Beyonce iCloud Allegedly Hacked: Private Photos Of Twins To Be Released, Hacker Threatens

beyonce hacked icloud twins photos babies

Beyonce could potentially see her private photos being leaked by a hacker who claims to have a dozen of photographs from the singer’s newborn twins.

According to Hollywood Life, the unidentified hacker has already leaked two videos, which reportedly came from Beyonce’s phone, showing Blue Ivy dancing in her parents’ backyard while another shows Solange dining with Michelle Obama.

The hacker is said to have put those two videos out to let people know that they were not lying when they said they had full access to all of Beyonce’s videos and photos, adding that many images are bound to hit the internet very soon.

It’s unclear what the hacker wants in order for them not to leak the private and personal photos, but as of yet, Beyonce and her team has taken no action to prevent the data from being seen by the public.

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Kris Jenner Butt Lift Rumor: Reportedly Feels Sexier Than Ever With Corey Gamble

kris jenner sexy corey gamble butt lift 2

Kris Jenner has gotten her confidence back, and it’s all said to be because of her boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

According to reports, the momager didn’t feel her best for a lengthy amount of time, stressing that she no longer found herself as attractive as she used to look.

Things got even worse for Kris Jenner when she started reading some of the things that people were writing about her body on social media, which made her very insecure about her weight and her looks.

Supposedly, as revealed by Hollywood Life, it took Kris Jenner a long time to come around and realize that she looks great for her age and that other people’s opinions really don’t matter.

Her longtime boyfriend, Corey Gamble, is said to be getting the credit for helping Kris Jenner make the sudden realization that now has her feeling like the sexiest woman alive.

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Hilarious Dog Posing In Photo Shoot For Adoption Is Like All Of Us Trying To Create First Impression

Black dog playing in the field

A four-month-old, 4 lbs puppy who was up for adoption since June at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) and was having difficulty getting adopted, won hearts with his goofy photos on Twitter and got adopted within just two days.

Named Carpe Diem by the shelter, the wacky dog brought out the best funny faces for the photo shoot when volunteer photographer Kelly Winquist decided to help out the little guy with some camera moments.

The little Chihuahua-mix looks naturally funny that made people on Twitter go gaga over his outgoing, sweet and quirky nature.

While most posts of the adoptable pets at SFACC tend to get a fairly modest amount of likes and shares on social media channels, this pooch has stolen the show with 1214 Re-tweets and a huge 2669 Likes.

He makes cute and awkward camera faces – one sticking out his long tongue, another raising eyebrows effecting huge bulging eyes and yet one more feigning a funny nonchalant lopsided smile!

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Drake’s Alleged Baby Mama Due In October, Reveals Gender Of Her Child

Drake allegedly having a baby

It seems that Drake is following Chris Brown’s footstep. The 30-year-old rapper is reportedly having a child this October. His alleged baby mama Sophie Brussaux has been sharing photos of her pregnancy on Instagram to prove that she is carrying their love child. Her most recent post was a sonogram of her baby.

According to In Touch, the Canadian record producer has long denied that he is the father of the 27-year-old’s baby. However, she remains firm about her claims and even hired a top lawyer in New York City, Raoul Felder, to help her establish paternity and seek child support.

Sophie claimed that the baby was conceived either on January 20 or 21. The former porn star was photographed with Drake at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam on January 24, which somehow confirms her allegations that they were together when she got pregnant.

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‘Making A Murderer’: Kathleen Zellner ‘Not Ruling Out’ Defamation Suit Over Ex-DA’s Book

Kathleen Zellner, attorney for Steven Avery.

As the book, Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What “Making a Murderer” Gets Wrong,continues to sell, Avery’s lawyer has been busy refuting its content and may be eyeing a lawsuit against the former prosecutor who wrote it.

“Prosecutors have no immunity for defamation after they are no longer the prosecutor on the case,” Zellner told The Inquisitr, speaking of former Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz.

Kratz claims the book reveals things Making a Murderer left out and evidence the jury didn’t see when he tried Avery for the 2005 killing of Teresa Halbach.

One of those facts, he claims, is that Steven Avery not only denied having a bonfire on Oct. 31, 2005, but he told police he did not have a burn pit.

“(He) then eventually allows that he has one, but that nothing had been burned in it for two weeks,” Kratz writes on Page 38.

Zellner says that claim is false.

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‘BB19’ Spoilers: New HOH, Week 4 Nominees Revealed Through Live Feeds, Primary Target Is Concerned

'BB19' Host Julie Chen Is Ready For Fireworks

BB19 spoilers from late Friday (July 21) reveal a lot. These latest Big Brother 19 spoilers not only include who won the Week 4 Head of Household Competition, but also who that person has nominated for eviction. It is something that will shake up the BB19 house quite a bit and it is all playing out on the CBS live feeds.

The first of the noteworthy Big Brother 19 spoilers is that Jessica Graf won the HOH Competition. This is what she needed to do, especially since Cody Nickson just won the Battle Back Competition, giving the showmance most of the power in the game. It meant that Jessica could also put a plan into action with the nominations, using a plan that Cody had worked up with her.

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‘Descendants 2’ Spoilers: Final Battle Between Mal And Uma Could Offer Major Hint About Third Movie

'Descendants 2' Spoilers: Final Battle Between Mal And Uma Could Offer Major Hint About Third Movie

The ending in Descendants 2 is causing quite a stir online, with the crazy battle between Mal and Uma offering a potentially major spoiler for what would come in the third Descendants movie.

[WARNING: This review has some big Descendants 2 spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.]

The long-awaited premiere of the Disney Channel movie did not disappoint fans, with most reviews saying it surpassed the original movie. The high point came at the very end, with Mal transforming into a dragon for an epic battle with a gigantic Uma.

The battle ended with Uma capitulating to Mal and retreating into the Isle of the Lost, which to many fans seemed like a set-up for a third movie and a potential new path for Mal.

Director Kenny Ortega told TVLine that Mal’s transformation could show that she still has some of the dark side in her, but is learning to harness it for good.

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Jinger Duggar Romanticizes Parents’ Wedding Anniversary, Michelle Avoids Pants And Shorts Even In Hawaii

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

It has been only eight months since Jinger Duggar got married to Jeremy Vuolo. That means that she is still in her honeymoon phase. So it was no surprise that she was the only one of the Duggars that wrote up a sweet and romantic message to celebrate her parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary to these two lovebirds,” Jinger wrote on her Instagram. “I am so thankful for the marriage you all have exemplified to us kids throughout the years. Always seeking to build each other up & never to tear down. I love you so much dad & mom! I thank God for you all!”

Jinger’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, wrote up a blog post to reflect on all their shared years together, and to mark how his life has been enriched by her presence.

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Michelle Heaton: Ex-Liberty X Singer’s ‘Crotchy’ Cardio Drill On Instagram Splits Fans Over Racy Views

Michelle Heaton attends the National Television Awards on January 25, 2017

Michelle Heaton loves her super fit body, but the former Liberty X singer’s choice of a video camera angle to demonstrate an exercise routine on Instagram had some fans complaining about the close-up of her crotch.

Heaton is known for embracing fitness as a way of life and sharing her amped up daily regimen with fans. On Tuesday, like many times before, Michelle shared video clips of herself carrying out rigorous aerobics exercises, as Digital Spy wrote in the post.

On this particular day, she filmed herself doing a round of box jumps. The cardio activity is designed to get the “heart racing for the day” and build strength in your core.

Michelle, 37, chose tiny shorts and a low cut sports bra for the video. Her caption reads, “#workoutvideo nothing like early morning box jumps to get the heart racing for the day #fitness #FitnessMotivation #video #sweaty #cardio.”

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‘The Little Couple’ Stars Dr. Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, And Zoey Head To Washington To Advocate For Kids

Bill Klein, Jen Arnold, Will, and Zoey of 'The Little Family' return soon

Fans of TLC’s The Little Couple were thrilled to hear Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein’s announcement revealing that they would be returning with new episodes this fall. The family has just moved from Houston, Texas, to St. Petersburg, Florida, and they have also been doing some advocacy work that their supporters love to learn more about.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Arnold has accepted a new position at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital and she will be the medical director of their simulation center. She tells the Tampa Bay Times that it’s going to be a very innovative center after its anticipated expansion, and she jokes that they are a small but mighty team.

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‘Vikings’ Season 5: The Premiere Date Is Announced, Plus Travis Fimmel Makes An Unexpected Appearance

History Channel's 'Vikings' panel at SDCC17, Season 5 premiere date announced, Katheryn Winnick stars as Lagertha

Fans have been desperately waiting for news on the Season 5 premiere date for History Channel’s Vikings. Many have predicted Season 5 will premiere in November on account of that’s when the second half of Season 4 premiered last year. However, most resigned themselves to the fact they would have to wait until San Diego Comic-Con to find out the true date.

The Vikings Q&A panel, held on Friday, revealed some interesting facts. For example, did you know Alex Hogh, who plays Ivar the Boneless, spent three weeks crawling around his hotel room to prepare for the role of Ivar?

Vikings creator, Michael Hirst, also revealed just how much he was missing Travis Fimmel in Season 5.

“Ragnar was a huge part of my life as well as Travis,” Hirst revealed during the SDCC panel.

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Scotty McCreery Releases Statement After Being Cited For Bringing Loaded Gun Through Airport Security

Scotty McCreery of 'American Idol'

Scotty McCreery of American Idol is speaking out and issuing a statement after he was cited for bringing a loaded gun through airport security. Taste of Country shared what Scotty had to say about it all and what happened. McCreery was stopped by police at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in Raleigh, N.C., at 6 p.m. on July 13 after a TSA scan of his backpack revealed a loaded handgun inside of his bag.

The thing is Scotty didn’t just have a loaded gun in his backpack. He also had two boxes of ammo containing 63 bullets in the backpack. Scotty explained it all though saying that he was actually at a shooting range before going to the airport. He explained that he simply forgot to take it out of his backpack before going to the airport. It sounds like it was all a big misunderstanding. You know that Scotty won’t be forgetting this in his backpack again.

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Beyonce’s Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Adjusted After Numerous Complaints

Beyonce at the Grammy Awards

Madame Tussauds is known for life-like wax figures of celebrities from around the world, but unfortunately for Beyonce fans, the museum really missed the mark this time. Beyonce’s wax figure debuted at the Madame Tussauds in Midtown Manhattan, where fans were gobsmacked by how much the wax figure didn’t even look like Queen Bey.

Not only did the wax figure lack her famous curves, but it also seemed to make her look like a white woman. Several YouTubers, including Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, who have had wax figures mad of themselves have detailed the process on their vlogs. According to the footage shown, the museum is very particularly when it comes to measurements, matching eyes and teeth and everything in between. Typically, stars also donate an outfit that they have previously worn for their wax recreation. But it almost seemed like Beyonce wasn’t even involved in the process of creating her wax doppelgänger.

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Usher Sued For $10 Million For Allegedly Exposing Another Woman To Herpes

Recording artist Usher (C) performs onstage at the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on September 24, 2016

Usher Raymond may have to just go ahead and let it burn and by “it” we mean his money.

TMZ reports that the “Confessions” singer has been sued once again for spreading genital herpes and not disclosing that he has the condition.

According to TMZ, court documents reveal that the woman, who did not identify herself, had sex with Usher earlier this year and they did not use a condom, even though they’d used protection during a previous sexual encounter.

When she read the news that Usher had settled a lawsuit in 2012 for spreading the sexually transmitted disease, she reportedly became concerned that she had been exposed to the virus as well. However, the documents do not state whether she has tested positive for the Herpes Simplex Virus.

She is seeking compensation for Usher’s alleged negligence and battery and for the emotional distress the situation caused her. She’s suing Usher for $10 million.

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Why You Need To Know About The “Path Of Totality”

The countdown has begun. Only 31 days until the Great Solar Eclipse! For those in the “path of totality”, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime event! But, why is that? And, what is “path of totality” anyway? And, where can you find it?

On August 21, the U.S. is going to experience a total solar eclipse. The last total solar eclipse visible from the contiguous United States was in 1979. This year’s eclipse is going to be a special one. For the first time in history, the “path of totality” will be completely in the U.S. And, for those in that path, it will be an unforgettable experience. Is your city in the “path of totality”? Check out this cool map to see!

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Steak ‘n Shake Customer Allegedly Threatens To Shoot Someone Over Runny Egg

Ohio man allegedly threatens to shoot someone in Steak 'n Shake

An irate customer who police described as “acting crazy” allegedly threatened to shoot someone at Steak ‘n Shake because he didn’t like the way his sandwich tasted.

The incident occurred at a restaurant in South Euclid, Ohio, in suburban Cleveland earlier this week.

According to cops, the man stormed the restaurant, claimed he was carrying a weapon, and went behind the counter into the kitchen restricted area apparently to seek out the cook. Officers responding to the scene indicated that the man was extremely uncooperative, but fortunately it turned out that he was unarmed.

“Police say the 20-year-old man complained that the egg on his sandwich was runny and slimy and looked like spit,” NBC Cincinnati affiliate WWLT reported.

Cops arrested the man on a charge of aggravated menacing. According News5 Cleveland, the suspect denied making any shooting threats “despite several patrons and Steak ‘n Shake employees saying otherwise.”

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