‘Naked And Afraid’ Surprises Survivalists With A New Twist To The Challenge [Spoilers]

Matt Wright from Discovery series Naked and Afraid XL

For the first time ever, both Naked and Afraid shows will merge in a special two-hour event, surprising the participants and adding a new dimension to the challenges they face. Naked and Afraid posted to their Facebook page a sneak-peek clip, along with a comment that says, “This Sunday, for the first time ever, WORLDS COLLIDE!”

The Naked and Afraid season finale will air first, with survivalists Chance Davis and Melissa Miller discovering that they are not alone as they begin their extraction journey after 21 days in the Amazon jungle. The clip shows them floating on a raft as they come upon the Naked and Afraid XL group. Everyone is surprised to see one another, and the next scene has them sitting around a fire when someone asks if they’d like to become a part of the Naked and Afraid XL group.

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