‘Riverdale’ Season 2 First Look: Archie Will Get ‘More Sexual’ With Veronica, But Will Fred Survive? [Photos]

'Riverdale' Season 2 First Look: Archie Will Get 'More Sexual' With Veronica, But Will Fred Survive? [Featured Image by The CW]

The second season of the CW’s Riverdale is almost here, and fans will finally find out what happened to Archie’s father. At the end of the first season, an unknown gunman shot Fred Andrews at Pop’s Diner, and executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says his fate will be revealed by the end of the first episode of Season 2.

Entertainment Weekly released a photo from the season two premiere, and it shows Archie desperately trying to get Fred, played by Luke Perry, some medical help.

It’s possible the outcome will not be a good one. Aguirre-Sacasa said revenge and heroism will be a big part of the upcoming season for Archie (KJ Apa), which could mean that his dad isn’t going to make it out of the first episode alive.

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Jenelle Evans Is Reportedly Disgusted With Her Mother After She Blames David Eason For Wedding Snub

David Eason and Jenelle Evans attend the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

Jenelle Evans’ mom, Barbara Evans, was absent when she and David Eason walked down the aisle on Saturday and according to a new report, that was no fault of Eason’s.

Although Barbara recently told Radar Online that she believes Eason was behind the wedding snub — and her strained relationship with Evans, another outlet claims that Eason isn’t to blame for any of the drama between the two women.

“Jenelle is disgusted that her mom is claiming that she wasn’t invited to the wedding because of David — it’s utterly ludicrous,” a source close to Evans told Hollywood Life on September 25.

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Gwen Stefani’s Kids Are Reportedly Excited For Blake Shelton’s Role On ‘The Voice’ Season 13

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton attend Vanity Fair's Oscar party.

Gwen Stefani’s two oldest sons, 11-year-old Kingston and nine-year-old Zuma, were reportedly excited for last night’s premiere of The Voice.

Although their mother won’t be featured on the series’ 13th season, Kingston and Zuma will be sure to tune into the NBC singing competition each and every Monday night to see one of their favorite guys acting as a series coach.

“Kingston and Zuma love a bunch of things about Blake, he is a fun guy… But one thing that they really love is watching him on TV,” a source revealed to Hollywood Life on September 26.

According to the report, Kingston and Zuma think it’s “super cool” that Blake Shelton is one of the longest-running stars of The Voice and love tuning into the show to see him. In fact, they enjoyed watching last night’s premiere together and planned to make a night of it by eating junk food and spending time as a family with Gwen Stefani.

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Josh Duggar Returning To ‘Counting On’? Fans React To Jim Bob’s Plan To Get His Controversial Son Back On TV

Josh Duggar Returning To 'Counting On'? Fans React To Jim Bob's Plan To Get His Controversial Son Back On TV [Featured Image by TLC]

Josh Duggar’s life canceled after the world discovered he molested four of his sisters. Not only was their hit TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, immediately cancelled, but the rest of the Duggars were forced to separate themselves from Josh and move on with their lives. While Josh has been absent for two years, his father, Jim Bob Duggar, might be trying to bring him back full-time for the spin-off, Counting On.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle Duggar, have been slowly trying to rehab Josh’s image on social media. Although the couple promised TLC that Josh would never be involved in the series again, it looks like they are trying their best to get him back on the show. Fans, however, aren’t ready to forgive Josh and welcome him back into their lives just yet.

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‘NCIS’ Season 15 Spoilers: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Suffers From ‘Lasting Effects’ That Will Change Him And McGee

Mark Harmon from NCIS

NCIS is about to debut an all new season this Tuesday, Sept. 26 on CBS and it looks like things will be quite intense for the team when the series returns on air. While there have been talks that Mark Harmon may potentially be leaving the show, spoilers for the upcoming season hint that his character, Gibbs, will suffer from the “lasting effects” of a mission. Is this Harmon’s exit plan?

NCIS Season 15 spoilers from TV Guide reveal that the premiere episode will pick up right where things ended during the Season 14 finale, which saw Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and McGee (Sean Murray) in trouble while on a mission in Paraguay. Speaking to the outlet, executive producers George Schenck and Frank Cardea teased that Gibbs and McGee will be staying a bit longer than expected in Paraguay.

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Take A Knee And ‘Thank God Donald Trump Is President’ Steve Bannon Says Amid NFL Players’ Defiance

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon speaks at a rally says take a knee thank god donald trump is president

Amid escalating tensions surrounding NFL national anthem protests, former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon has said that all Americans “should get down every night and thank God that Donald Trump is president of the United States.”

Bannon, now serving as the executive chairman of Breitbart News, was speaking at a rally in Fairhope, Alabama on Monday night when he urged everyone to kneel and “thank God” that Trump is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

According to a report in the Washington Post, Bannon was in Alabama to campaign in support of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore when he commented.

“Every person should get down every night and thank God that Donald Trump is president of the United States.”

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Chris Pratt Took An Online Quiz To Determine Which Hollywood Chris He Is And Didn’t Get Himself

Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Leading Men Named Chris

Over the years as the world was introduced to Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans, the four men have been labeled as the Hunky Leading Men of Hollywood Named Chris. While there has been some confusion at times as to which Chris is which over the past few years, all four men have stepped up with some defining roles that should have allowed people to tell them apart easily. However, it seems that even an internet quiz can’t determine which Chris is which.

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The Earth Is Flat And Rapper B.o.B. Launches A GoFundMe Campaign To Prove It

Rapper B.o.B. Launches GoFundMe Campaign To Prove That The Earth Is Flat

The Earth is flat—at least, that is what B.o.B. want to prove when he launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money and prove his theory that the planet in is a flat disc.

In 2016, rapper Bobby Ray Simmons, more popularly known as B.o.B., jumped into a bandwagon of flat Earthers claiming that the planet is a flat disc and not spherical as science has proven hundreds of years ago.

Unsurprisingly, many shut down the idea, including physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson based on an UPROXX report.

Now, it seemed like the “Airplanes” rapper is still in pursuit of his flat Earth theory as he launched a GoFundMe campaign that aims to “help B.o.B find the curve.”

According to CNN, those who still believe that the Earth is flat argue that the “curve” should be more visible to the naked eye of people standing on the planet if it is indeed spherical.

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‘Frozen 2’ Stars Kristen Bell And Josh Gad Share Latest Movie Updates; ‘Game of Thrones’ Crossover Possible?

Kristen Bell and Josh Gad share Frozen 2 updates

Many fans are now thrilled for the up and coming premiere of the Frozen 2 movie. The franchise’s first installment remains the most successful animated film of all time after it earned approximately $1.3 billion in worldwide box office. Frozen was also proclaimed as the best-selling film of the year in the United States with over 18 million home media sales in 2014.

Recently, one of the lead stars confirmed to RadioTimes that she already started recording for the much-anticipated sequel. Kristen Bell revealed to the news outlet that she got very excited after reading the script. She added that the Frozen 2 producers were very careful in scrutinizing the material because they want to offer something new to the devoted followers of the series.

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‘Outlander’ Showrunner Explains Major Change From Books In Episode 3

Outlander cast

For the most part, Outlander writers have done an amazing job of being faithful to the stories in Diana Gabaldon’s novels. But in the third episode of Season 3, they have made one huge change that would affect how the story continues in the succeeding episodes. Showrunner Ron Moore explains why.

In Outlander Season 3 Episode 3 titled “All Debts Paid” written by Matthew B. Roberts, there is a massive deviation from the narrative of Gabaldon’s fourth book, Voyager. Moore decided to keep Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser (Duncan Lacroix) alive. In the book, Murtagh died at the Battle of Culloden. But in the latest episode, Jamie’s godfather turned out to be alive at Ardsmuir.

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Jennifer Aniston Goes Braless And Embraces Fall Trend Out With Justin Theroux [Photos]

Jennifer Aniston goes braless and embraces fall trend

Jennifer Aniston has stepped out braless in New York City with Justin Theroux, letting her nipples show in a beautiful top. She is the latest celebrity to rock the braless trend this fall. No doubt, the Just Go with It star has done a fabulous job.

Aniston and Theroux looked happy as they walked the streets and headed to the Blue Hill restaurant a few days ago. The Marley & Me actress was looking relaxed in her wild pants and slightly sheer top, while the Inland Empire actor wore a simple yet elegant outfit.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston started a relationship in May of 2011. By February of 2012, they purchased a home in Los Angeles for roughly $20 million and got engaged the same year. The Blue Hill restaurant is where The Leftovers actor proposed to the Friends actress.

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‘Mad Pooper’ Still On The Run In Colorado, As Kentucky Male Dubbed ‘Poopman’ Makes His Mark At Public Car Wash

Public defecation taking place in Colorado by Mad Pooper and Kentucky by Poopman

A female jogger who’s been dubbed the “Mad Pooper” is still on the run from police despite exhaustive efforts to find her. The story of her public defecation habits in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has gone viral and grainy images of her have been plastered all over social media. Kentucky now has its own public defecator dubbed “Poopman” who’s made his mark at a local carwash in the Owensboro area.

Unlike the Mad Pooper, who is defecating in neighborhood yards, Poopman appears to be more discrete about his waste management and has been spotted relieving himself in the confines of a car wash bay. According to WBKR, security cameras at the Soak-n-Wash Car Wash caught Poopman as he evacuated his bowels in front of his vehicle.

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Justin Bieber Parodies His Friend Niall Horan’s New Album Cover On Instagram

Justin Bieber, Niall Horan

While Justin Bieber has been considered one of the biggest pop stars in the world for quite some time, for Niall Horan, this designation is a bit newer. The former One Direction singer has been climbing the charts with his two singles from his upcoming solo album debut, and with that comes the added benefit of being in league with the likes of Bieber. With the two singers being good friends and hanging out with each other every once in awhile, fans get treated to things like Instagram stories featuring the two spending time together, and even a parody of an album cover.

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Trump Called Princess Diana ‘Crazy’ In Howard Stern Interview, Joked About Giving Her An HIV Test

US President Donald Trump called the late Princess Diana "crazy" in a 2000 interview with Howard Stern.

U.S. President Donald Trump once called the late Princess Diana “crazy,” ranked her the third hottest woman in the world, and joked about giving her an HIV test. He also said that he would have slept with the British royal “without hesitation.”

The president’s shocking statements were made in a series of interviews between 1997 and 2000 on shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Trump was a regular on the controversial radio personality’s program, where the conversation frequently revolved around women and sex.

In May 2000, Donald Trump told Stern that he would have had sex with Princess Diana “without even hesitation.” He talked about her looks, saying that she was “a woman with great beauty.”

“She was really beautiful, and people didn’t realize that beautiful. She was supermodel beautiful.”

“She had the height, she had the beauty, she had the skin, the whole thing,” Trump added.

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Drone Photography In Iraq Leads Archaeologists To Discover Lost City Built By Alexander the Great

Archaeologists have discovered a lost city in Iraq that was built by Alexander the Great.

Drone photography has enabled archaeologists in Iraq to discover a lost city built by Alexander the Great that has been quietly tucked away for over 2,000 years. It is believed that Qalatga Darband was founded by Alexander the Great around 331 BC, and a careful investigation and study using declassified intelligence images and drone photography has led British and Iraqi archaeologists working in conjunction with the British Museum to find this once remarkable and thriving city.

John MacGinnis is one of the archaeologists who is currently heading up the project to learn more about this lost city in Iraq and believes that it may once have been part of a very busy path between Iran and Iraq, according to The Independent.

“It’s early days, but we think it would have been a bustling city on a road from Iraq to Iran. You can imagine people supplying wine to soldiers passing through.”

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Ariel Winter Appears Slimmed Down In Red Latex Skirt

Ariel Winter wears red latex skirt while boating with boyfriend Levi Meaden

The Modern Family actress looks thinner than ever as she posed with her boyfriend during a boat outing. Ariel Winter posted the photo to her Instagram over the weekend as she showed off her slimming red latex look.

The 19-year-old didn’t state where she and Levi Meaden were during their boat date as they locked lips for the photo. However, it doesn’t appear Winter’s social media followers mind not having all the details as they left comments of support on the post.

One Instagram user mentioned how flattering the look is on Winter as another stated Meaden is a “lucky man” to be dating her. Another commenter told Ariel she should wear more latex as it “sculpts” her body without her needing to show off too much skin.

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