season Tina was awesome, but then just like every character on the show they destroyed her. “Cory” was just your average on the show that went down the path of s**tville once RM stopped giving a damn about the show. Only reason he was praising Cory was after he died and he was milking his death for ratings.

Jenna is actually a decent singer. She’s no Amber, Naya, or Leah, but she can hold her own. Corey and Dianna were the bottom of the barrel when it came to singing.

Jenna sounds like karaoke night.

Then it’s a pretty good night.

Which just proved my point. “Pretty good” is not the same as awesome.

No, I proved MY point. I already said Jenna wasn’t the best, but she could hold her own. So no, she’s not awesome, but she’s pretty good. Far from the show’s worst.

Which proves my point. Karaoke night’s not so bad singer shouldn’t get a TV show. Further proof there is no God.

I think she’s good, better than “not so bad.” And she doesn’t have a TV show; she’s been shat upon and neglected for the series’ entire run. The fact that triple non-threats Cory Monteith and Dianna Agron were ever leads is better proof of God’s absence.
Meanwhile, the amazingly talented Naya Rivera didn’t even get a solo until the show’s second season and Amber Riley has been consistently neglected as well.

Question from a newb to a die-hard…
The “New Directions” joke was pointed out by a character in the pilot episode, I’m assuming?
I remember reading a Maxim article (this is early Maxim…. my roommate was an early adopter) that suggested you use subtle language like “We should explore new directions” in order to get the lady you’re courting in the mood, so it’s always stuck with me.

As far as I recall, it’s never been pointed out on the show. Which used to be on at 8pm and was meant to be on the wholesome side, when the series began.

Crazy. The commercials made it seem like it bordered on Election, and it could have totally had that tone, but it went with a more populist route.
There needs to be a movie subgenre of “competition movie”.
The Bring It Ons, Breakin’, You Got Served, the one that Channing Tatum was in, Pitch Perfect, but also Best of the Best, et al.
Something about the musical montage appeals to both audiences and perhaps, screenwriters. Having “and then the characters sing One by Metallica on a bus” equals 7 pages of dialogue.

…and then the bus rolls over and one of the group members dies. Metallica!

You’re not wrong with the Election comparison. The pilot was a pretty shameless rip-off (Lea Michele even had an acapella version of the buzzing bees/tribal noises Reese Witherspoon heard whenever she was about to go crazy).

There’s also “Aural Intensity”.

…I misread that as “Anal Intensity”.

Sounds like the name of Matthew Morrison’s future ***** tape.

And Throat Explosion.

The name New Directions was thought up by Will (who was naked in bed next to his then-wife, Terri, either about to have ***** or having just finished). Rachel always emphasizes the “i” in directions, because otherwise it sounds like Nude Erections.

I kind of wish back in season 4/5 Glee had gone “Degrassier” because, I would have preferred having these kids then with seasons to develop them only occasionally checking in on graduates. DeGrassi may be as soaptastic as teen shows get but it does keep itself moving by making much cleaner breaks when the cast graduates.

I still miss Marco and Manny and Paige though.

Yeah, I miss some of the old characters, but I think I’m happier with them kind of growing new characters while we see the senior (or super senior for those couple characters they cheat in for an extra season) year of old characters. I think Glee would have benefited from adding some freshmen in season 3 because I actually really enjoy most of these characters, even Myron seems like he will be fun.

Seriously. If Marley, Kitty, Puck’s brother, etc, could have been brought in as freshmen or sophomores during season 3, that would have made the season 3/4 transition so much easier and more reasonable. They wouldn’t’ve needed to’ve had a ton of focus in season 3, but wouldn’t it’ve made more sense to have some younger kids than Sugar, Rory, and Joe? (That is to say: more forgettable juniors/seniors who are mysteriously new in town and remain mostly in the background.)

I want an entire episode dedicated to the guy they kept cutting in the lunch line.

If he somehow has a musical number in the next episode, that’ll automatically earn it an A.

Bonus points if he’s a member of a backing band.

You know what? After the cringeworthy hot mess that was last week’s episode, this at least was a step up in the “we gave up creatively but we’re still gonna entertain the ***** out of you” department, and that they did. The fact that they added an egotistical 13-year-old in the cast this late into the season is such a wildly unnecessary yet weirdly genius move since there are so few episodes for us to get fed up with his obnoxious personality as it is. And at least they gave the twins actual character development this week, something I thought would never happen. Of course, the one big downside to all of this is Sue and her boring revenge scheme bullshit. If she actually does end up killing Will in the finale, it’ll have made everything all worthwhile. Only in my dreams, I guess.
Just three episodes left, guys. I’m almost kinda sad that this addictive guilty pleasure of a politically-correct musical clusterfuck is nearing its end. Almost.
Quote that made me laugh spontaneously for some reason:
“There’s no tougher audience than…”

only 3 more episode left, were almost done with this show.

I’m simultaneously relieved it’s almost over and dismayed that I won’t be able to play my favorite game of “guess how long this enormous pop hit will take to make an appearance on Glee”

Her delivery of “Jews!” was kind of brilliant, and the best thing about this odd little nothing (“odd little nothing” is, of course, a serious step up for Glee).

For all of its ***** and possibily trans agenda stuff this show pushes (relatively well), I thought it has pretty much always been awful at being politically correct.
Aside from maybe genetic disorders too, it seems like they tended to go for the easy joke at the expense of various groups as much as they nominally supported them.
Then again I think I felt pretty immediately betrayed that despite the ad campaign the show really did opt to make the storylines follow the traditionally beautiful and generally white jocks and cheerleaders at the expense of most of the outsider types.

I don’t know why I come to these comments, all people do is whine and complain. Victim complexes are not only exhausting, but annoying as well.
That being said, this is my favorite episode of the season -probably since the end of season 4. I was feeling like this final year was going to employ the same-old same old until the end of season. While I was glad stories were finally getting their satisfactory conclusions for fans -after years of delaying tactics by the producers -I’ve been getting bored of their stagnated narratives. Perhaps if the producers had pushed forward with these narratives the general audience wouldn’t had abandoned the show in droves last year. Anyhow, I’m so happy we got something original, fresh and new. This episode just seemed free of the hyperbole that plagues most of the episodes over the past 2 years. Even if it is just for one episode -it felt nice to hear new voices before the end. I hope the feeling of this episode spreads to the few remaining ones. If so, it will elevate this year over the drudgery that became season 5.

I agree with this. I believe that the audience is experiencing fatigue with storylines surrounding the older characters, and possibly with the older characters themselves. As much as I like Rachel and the actor who plays her, as well as Kurt, Will, Sue, etc., I am pretty tired of them. I enjoy the new faces, the new voices, the light and airy way the new characters bring life and enthusiasm to the show. I think it was more FOX network (versus Ryan Murphy) who seemed unable to let go of the older stars (Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, etc.), but Ryan seemed to enjoy introducing new actors playing new characters. As the 2nd half of Season 5 and this season has shown, having the focus be on the old character (the “originals”) does not equate with great ratings. The ratings were higher when the focus was on the former sophomores in Season 4, but FOX wanted to get rid of them and focus on Rachel and Kurt and their friends and love interests. Too bad.

Apologies if this was explained in another episode, but I watched through S5 and then saw last night’s. Have they explained what happened to the new kids from the last two years? Did they graduate? Are they just not involved for some reason?

When Sue became principal she had all of them except Kitty expelled and sent off to different school districts. Unique showed up a couple weeks ago and is still pals with Bieste, I guess they bonded over being trans.

I actually wondered about this too. That seems implausibly brutal to the cast you didn’t think worked out.

IMHO the problem was that Rachel in NYC should have been a spinoff, versus half of the show’s focus. GleeNYC could have been its own entity, with Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and possibly Santana trying to make it.

It was a good episode, such a shame we’ve had to wait this long for newbies focus.

Plus, IMO, this was musical comedy at its TV best.
Wonder how much the subtraction of overdone Klaine helped?

It’s a classic like Once More With Feeling, except for sucking completely.

yes, why do you come here to a tv review site if you just want to squee with Glee fangirlz and fangays?

“Victim complexes are not only exhausting, but annoying as well..”
Oh, so it has a thing in common with petty hyperbole, then.

Which TV character has more thoroughly been assassinated, so to speak: Sue Sylvester or Barney Stinson?

Sue for sure. Barney’s character wasn’t really assassinated until season 8, whereas Sue had run out of gas by the second season.

Sue stopped being funny after ‘The Comeback’ in season 2. They ran out of ways to properly use her, hence the whiplash “I hate glee club/I like glee club” endless cycle.

It was nice to get some focus on the kids for once. Almost felt like s1.

Yes, it was fun. I wish we could get a season just of the new characters with a new choir teacher.

Irrespective of whether he actually wanted to continue with this enterprise past season 6 (let alone season 4), Murphy’s error was believing the show couldn’t survive the passing of the baton to new regulars. As tonight’s cracktackularly slapdash episode demonstrated, it quite possibly could have.


Yep. Not necessarily the fairly bland ones they came up with for season 4. But maybe that was just because they didn’t develop them enough beyond good girl/mean girl, good boy/bad boy, is trans.

Ryan Murphy makes more errors than good decisions.

The Jewish kid is named Myron? Seriously?

Just pass the pipe.

Pass the duchy…

He’ll be gone forever in three weeks. Let’s just be grateful about that.

It’s MYRON baby, MYRON!
(I’ll probably blow anyone that gets the reference)

“Roderick to climb a rope to pass his physical fitness test.”
Has that ever actually been a thing? You see it in shows and movies coooonstantly, but I’ve never seen or heard of it done in real life anytime past the early nineties.

Last time I took a gym class, in 2004 (which was a while ago wow I am old) no, we did not have to do that. We just had to either run for 30 minutes or walk for 45, in terms of our final. But we never had a rope, and basically, as long as we tried, we’d pass.

I picture it like I picture most things I see in American high schools on TV, implausible at best OR creative memories from the writer at worst.

My grade school made a big deal about climbing ropes, my high school (thankfully) not so much.

When I was in elementary school, we had a rope in gym. We never had to climb it. We all swung on it. Gym wasn’t graded when I was in elementary school anyway.

My high school took away took away our gym requirement so we could have more religion classes. I don’t think the guys who took gym as an elective had to climb a rope, but I wouldn’t really know. I don’t remember having to do it in grade school either.

Any Glee episode that has a ‘star’ on its episode title is sure to be a trainwreck.
I’m looking at you, Shooting Star.

Yes, this was pointless. Yes, it was filler. Yes, Roderick can’t act for *****, and man, his awkwardness when he’s dancing is uncomfortable. And yes, Myron is the worst.
However, I have come to realize that this show has assassinated the original characters (the ones they keep around anyway, and Sam and Blaine) so badly, this felt like a nice vacation from Samchel and Klaine and Sam being annoying or Rachel getting everything without even trying. The newest kids don’t piss me off, and at least they got to do SOMETHING this season.
Also, although I’m mostly *****, I am straight for Mason, especially during “I Want to Break Free”. Yummy.

The actor playing Mason is very attractive and very talented. And yes, the way that writers mangled the old characters, it feels like heavy baggage at this point. I just want that fun, snarky, light show that Glee used to be.

I haven’t actually watched Glee since right after Gwyneth Paltrow’s first guest episode but I occasionally drop into these reviews (I’m still trying to figure it out, have they seriously been banished to Friday nights?) and it seems like the show got pretty snarky and has totally lost its mind.
It’s sort of a bizarre (and probably easily solvable) mystery trying to decipher what happened to past characters though.

“Rachel getting everything without even trying.” She is coaching a glee club in Ohio for no money… And Spencer is a worse actor, and singer … and we are suppose to believe he is a better dancer but he is like a stick.

In regards to Rachel, we know she’s going to end up back on Broadway, and we haven’t this far seen her earn it. In regards to her being a glee teacher, what has she done? Except for this week, it’s been all about her, and this week she still didn’t really interact with any of the new kids. All she’s done is pointless date Sam, really.
As for Spencer, I’m not disagreeing with any of that, although I didn’t really notice his dancing. After I saw how bad the uptown funk number was going to be based on Roderick, I went to my phone.

Heh. “Degrassi-er”… :-D

That wasn’t a very good episode.
but this season has been better than the last 3 seasons.

“Last 3 seasons”…???
Are you under some sort of court order, one obligating you to keep watching this show, no matter what…?

It’s the Ryan Murphy contract. Once you sign it, there’s no going back.

I watched Nip/Tuck all the way to the bitter end. Never again, gave up on Glee after the second season, and never bothered with AHS.

Watch Seasons 1 and 2 of AHS and then run away as fast as you can.

Huh, I was expecting a better review. I actually quite enjoyed this episode. Can’t wait to see where the last few episodes take us, hopefully it ends on somewhat of a good note.

Spencer and… Alistair (right?) already have more chemistry than Blaine and Kurt ever have so that’s nice.
Also that Uptown Funk was horrible. Truly horrible.
It made me go and watch Fleur East’s performance (… and be bitter that she didn’t win because she didn’t have enough of a backstory.

god that long haired ***** dude is sooooo old. he should not be playing a teenager

He looks 35, but Finneas O’Connell was born in 1997.…

that’s insane

Whoa… That’s nuts. And here’s a video of him performing a weird trapeze dance for a bunch of young girls:…

cannot unsee that weird ***** times dance to jailbait. christ.

That fairly basic trapeze routine (performed by a 16-year old in front of other teenagers) cannot seriously be your idea of a “***** times dance.”

its the music that did it. that is some creepy sexual music.

This show is truly ridiculous, but this wasn’t a D episode. That said, the amount of times the name of the Almighty is taken in vain in the lyrics of “I Want to Break Free” made me a little uncomfortable watching a Bar Mitzvah sequence, and I’m not even Jewish.

Well Twincest boy turned out to be a perfect Blaine replacement for tweengrls. Was Kurt on honeymoon?
Whilst I’m glad Im about to be free of this show I wouldnt mind seeing more from the new kids.

God. This season feels like its been going on forever.
No scratch that, Glee itself, feels like its been going on for a millennia.

Sigh…they’re even doing shipping nonsense and with the newbies. screw this earth

To me it is obvious that Spencer was hired for his looks and msucles alone. He is the weakest actor, the weakest singer and is can’t really move all that well. He stood out worse than Roderick, who relys on a great voice, during Uptown Funk. And he looks REALLY old for the role. I know they all look older than 16, and most of them always have, but this is a bad case. Can’t see why they hired the actor beyond his appearance. And he keeps getting songs. Reminds me of how they keep giving Blain songs that are out of his range when they had such a talented cast. The rest of the cast and episode was great IMO.

He’s honestly not even that attractive, so I don’t get it at all.

Oh, I get it.

Agreed. Not my cup of tea either. I’m more attracted to Roderick.

He was totally hired for his looks and I’m totally ok with it

I hope that they find some Nude Erections that can actually dance. All the editing and camera choreography in the world can’t disguise the fact that the majority of these people look painfully awkward as they try to bust a move.
I have never seen so many ***** with so little rhythm.

I actually liked this episode. Sure, some of the acting was sloppy and that kid is obnoxious, but it felt like watching something out of season 1 (ok.. maybe 2), all about the kids, excluding the return of the Hurt Locker and the DESTROY THE GLEE CLUB madness (which, frankly, why?!). The musical numbers were good, new kid Mason is hot and a Klaine-less episode is always a plus.

Odd, disjointed review. But then Glee is an odd, disjointed show, so I suppose that’s entirely fair.
I thought it was better than a D. Yeah, there was plenty of stuff to be infuriated about, like the 13 year old with a Hollywood budget and the starts nowhere goes nowhere rope climbing plot. Nonetheless, this was the first time this season that I found myself wishing that Glee was going to continue. I wouldn’t say that any of the new kids have really broken out, but I thought they came on strong enough in this ep to make me regret that we’re not going to see more of their stories.
Stray Observations
*Really enjoyed the last performance. It was so unstagy compared to typical Glee, it actually looked like something real high school kids could do. Probably kicked the grade from C to a B for me.
*Myron: The same actor played essentially the character in last year’s “Back in the Game”. Odd choice to have him play so camp at yet apparently be straight (or at least bi). I suppose that’s a nice subversion, but I’m kind of surprised Murphy didn’t make him ***** so he could spend an episode with a 13 year old boy mooning over, say, Karofsky, just to freak everyone the ***** out.
*Ain’t nothing wrong with a show being Degrassier.

With only four episodes left, this episode was an absolute no-brainer and filler for the writers. I mean, what exactely happened? Nothing. Only thje twins had a somewhat realistic try to characterization.

This was a pretty lame story wise episode. But, the music was so good (save Break Free) Honestly, I Want to Break Free and Cool Kids were both brilliantly produced and sung. Plus the performance of Cool Kids was so much fun to watch.

The biggest issue about this episode to me was that, while I find these newbies infinitely better than the first ones, they haven’t given them any development. We are nearing the end and they haven’t even been that fundamental in the show since the first two episodes. So now we randomly get this episode and these characters that seem like they have a lot of potential, but are poorly developed, and it’s so close to the end and I can’t seem to get myself to care about them.

This show is still on?

What originally attracted me to this show was the diversity of the cast. New Directions 1.0 had 5 people of color and one who uses a wheelchair (Mercedes, Matt, Tina, Mike, Santana and Artie). Switch out Matt for Sam, graduate Mike, Mercedes and Santana and now New Directions 2.0 has 3 people of color (Jake, Unique, Tina and still Artie). Now ND 3.0 is down to 1 person of color (Jane) and nobody with a physical handicap (or whatever the PC term is). I know how they get their numbers up and all I can say is, Ok, sure Glee. Whatever.
Instead of letting Klaine hijack the wedding last week how cool would it have been to let the wedding go over two episodes and merge the ND 3.0 plot into that that. Harold’s bar mitzvah on “Hey Arnold” set the bar pretty high.

What initially pissed me off about the show was that they touted this club full of diverse kids, then automatically added two “hunky” white football players and a blonde cheerleader and gave them all the storylines. It’s been a lie from the start. The focus has always been on the pretty white kids with problems.

1. I really just wish the producers would let the singers sing, the actors act, and the dancers dance.
2. More singing please from Madison, Roderick, and Jane.
3. Never want to hear Sue or Beastie even hum ever again.
4. The first 15 minutes were cringe worthy.
5. Myron plot annoyingly awful.

That Sue Slap!

I was surprised that this review was so negative. I thought that this episode was a lot of fun. I enjoyed finally getting to see the newbies carry plots of their own. I don’t think I could possibly love the twins more than I do right now. They’re just so ridiculously adorable! (and talented) Mason’s performance blew me away. The Allastair and Spencer scenes were cute, but I think I would have enjoyed them more if Spencer was a decent human being. Aw, well, you can’t have everything. The Roderick plot was a bit frustrating, as the fat shaming was never addressed, but when you’ve got a show that once featured a bulimic girl who was told not to throw up because throwing up made her less attractive to guys, you really can’t sink any lower. So Roderick’s plot was more mildly offensive, the kind of offensive that I can live with on Glee. And, I know I may be in the minority here, but I enjoyed Myron. He’s a total brat who needs to be smacked, like, yesterday, but I sort of enoyed his awfulness. Especially when it was directed at Sue. I also enjoyed the misdirect, making him effeminate and sassy, but also a creepy little horndog. As I type this character description, I[‘m struck by the fact that I should hate this kid, but I don’t. So help me God, I found him funny. Really, my biggest gripe with the episode was the music. I know it’s late in the game, but I’d like to impose a moritorium on Ariana Grande songs for these last few episodes. And what was that last song? It had all of three notes, and I think about 10 words. George Harrison’s “I’ve Got My Mind Set on You” is more creative. So yeah, great episode, so-so song selection. Oh, and keep the sparkly vests coming.

The last song was “Cool Kids”, by Echosmith.

This episode reminds us why no noe should sing Queen songs except Freddy Mercury. Ya, you too Lambert.

So the name of the Glee club is supposed to sound like “Nude Erections”, right? Has that been the joke the whole time?


Thanks! The show is still terrible though, right?

It has its ups and downs. Mostly downs the past couple years.

As if Glee wasn’t already the gayest show on TV, even this random kid is ***** too

Schadenfreude: the feeling you get when the annoying musical show that you’ve always hated becomes culturally irrelevant, is then bashed by your favorite pop culture website and every involved laments the fact that it wasn’t allowed to die. Feels good.

No offense to Arianna Grande. I love her, but I think Rachel’s voice suited “Break Free” a lot better. Lea Michele should’ve sang that song.

Disagreed. I don’t think Lea’s voice is is suited for a lot of pop songs. She had an embarrassing run in this number and I recall her rendition of “Crush” being particularly awful.
She’s a belter for sure, but can’t always pull off the acrobatics (even the tiny ones).

Lea Michele could sing the phone book. I don’t think she’s the most subtle nor dimensional singer, but man, what a powerhouse voice.

Myron can’t sing, he’s just auto-tuned to death. The entire effects budget was blown on making him, Spencer, and Bieste sound passable this week.

This show is a rabid dog: will someone please put it out of it’s misery?

Two things, Glee:
Didn’t The Crazy Ones do this EXACT same episode last year, with Cheryl Hines as the demanding person of power and another little kid at the center of it all?
I’m all for the stereotype breaking, but c’mon. That dude playing Mason is gayer than Lance Bass and RuPaul scented lube. And we’re supposed to pretend that Myron is going to grow up into a heterosexual? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Maybe they are both bisexual.

Show 1 new reply
Everyone seems to hate Myron but I love him. I thought he was hilarious.
Also, it doesn’t surprise me at all that Mason likes girls. Why is everyone so shocked?

Things got awkward but then Rachel sang and all was right again, and then, also everyone reminded me that I never did watch this show because it was cool.

Stray thoughts:
-“Lose my Breath” just surpassed “Touch-a-touch me” as the creepiest number Glee has ever done.
-Sue sucking up to the kid because she wants to impress the Superintendent is totally out of character.
– What is Will’s job? Just hanging around like the other Alumni?
-Long haired guy would have been better if it was Stoner Brett.
– A show with the newest Directions with Season 4’s new directions wouldn’t be a bad thing. Glee is more than just Rachel, Klaine and Brittana.
-They should have left the kid in the pod.

So have choices gotten so good and easy for ***** kids in high school that if the hot popular jock wants to bone you you’re like ‘oh no, I don’t like you, sir’. jesus, things have come far in 10 years, or Glee has no understanding of libido.

These are not mutually exclusive ideas.

I’m glad to see that Will has finally grown a pair, which, if the previews are to be believed, might actually last more than one episode.

“you think this is hard, try consuming your own twin in utero”
Brittany’s dad would know something about that

I don’t understand why it’s only now that the other kids are getting their stories explored.
The old mains’ lives haven’t been interesting in a long time.
The whole NY saga was pretty boring to me and I’m glad it’s done at least (please, no more guest appearances…). Although now I don’t really know anyone’s name, so I’ll just use self-explanatory nicknames.
I like the new voices (and characters). They’re much better than the last batch of teen angst. Black afro girl’s voice is amazing, as we’ve heard pretty early on. Fat headphones guy got an opportunity to sing the first time we saw him, and he’s really good. The latest episode gave me an opportunity to hear more awesome voice’s, like both twins. Female twin’s voice is quite lovely and pleasant.
As for the story lines… Everything’s going to get rushed, because the show runners apparently were too busy fapping to old scripts and ideas for the past 2-3 seasons to care about anything.
For example, we finally get some pretty great ***** jock…and we have a single episode of him falling in love, flirting awkwardly and then start dating with said love. I mean, I’m glad they didn’t drag it, but they had like, what? 10 minutes of screen time before that?
And the twins. I was actually rooting for twincest for a bit, because it seldom happens on tv (outside of HBO), but I kinda like/don’t mind what they did.
The male twin’s romance was rushed and hushed, too.
The new new New Directions finally made me want to watch Glee again.
But now it’s going to be over.
Maybe whatshisname is going to make a spin-off or continue it. But probably not. I think he doesn’t care anymore.
Sue needs to stop hogging everyone’s screen time and take butt-chin, berry and porcelain with her.
The Cool Kids performance was great.

The Upside:
-It will all be over soon – the painful cringing as we watch that is
-They newbies can all sing
-Rachel sang!
-They’ve condensed the teen angst storylines into just a few episodes
-Will was buh-ringing it to Suzie Q
-The performances feel more like the old Glee
-Mixing generations of Glee: Break free performance with Will, Sue, Sheldon, Rachel, Sam, and the Newbies…ok, and Myron…not the best song/performance, but fun seeing them all on stage having fun
-We got to see a little bit of the new kids so we can at least care a little bit when their dreams are crushed at sectionals or regionals
The Downside:
-It will all be over soon – I know it’s only been six seasons, but Glee is like an old family friend that you like having around even if they do annoy you occasionally
-The newbies can’t dance, ouch!
-It’s been 4 seasons since Blaine had a solo!! Okay, so it’s only been 8 episodes since he performed with the Warblers..but it’s a looooong gap; the fans, and the camera, love him.
-They’re forcing the teen angst storylines into just a few episodes
-Just when we liked the new Sue they force back the old Sue, and it’s not working
-The song choices are iffy
-Sue slapped a student?! Did they really need to go there?
-Don’t lose the original New Directions too much…the current New Directions are just filler to get us to the end point of all the originals storylines
Even when it’s bad, I still love Glee! I just wish Ryan Murphy could have stayed focused on it a while longer to keep it hip, fresh, and quirky, but, it’s iconic..sort of a Brady Bunch of its time and we will see them over and over and over again for years to come. Who knows…maybe even a special or two down the road.

At this rate I don’t think I’ll miss this show when it’s gone.

Review serie: Better Call Saul “Hero” Season 1, Episode 4 10:00 PM AMC

I do wonder if the past segments will eventually meet up with the future, ala Memento.

I pretty much bet they will. Maybe a cured Chuck entering the Cinnabon at the end, where he can come and hide Jimmy in his house and all ends well for Jimmy McGill.

We see Saul in the future at the Cinnabon, but that does not necessarily mean that is where he ends up. There could very well be a coda.

Agreed. Saul’s smart enough to end up in a Cinnabon in the Bahamas at least, right?

Saul will transfer to the Cinnabon in Honolulu, where the air is so dewy sweet the buns don’t even need frosting.

If he’s not careful, he’ll end up at a Cinnabon in Belize.

What I would do to have Saul working at a Cinnabon here.. I would have to go there every day!

Oh, please.
We all know you already go there everyday.
Have you looked at yourself lately? It’s obvious.

Well I’m a little pudgy, but I’d attribute that more to mochi ice cream and leftover pizza than anything else. I actually haven’t had a Cinnabon in about a year (though I may have to end that streak sometime soon)

Man, that’d be like Marquez’s “100 Years of Solitude”! The freaking book starts in the middle of the story, has an epic flashback and proceeds towards the future.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the season ended with the Omaha cops/FBI scooping Saul up at the Cinnabon.

Or Saul making a break for it on his own.

Or opening his own store, called Cinnaroll, across the food court.


Drippin’ Cinny?

Maybe not season, but for a series ending I could see that.

I’ve thought about this, and, besides law enforcement, who would be chasing Saul now? The meth organization had no reason to feel threatened by him, and, other than former clients he may have left in a lurch when he ran, only the cops should be after him. Right?
(This is officially my 1,000th comment. I had over a thousand in the previous iteration of Disqus, too, but we don’t talk about those anymore.)

Does anyone recall when Jessie and Walt first blindfolded Saul and Saul had been worried that he was kidnapped by some other miscellaneous folks? He said something like, “You’re weren’t sent by..?” and “It was [insert J name] not me”, noticeably relieved. Always wondered if that would be incorporated.

They talked about that in the official podcast! Apparently he says Lalo and Ignacio. And Nacho is apparently short for Ignacio.


The leftover of the Heisenberg operation are all dead, Walt made sure of it, at least everyone that mattered. Street dealers have no ***** reason to go after Saul.

Zero chance.

What if we find out over the course of the series that Walter White wasn’t the biggest criminal Saul worked with and there is another more dangerous criminal the FBI is after that Saul can make a deal with the FBI to help take down.

I’m not saying that your premise has zero chance period, just that there is zero chance they go in that direction at the end of just the first season.

That mans name? Jesse Pinkman.
And now you know…the rest of the story.

I’d give it a 90% chance that the season ends in the present with a set-up for a present-day season 2, probably involving a surviving bad guy from the past we’re seeing established. This is all to give Saul likability and an arc

Yes, 90%. But shirley we all know there’s only a 50% chance of that.

He didn’t seem too worried about anyone other then the cartel when we first met him and he thought his number was up.

I imagine there will be at least one good year of actual Saul Goodman (post-Jimmy McGill) operating in ABQ pre-Walter White, before the show goes post-Walter White

I think that’s too much time to cover in only 6 more episodes….wow I just made myself sad. I would like to see them catch up with the present by end of Season 2, though.

I would love that.
I hope we get some kind of confirmation that Jesse’s doing okay, however subtle it may be. Poor guy deserves a break.

Thanks to today’s Wikiwormhole I read that as the Marquis’ “120 Days Of Sodom”.

boss i read that as don marquis s 120 days of sodom
which threw me because i didn t think
you went in for that racy stuff
but i m just a cockroach who was long ago
a vers libre poet
in my time i ve been down many a wormhole
and all i ve seen in them are worms
now you know me boss i m no prude but
as worms are hermaphroditic
there are few restraints or limitations
on their love lives
anything goes if you re a worm
or at least if you re two worms
and the more the merrier
believe me boss i ve seen things
that would ve curled my hair
if i still had any
i know we cockroaches
have a reputation for being dirty
and i can t deny that some days
i for one deserve it
i ve never claimed i was a saint
in this or any other incarnation
but after 120 minutes as
a spectator at a worm orgy
i would not carp at
100 years of solitude
provided there was a washtub
and plenty of hot h2o and
a cake of strong soap
heavy on
the lye
see more

100 Years of Saulitude.

I hope (and it would be logical) for things to be that way. I’d be disappointed if we never get a sort of dénouement to Jimmy’s story. I hope his brother doesn’t die or something and he has something to do with it after long years of ignoring/disowning from his family.

[Saul surreptitiously squirts baking spray on the food-court floor.] [Saul takes a spectacular slip in front of dozens of witnesses.] SAUL: My back!

There could be an entire season set in the post-Breaking Bad future, frankly.

Oh, at the very least.

There’ll almost certainly be a coda, since they’ll need to explain what’s going on with that blank-faced weirdo who is staring Saul down. They also focused on his living room window while he was watching television, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t for nothin’.

What’s spacemeat?

Well, it’s this meat, right? But, like… from space, you know?
More seriously: The name was inspired by a short film–based on a short story–called They’re Made Out of Meat.…

It’s also partly inspired by the Dinosaur Comics strip about Happy Dog, the happy dog:…

So, yes. We are made out of meat, and we are also hurtling through space. Everyone you know will one day be dead!

I’m sad now.

Isn’t Spacemeat a stoner rock band? Or at least it should be.

The blank-faced guy wasn’t staring at Saul, he was staring past Saul out toward his family or whatever. That’s what I got, anyway.

If it’s lucky!

I’m really hoping they can maintain this level of quality. So far, it’s functioning very well as its own show, which is damn rare for a spin-off. Especially one so early into its run.

Seems like it should if the same creative team behind Breaking Bad is behind this.

That’s the only reason I was optimistic at all about this show. I know Vince, Peter and company are behind it.

I dunno, so far it all feels kind of …. sleepy. Odenkirk is playing it very sad sack and there’s all kinds of filler going on (He doesn’t have enough stickers!). It feels like they just don’t have enough story to tell, and every moment feels streeeeetched out. We also still have no idea what relationship he has with the Kim character. Her and the lawyer feel like they live in a different universe than Saul. Meanwhile, his brother is just there, not doing much.
It’s good, not great.

Fair enough. I think the key difference between BCS and BB in this regard is that BB had a clear goal for Walter to work towards: amassing enough money that his family would survive without him. Being a borderline sociopath, that goal was fairly flexible, but generally there was always a number where Walt could say, “I’m done.”
With BCS, the show’s goal is to get Jimmy to the Cinnabon, but the character himself has no such goal. Right now, he needs clients and money, but there’s no clear criteria for success against which his actions can be judged.

I actually think Hero was the episode in which his new, ultimate goal became clear:
‘Defeat Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill. Defeat Goliath. Win at all costs. Oh, and find some way to reconcile this no-holds-barred fight with my desire for my older brother to respect me and be proud of me. But let’s worry about that later.’

We, uh, are also four episodes in? Don’t get me wrong: I think your complaints are valid and are the sorts of comments that prompt interesting discussion (you monster!); I’m not just bein’ defensive over here, and how dare you accuse me of such a thing!
It’s just that… well, the ending of this episode was already energizing and tantalizing because we saw Jimmy get himself the upper hand by playing dirtier than anyone could have expected (with the exception of Kim). Seeing how incredulous Hamlin was at the end was super satisfying. Do you think Jimmy’ll just stop now that he’s seen how successful he can be when he tosses his scruples out the window? with our friend Walter, Jimmy will become addicted to – well, to winning for once. Outsmarting and outmaneuvering his enemies.
So, if there are thirteen episodes a season, and at least several seasons (I hope!), I think it’s not unfair that we had to wait till the fourth episode of the first season to really witness him beginning to change into the hilarious, smack-talking, awful man we all know and love.

Kim actually was proud of Saul, she crooked a smile seeing him pull his stunt (that happened by pure chance).

What do you mean “by pure chance”? He had a lemon (being told to take down his billboard), he turned it into lemonade (paying the guy taking it down to “fall” from the platform, while Saul “coincidentally” had a film crew on the scene).

I realized later that he planned it with the billboard removal guy. You can ignore that afterthought.

Okey doke. I was wondering if it was a setup as soon as it happened (given the con in the opening), but I wasn’t sure until, when he pulled the guy up, his first words to Jimmy weren’t “Thank you” but “It took you long enough” (followed by the handshake).

I love the analysis, but I’m not sure a grade has been accurate yet for this show. This A does kind of make up for what I believe was the slightest of lowballing on the first couple of episodes, though, so I’ll gladly take it.

I’d go A-, B, B, B+ for the first four episodes. But maybe I’m holding it to too high of a standard. I’m sort of envious of people who are watching it without having seen Breaking Bad (apparently there are some out there), because it’s easier for them to enjoy it for what it is rather than the follow-up to an all-time classic.

You’re definitely a bit harsher than I am, but who’s concerned: Everybody here is expecting for this show to go to great places and we’re in it for the long-game. This is the type of series where Season Grades are the priority.

Who are these people??

Seriously. If you want to get into this world Go watch Breaking Bad and by the time you’re done you’ll have (almost?) a full season of Saul to look forward to.

I think I’d go B+, B, A-, A.
I still think the first two episodes seemed padded, and the wink-winks to BB were a bit over the top (although my own expectations may have colored my initial reaction). The last two, however, feel completely like it’s own show.

I have to agree with the “wink-winks” in the first two episodes. They were solid, but that fan-service almost became a touch too obvious. The previous two have definitely begun to carve out their own direction.
Perfect example: in this episode, Jimmy casually browses the shirt and tie selection, with his eye catching what we’d later come to know as his trademark orange outfit. That little bit of subtlety goes a long way, without feeling forced.

Exactly. The shirt example is perfect. Much better than the episode 1 cliff hanger that was simply Tuco at the door and then the waaaay too drawn out desert scene. The last two episodes feel more like it’s simply Vince Gilligan’s follow up to Breaking Bad that bares his unique style, but is its own thing. If Breaking Bad is Gilligan’s Fargo, BCS could turn out to be his Big Lebowski.

I think for me, it would be A-, A, A-, B+

I’m not envious of them–both because I think this show is not truly designed to be watched on its own, and because I don’t think “Breaking Bad” should be watched, ultimately, after this show. It’s just getting the order wrong, to the detriment of both.

I’ve only sporadically seen Breaking Bad while other people were watching it (including the finale), which seems like a nice balance. I’m familiar with the world and the creative style, but I don’t spend my time comparing or looking for references. On the other hand, I didn’t have the same immediate sense of foreboding about Tuco that my husband did, so there’s that.

No, I agree with the rating about this ep at least. It was the best one yet.

He kids about the Cinnabon in Omaha, but um, we know exactly how the story ends.
Saul winds up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of dirty drug money that he can never spend while he maintains his front by taking on trash heap client after trash heap client in a strip mall storefront that might double as one of Dante’s lesser circles of hell. Sometimes his life gets threatened. Then some ***** chemistry teacher has to go and ruin the good thing they had.
The only real mystery is when he ditches the lady lawyer and his crazy brother for Huell and that sassy receptionist. Oh, and when he ditches quiet, after-hours foot soaks for midday rub-and-tugs, but that might just be a pure money thing.

For all we know he still had his crazy brother during at least some of Breaking Bad.
…hey, the guy literally never leaves the house, and Walter White never made social calls on Saul.

Yeah, I’m really wondering how that arc will end.

My money’s on lady lawyer getting really killed somewhere along the way.

Or perhaps she becomes one of Saul’s ex-wives.

The one cheating on him with his step-dad ?

Am I the only one who wants the final scene to be Saul walking into the interrogation room, mistaking his client for someone charged with public masturbation, the camera pans to a confused Badger, and…scene!

Ha, you’re right: that’s perfect. A lot of people (even some critics) have been saying they want to return to the present day in Omaha, but I think that would be a mistake. I think we have seen all we need to of that timeframe.

I agree. The point, I think, of the opening is to say, “This is it for him for the rest of his life. He won’t dare to leave or do anything different. All he has is his old video tapes.”
I’m content for this series to stay in Albuquerque forever, and end before we ever see hide or hair of Jesse Pinkman or Walter White.

Yes, this. There would be no sense in going back to Omaha, because the whole point there is that he did exactly (probably too exactly if you want to be picky, but let’s allow for artistic license) what he said he was going to do:
“From here on out, I’m mister low profile. Just another douchebag with a job and three pairs of Dockers. If I’m lucky, three months from now, best case scenario, I’m managing a Cinnabon in Omaha.”
There would be nothing interesting about returning to watch the continuing non-adventures of a low-profile douchebag and his Dockers, coming home nightly to drink Rusty Nails and occasionally pull out the old videotapes to bask in nostalgia for a time when his life did have a higher profile.
Really, the whole rest of the show we are watching could be interpreted as the reminiscences of the guy on that couch drinking the Rusty Nail.

Something else could happen to change that situation though. Which we do get to see earlier in this show. I get a feeling this will be like Breaking Bad at some point, throwing major threats when unexpected. He’s nowhere like “Saul” is yet, a lot of ***** will have to happen for this transformation (and most likely disowning by his family or something) to occur.

I just don’t see it. I think the whole point of the way that was portrayed is that he is indeed now “Mr. Low Profile” and that there’s no reason to expect anything interesting or novel to happen to him from here out, any more than to any other random schmuck with three pairs of Dockers in the closet.

Other than the fact that Slippin’ Jimmy has a tendency to assert himself as the dominant personality trait. In the future, how long can he keep a low profile and not find an angle to take advantage of

The way Vince Gilligan put it on the podcast was like this:
“What is the problem that Jimmy McGill solves by becoming Saul Goodman?”

He fights really hard to keep his name, then he changes it.

Well, the Breaking Bad universe is one in which people end up destroying themselves and each other on a regular basis. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Jimmy more or less ruin Hamlin and co., but also simultaneously end up fucked over in such a scorched-earth way that he elects to cut his own losses. Presumably after he loses both his brother and Kim, somehow.

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