‘Saturday Night Fever’ Turns 40: Fan Recreates Odyssey Disco, Brooklyn House From Iconic Film Hits The Market

John Travolta of Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever is still staying alive. The career-making 1977 John Travolta film celebrates its 40th anniversary on Dec. 12. The musical drama made Travolta a major movie star, and the accompanying soundtrack scored multiple Grammy Awards for resurrected ’60s headliners, the Bee Gees.

John Travolta played Tony Manero in the movie, a working-class Brooklyn man who spent his weekends dancing at the local disco. Karen Lynn Gorney played Stephanie Mangano, Tony’s dance partner.

Travolta’s famous “Stayin’ Alive” strut became a part of pop culture history, despite the fact that Travolta had initial reservations about signing on to the film due to his lack of dance skills. The actor credited his late girlfriend, Diana Hyland, for convincing him to take on the life-changing role.

“I got the script, I read it that night,” Travolta told Vanity Fair.

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