[2017] Here’s a few ideas of what you and your kids can do with paint

When I was a kid, I had a very crafty aunt. I couldn’t wait to go to her house for the day, because I knew she would always turn me loose in her craft room with paint and other supplies. It didn’t really matter what we made, painting was half the fun.
Now that I’m all grown up and have my own kids, we do lots of crafts together. Sometimes we go in search for specific crafts depending on the holiday or season, but other times we just get out the paint and have a good time.

Just today I started to tell my daughter we’d do something crafty tonight with paint, and she was running for craft drawer. She didn’t even care what as long as it involved painting.

Here’s a few ideas of what you and your kids can do with paint.

1. Paper Pictures
What could be more simple? You’d be amazed how much this can entertain them. Shake it up a bit with different types of paint like water colors, finger paints, or just regular craft paint. Kids have a wonderful imagination, so let it shine!

2. Paint Shirts
One of “coolest” things I ever did with my aunt was painting shirts. You can either buy kits that have designed already printed on the shirt, or you can just let the kids make their own designs. You’ll need special fabric paint for this project, so do keep that in mind.

3. Paint Purses or Totes
Another craft that requires fabric paint and similar to the shirts. You can either make your own designs or use stencils. Kits are also available if you are looking for something specific. Don’t stop at the paint though – you can really get crafty with items like this!

4. Paint Glasses or Jars
To paint glass items you probably want to have paint that works for glass. It’s not very expensive and you can get some pretty cool looking paint as well (check for paint that gives a stained glass appearance).

5. Picture Frames
Have some popsicle sticks? Make some picture frames! One of the easiest crafts for little hands to make and get creative with.

6. Decorated Toy Boxes
If you have a few spare boxes, get the paint out and let them decorate them for toy boxes. This one is pretty popular since it’s not only useful, but fun as well.

These are just a few craft painting ideas for kids. Look around the house and see what else can be painted to entertain them!